Catholic League’s Bill Donohue Takes Out NYT Ad Defending Pope, Claims Most Priests Who Did Molesting Were Gay


Bill Donohue of the Catholic League, an organization Kathy Griffin once described as one man in a room with a computer, has taken out a quarter-page ad in the New York Times today defending Pope Benedict and the Catholic Church from allegations of sexual abuse of children by Catholic clergy.

Donohue  In recent weeks the paper has published well-researched articles documenting the abuse, including, 200 deaf boys at a school in Wisconsin, hundreds of cases in the German church (so many that the Vatican can't handle the workload), the abuse of altar boys on video by Brazilian priests.

And just today, some new allegations out of Miami regarding a Cuban priest. The Vatican tried to cover up this case as well.

Donohue attempts to deflect blame on the church by, among other things, once again bringing up the disproven canard that it's somehow the fault of gays.

Donohue writes: "The Times continues to editorialize about the 'pedophilia crisis,' when all along it's been a homosexual crisis. Eighty percent of the victims of priestly sexual abuse are male and most of them are post-pubescent. While homosexuality does not cause predatory behavior, and most gay priests are not molesters, most of the molesters have been gay."

Sorry Bill, pedophilia has nothing to do with homosexuality, and the Catholic church should be ashamed of its ongoing efforts to cover up the epidemic of abuse that has been inflicted upon innocent children.

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  1. joe c says

    But they were PRIESTS, you idiot! How you can people say God punishes Haiti and New Orleans yet allows this to happen? This is all about the Church putting its reputation above children’s lives.

    And you call us the sick ones.

  2. Bart says

    Here’s just a FEW things wrong with Mr. Bill’s great big lie: first, this is news because the head of this organization KNEW about the abuses and reassigned this priest. Even if they hadn’t been proven (which – what a shocker – most haven’t been until recently because most Catholic children are taught to never speak ill of a priest, that these people are their moral compass, so you’re asking a kid to know what’s right and wrong when the person teaching them that wrong is right) we then have to assume that the Cardinal was in a bubble of solitude and knew nothing. Bullshit. I know, Bill knows it, the Chrurch knows it.

    Second, this isn’t an isolated incident. This is one of a MULTITUDE of abuse cases and many if most aren’t by gay priests, more Bullshit By Bill. They are by priests. If they are by “gay priests” Bill, then you’re assumption must be that the Chruch hierarcy KNOWS they are gay — which is against your organization’s beliefs, hell, you throw kids out of kindergarten if their parents are gay — and thus are even more duplicitious and culpable in these abuses. The hypocracy is laughable.

    Third, this is not just some rogue, money hungry lawyer going after the poor, poor, why-me Catholic Church. Utter nonsense. By Bill’s own admission, this man has made millions suing the church. You don’t make millions unless the church is settling or FORCED TO SETTLE these cases for millions. Because the ABUSE IS REAL. THE ABUSE WAS COVERED UP. THE ABUSE GOES TO THE VERY TOP OF THIS ORGANIZATION. Bill can bluster and blither all he wants. Doesn’t change facts.

    And finally, I know many great Catholics. I know many great Catholci priests. But this organization has been poisoned by it’s own deception and lies. If any other organization in the world were to be discovered to have abused children so rampantly and widely, the Catholic Church would be one of the first organizations to what to chop their heads off. But with their own, they hide and lie and stonewall (right, Cardinal Mahoney of Los Angeles…) It’s disgusting and taints all the good works of every Catholic around the world.

  3. REYnoldo says

    Bart, you are so right about Mahoney. I live in LA and he’s a big fat liar.

    Ol’ Benny 16 should step down. How people can trust the church after all this is beyond me.

  4. unruly says

    Point 6 is a real piece of work. NO, secular or religious, it is not the common response in allegations of abuse to send the offender/suspect to therapy without reporting to (government) authourities. It should ALWAYS be reported (true even for lawyers and doctors who are under privilege restrictions — active abuse is NOT protected.)

