1. jack says

    i bet he thought the photographers were crazy with all that fooferah, until he saw his pictures. that man is gorgeous even in that contrived environment.

    is there ANY chance he plays for our team… even as a sub?

  2. Drew says

    I love Dave. He’s 100% tolerant of gays, wears tight shirts even when presenting some far-flung creatures, and is built like a football player at 6’3″, no less.

  3. Paul says

    Have always loved Dave Salmoni. Hate Leno but would watch any time Salmoni was scheduled.

    I would like to see the non-g-rated ones. The corset (huh?) one is hot. So is the dirty chested pic.

  4. Stephen J. Xanthos says

    100% in line with the *swoon* comments on the corset pic. Never thought I’d see those words typed by me, but good LORD that man is hot.

  5. shy lurker says

    At first I wondered what the stylist was thinking slicking his hair like that, because I barely recognized him without his usual care-free tussled hair.

    Then I unsuspectingly paged down to the corset shot… and literally, for several minutes, I just sat here as my mind was incoherently overwhelmed by… by that… that indescribable… THAT!

    The framing just makes you wish the bottom border didn’t cut off so soon… but that’s probably just adds to the allure.

    Add me to the echos of– O… M… G… DAYMN!

  6. says

    Good lord this man is hot. And a personality to boot. Love watching the chemistry between him and Chelsea Handler on her show.

    I’ve designated him my pretend bf. I’ll now go see if my real-life hubby will allow this.

  7. Bryan says

    The air in my room completely disappeared as I gasped, sucked it all in, and lost my breath…all at the same time! I had stopped buying Flaunt. Will you excuse me?…I need to run to the local pharmacy to purchase a copy for my very own!!!

  8. DickDyke says

    “We certainly got the hottest men in the world”

    No you don’t. You got lucky with this one but Canada “men” are either pussy fags or toothless retards. Coo-coo-ka-choo.

  9. Latebrosus says

    Yick. While some men can be run through the trendy fashion photo mill and look okay, this set absolutely quashes Salmoni’s inherent hotness. Foofaraw, indeed. He’s fine (in the heightened sense of the word) photographed as the regular guy he is.

  10. Klarth says


    Am I mistaken, or does it look like you can see the tip of his erect penis in the first pic? Maybe it’s some detail of the costume instead, but I like my theory.

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