1. ravewulf says

    Don’t try to have rational conversations with Republicans, it’s pointless. Bunch of corperatist/extreme conservative nutbags they are

  2. says

    Barney Frank is one of my heros. I have the upmost respect for him.

    I just want to say that I too suffered slurs, by mine were about my disability. At my job (I’m bipolar) I was referred to as “Crazy”,”Wacko”, Nut Case”, etc.. by management.

    Just as almost everyone here, I had my “coming out”, but it was not about my sexuality, it was about my illness. I have Mad Pride, and I wear my illness as if it is a badge of honor. It cost me my job and now a long drawn out legal battle. Show you support, visit my web site: and email me your comments.

  3. jeremy says

    those people are out of control, and are on the verge of going too far – and that is scary. someone should get their behavior in check and fast.