  5. Ted says

    OK I’m not an expert, but don’t the experts say rape is not a sexual crime, its a crime of violence and control? If so sexuality has nothing to do with it.

  6. says

    “Sorry Bill, pedophilia has nothing to do with homosexuality, and the Catholic church should be ashamed of its ongoing efforts to cover up the epidemic of abuse that has been inflicted upon innocent children.” Exactly!
    The Vatican and the it’s agents have perpetrated acts of terror on the world’s children for centuries. As a nation/state it’s time for it to be declared a terrorist state and accorded the appropriate diplomatic status of such. There should be a worldwide revocation of it’s diplomatic credentials.

  7. MikeInSanJose says

    Hmmm… Yet another cathlick stalwartly defends the cathlick church’s right (obligation?) to physically and emotionally rape, abuse, and destroy small children.

    Kinda makes one wonder what’s in ol’ Bill’s dark and cobwebbed closet…

    Abuser or abused?

  8. John says


    As bad as the situation is in Los Angeles, at least Cardinal Mahoney didn’t get a promotion for his bad behavior. The former archbishop of San Francisco, Cardinal Levada, was also involved in the sex abuse scandal. He’s now in charge of rooting out heretics and homosexuals at the Vatican. Which is, of course, Benedict XVI’s old job.

    The Church does not get it.

  9. AlexInBoston says

    I have often wondered why Bill Donohue never became a Priest, since he obviously loves the church, is an “expert” in all things GAY AND SEXUAL as it pertains to “Sexual abuse”! Me thinks the man could never pass the churchs’ “Psychologicals” due to his obvious “Obsession” with sex! he always seems to have an answer and defense for the churchs failings and it ALWAYS ends up being “a GAY” thing!! Let’s face it he is a Homophobe and all the problems that plague the church are the GAY priests not the ruling leadership!!!!

  10. TampaZeke says

    He’s right about one thing. Most of the priests are guilty of pederasty rather than pedophilia, a not insignificant distinction not recognized or well understood in America. But still, pederasty is still a crime, and a pathology that is entirely separate from homosexuality. Pederasty is related much more to pedophilia than to homosexuality. Pederasts, like pedophiles, choose these young victims because of an attraction to their youth and their vulnerability much less due to, and sometimes regardless of, their gender. The fact of the matter is forced celibacy is DANGEROUS and the insistence that priests be celibate makes the institution a magnate for such deviants. I also have no doubt that the unhealthy culture and the unnatural sexual restriction takes otherwise sexually healthy individuals and nudges them into unhealthy, illegal and even pathological sexual expressions.

  11. patrick nyc says

    The Pope has called gays evil. Last time I checked I, nor have any of my gay friends, molested children. He hid Cardinal Law away from charges here in the states in the Vatican. Now it is our turn to make him a prisoner in that state. If he leaves there he should be arrested on charges of harboring child abusers.

  12. says

    I got four simple words for Bill: FUCK THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. It is responsible for some of the the most destructive and heinous crimes perpetrated upon human civilization since the beginning of, well, human civilization. IF Jesus actually existed and IF he was even half the person they claim him to be he would be mortified at the evil and hateful acts done in his name.

  13. wtf says

    his head on a platter wouldn’t be apology enough for what he defends and implicitly condones. no, the only just response is for Bill Donohue to be lowered into an active volcano. slowly. Papa Razzi can go with him.

  14. New jersey girl says

    Oh for fuck’s sake. the whole Catholic religion (and christianity for that matter) is a religion based on RAPE.

    God did not ask MARY befor he impregnated her. AND she was underaged.

    That is the very definition of Pedophile Rape. You expect anything else fromthem? Their GOD is a rapist.

    ALSO: BDOnahue claims the church has a HOMOSEXUAL problem because almost 80% of their pedophiles are gay.

    That means 20% of their pedophiles are straight.


