Ashburn Evaded Questions About His Homosexuality Last Year

Ashburn1 An on the record phone conversation with California State Senator Roy Ashburn, who got into a bit of trouble with the law yesterday, from the summer of 2009 has surfaced today. Lois Henry, who writes for The Bakersfield Californian, had heard rumblings about his homosexuality and decided to pick up the phone and straight out ask him if he was gay. The politician, who has a very strong record of voting anti-gay, naturally avoided the question. Said Ashburn:

"Why would that be anyone's business? Including The Californian's? I think there are certain subjects that are simply not relevant and this is one of them. It has no bearing on the job I do."

Even if he's voted against the interested of gays and lesbians in the state? Henry reports that his response to that he has voted conservatively "on almost all social issues. He
represents a conservative district and votes as his constituents would
want him to, he said."

Also, it's been revealed that Ashburn's blood alcohol level was .14 percent, .06 percent above the legal limit in California.