  15. walter says

    it is the gays to blame. we made all those priests abuse those children, we made the arch bishops and the pope cover up the abuse. the worst part is bozo bill actually believes it.

  16. JimSur212Jim says

    I disagree with almost every piece of garbage that spews out of Bill Donaohue’s mouth, but he is right that the Catholic Church does not have a pedophile priest problem. The priests committing these acts have been repressed and deeply troubled homosexuals.

    Pedophilia has nothing to do with homosexuality, but few of these cases have anything to do with pedophilia. The American Psychiatric Association defines pedophilia as “the sexual attraction to pre-pubescent children under 13.” When an adult man has sexual contact with a minor male teenager it is inappropriate homosexuality – not pedophilia.

    Look at the era where most of this abuse took place. It is from a time when many Catholic gay men fled their homosexuality for the seminary. While most gay priests followed their vows, the priests in these cases acted out their homosexual desires with minor male teens by manipulating these boys into acts against their true nature. Another sad legacy of the closet.

    Make no mistake about it, the principal reason for the shortage of priests today is that with a prideful “out” world for gay men, gay Catholics are no longer hiding in the church. The men who would be priests are now living open and healthier lifestyles. As for the Catholic Church, which has now said they will ban gay priests, I say GOOD RIDDANCE! Our community wants nothing to do with you and your kind anyway.

  17. JimSur212Jim says

    And TampaZeke… Unlike pedophilia, the American Psychiatric Association does not recognize pederasty as a mental disorder, because most men, gay or straight, are attracted to teenagers… just look at the preponderance of “barely legal” straight porn, “twink” gay porn are many fashion ads. The attraction is quite normal. Acting on the attraction under a certain age though is a crime.

  18. RJ says

    What a despicable individual!

    I see his letterhead states “Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights”. I wonder how often he has written about the abused boys and championed their cases? I have a suspicion it’s probably never. I guess in his twisted mind, the “religious rights” of the church always trumps the civil rights of children.

  19. xman says

    time to start pushing for our state reps to introducing a bill to tax the hell outta the churches. They are so hypocritical. they need to get down with that Crucifix someone needs the wood.

    I dont believe in a god who is the primary cause of conflict in the world, preaches racism,sexism, homophobia and ignorance. Preys on boys by molesting them and than tells me that Im going to hell because Im gay and live with my husband. This religion like all other’s needs to come to a quick end.

  20. TANK says

    First, it’s an obvious lie, as pedophilia/pederasty and hebophilia are not homosexuality. 98% of all pederasts are straight men who are only able to have adult relationships with women.

    Second, if not the gays for a sack of putrid puss like donohue, it’d be the jews. Count on it. For example, “It’s the jews what poisoned our well! Kill them!”

    This guy’s a dangerous propagandist who doesn’t care if he incites violence against gays to deflect responsibility away from the pope (who’s guilty). A bullshit artist who needs to be humiliated and destroyed.

  21. anon says

    There are several things going on here. One is that the Catholic Church stills sees the US as a source of anti-Catholic protestant bigotry and BD sees most accusations against the church as a continuation of that bigotry (as if the 1920’s never ended). Secondly, you have a mix of abuse of minors and consensual underage sex with teens, and BD is ignoring the former and emphasizing the latter. Then there is the general PR blather for crisis management purposes. Then there is the Church’s panic over its endless shortage of priests (which no doubt contributed to the desire to sweep all these abusers under the rug). I want to see a debate between BD and Christopher Hitchens.

  22. TANK says

    Wow, there’s a real dearth of understanding when it comes to human sexuality here. It’s embarrassing, really. I can only attribute this to learning about sex from your schoolyard friends or at the bars.

    1. This is a pedophilia and hebophilia problem, not a repressed homosexuality problem. If it were a repressed homosexuality problem, then these priests would be seeking out down low sex with men, not boys. The reason why pedophiles and hebophiles are attracted to professions like the clergy is because they automatically have a presumption of trust with parents, and full access to children unsupervised. The end.

    2. Pederasty is not distinct from pedophilia (it’s a type of pedophilia involving young boys–boy rape is CHILD RAPE). Pederasty is considered a mental illness by the DSM (look it up) if pedophilia is, and pedophilia is.

    3. 98% of all pedophiles (including pederasts) are heterosexual.

  23. TANK says

    And don’t underestimate protestants that care more about undermining catholicism than they do about the human suffering that priests have caused (which it’s been my experience they don’t care about at all…they like dogs, not people). These people exist, and while it isn’t as pronounced as it once was allowed to be, there are subtle reminders everywhere, such as when a protestant inveighs against the catholic church while never mentioning that kiddy fiddling is a broad based christian epidemic that infects all denominations. They are using this as a vehicle to foment the so-called ethno conflict. I personally find it great when religions and the religious try to devour each other, because the consequence nowadays is the strengthening of atheism and, more importantly, anti-theism (of which I am both). But I have no patience for those protestants, because I’ve never met one of them who wasn’t also antisemitic and racist…they go hand in hand. Just useful idiots, though, insofar as they undermine their own faith by attacking another.

  24. Jon says


    Your attempts to claim that a man’s exclusive attraction to young teenage males has nothing to do with homosexuality is ridiculous. It may be that pedophiles don’t particularly care about the gender of their victims, and so it might be accurate to say that pedophilia has nothing to do with homosexuality (or heterosexuality). But pederasty is completely different. There is sex differentiation at that stage in life and the pederast is not indifferent to the gender of his target. A male attracted to sex with another male is experiencing homosexual attraction, and it doesn’t become something alien and different just b/c one of the parties is 16 rather than 18.

    Stop the politically correct bullshit; it doesn’t persuade anyone in the real world.

  25. bobbyjoe says

    The only surprise here is that Donahue didn’t try to claim that the pro-choice, gay rights and women’s ordination supporters invented a time machine, went back in time, and forced those priests at gunpoint to molest all those kids.

    He probably didn’t think of that yet. Give him ten minutes.

  26. MCnNYC says

    There is so much BULL Sh#T in this.

    When he says “most” of the victims were “post-pubescent” they were still UNDER AGE for CHRIST sake. They were minors!
    Donahue is doing the devil’s work and I’m sick and tired of CNN and other media outlets putting this despot on TV to spew his lies.

  27. TANK says

    “Your attempts to claim that a man’s exclusive attraction to young teenage males has nothing to do with homosexuality is ridiculous.”

    Pedophilia and hebophilia are not homosexuality or heterosexuality or even bisexuality. Instead, they are distinct sexual orientations.

    “It may be that pedophiles don’t particularly care about the gender of their victims, and so it might be accurate to say that pedophilia has nothing to do with homosexuality (or heterosexuality).”

    And many, if not most, don’t. But pederasty and pedophilia are entirely distinct from homosexuality. Further, hebophilia, or the attraction to post pubescent minors gets a lot of play in both the heterosexual and homosexual camps, but a hebophile is one exclusively so attracted, and that is why it’s a disorder (because it harms those minors if acted upon).

    “There is sex differentiation at that stage in life and the pederast is not indifferent to the gender of his target.”

    No. A pederast may be motivated by the gender of his target (prepubescent boys), or not (could be a pederast by default given access). The point is that while not all pedophiles are pederasts, all pederasts are pedophiles. If this is just a confusion of the meanings of words on your part, all is forgiven–but to create a special category for pederasts distinct from pedophiles is false given the meanings of the words.

    “A male attracted to sex with another male is experiencing homosexual attraction, and it doesn’t become something alien and different just b/c one of the parties is 16 rather than 18.”

    More confusion on your part. Most pederasts are physically repulsed by the developed male body (post puberty). They have exclusive heterosexual relationships with adults. They are not homosexuals. If you’re going to address pedophilia intelligently, you should have the relevant data to back up your assertions. You don’t. You’re relying on an a priori characterization, and don’t under the phenomenon in question. Pedophilia is a distinct sexual orientation different from both heterosexual and homosexual orientations, respectively.

    “Stop the politically correct bullshit; it doesn’t persuade anyone in the real world.”

    This would indicate that you’re motivated by homophobia. You are for all intents and purposes completely uneducated when it comes to paraphilias. Faith doesn’t hold up when it conflicts with fact, and you are subsequently wrong and easily dismissed.

  28. Dean says

    Although the recent stories have focused on minor males, they’re not the only victims. Girls and women, including many nuns, have also been violated or raped. The issue isn’t whether the church turns a blind eye to pederasty, pedophilia or homosexuality within ranks. I think the issue is that priests of all persuasions are perversely forced to sublimate their natural sexual drives and then they’re placed in positions of authority in an institution that promotes blind obedience, secrecy and male dominance. There will always be bad eggs in any large organization, but the business rules in this church seem to be exacerbating the problem.

  29. John Michael says

    Hmmm… Well, maybe if the Catholic stance on being gay wasn’t that it is a mortal sin and simply a “choice” that can be changed or suppressed, there might possibly not be so many gay Catholics that felt forced into becoming a celibate priest or living in continual sin. While there is ABSOLUTELY no excuse for these priests to have done these reprehensible acts, methinks they’d have been less likely to agree to a life of celibacy if they weren’t being taught that their God will hate them if they love someone of the same sex. So these sex-starved, self-loathing homos go after the men/boys available who have the lowest chance of getting them caught.

  30. TANK says

    “So these sex-starved, self-loathing homos go after the men/boys available who have the lowest chance of getting them caught.”

    “think the issue is that priests of all persuasions are perversely forced to sublimate their natural sexual drives”

    Memes based on no understanding of human sexuality. But what can you expect when americans are still giggling like children at “peepee vagina!”. I admit, that’s kinda funny…peepee vagina…peeepeeeeeee, ha ha ha. These priests weren’t driven by their natural pent up sexual frustrations to take them out on kids. If they were homosexual, they wouldn’t be molesting kids–they’d breaking their vows with men. Pedophiles seek out these professions because of the access granted to children. These were pedophiles long before they took their vows of celibacy. Celibacy does not cause pedophilia. Idiots.

  31. TANK says

    sexual frustration doesn’t cause rape…sexual frustration doesn’t cause pedophilia…only in the states…

    “Oh damn! I didn’t get laid tonight…gotta go out and rape! CHILDREN!” That’s the mentality.

  32. epic says

    while I don’t disagree with most of what was posted earlier…i do have to disagree with one thing, this need to qualify “but i know good Christians/catholics” they are part of the problem…anyone delusional enough to convince themselves that the justification for supporting an institution that rapes children, destroys lives and promotes hate as part of its doctrine/business….you are part of the problem..believe in what ever fairy tales you like, but when you institutionalize abuse and hate you need to be marginalized for the harm you are doing to society…no amount of charity is going to make the sullied robes clean again…EVER

  33. Philip Chandler says

    The Catholic Church and its representatives in the Holy See are doing everything possible to divert public attention away from the ongoing pedophilia scandal — and Bill Donohue is helping in this effort by trying to reframe this issue as a “homosexual” crisis.


    Donohue appears not to understand that pedophilia and homosexuality are entirely diferent entities. Pedophilia is a mental disorder, whereas homosexuality is not. Pedophilia involves the rape of children, whereas homosexuality involves consensual sexual relations with adult members of the same sex. Pedophilia is a crime in all Western democracies, whereas homosexuality is not.

    Donohue does not want to acknowledge that this is the Catholic Church’s fault.


    Dress it up any way you wish. Divert attention away from the Church as much as possible. Muddy the waters surrounding this issue as much as possible.


    Sadly, George W Bush granted immunity to the Bishop of Rome, Joseph Ratzinger, which means that this bastard cannot be tried before any court or judicial tribunal in the US.

    Let us see if we can put him on trial elsewhere…


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