Jury Shown Gay ‘Internet Date’ Killing Confession Video in CT

Mercado  In January 2008 I posted about the Christmas Eve 'internet date' killing of a 41-year-old man, Thomas Szadowski, in Southington, Connecticut. Yesterday, a video confession from that man's killer was played for jurors in a courtroom.

Reports the Hartford Courant: "The video is of an interview with police in which he admits shooting Szadkowski in Szadkowski's apartment in Southington.

'I always say I ain't scared anymore, but I was kind of scared,' he says in the video. He wondered if Szadkowski would rape him or if the drinks he was offered were drugged. Mercado said Szadkowksi touched his leg and tugged at his belt. They eventually engaged in oral sex, he said.

Mercado, who told Szadkowski he was not gay or bisexual, said he stood by the door, feeling like a little kid.

'Why couldn't I just leave? I was right there in front of the freakin' door,' he said.

He said he needed fresh air and went to the trunk of his car, where he kept a firearm. He returned to the home. He said in the video that he doesn't remember too much of the shooting. He said he couldn't hear anything except a ringing in his ears.

'Then I heard a thud,' he said. The 'thud' was the sound of Szadkowski falling to the floor."


  1. ty says

    So you aren’t gay, but you ended up in the guy’s living room? I call that PRE-MEDITATED !!

  2. Disgusted American says

    ahh sounds to me that this guy – wanted cock, got scared..then killed the guy….GUILTEEEEE!

  3. TampaZeke says

    Another tragic example of how damaging homophobia and the closet can be to troubled gay people.

  4. Walter says

    How sad that our society continues to send the message that same sex behavior is so bad that people kill each other over something that is so inconseqeuential.

  5. bobbyjoe says

    So in other words, the not-gay guy who set up a date with another man, who’s afraid the man he has consensual oral sex with is going to drug and rape him, leaves the place that makes him afraid (whew! got away!) and then COMES BACK, with a gun he just happened to bring along on his not-gay date.

    Ah, stupid criminal, let us count thy FAIL.

  6. Rann says

    What does he think will happen to him in prison where he won’t have the gun and will have some big guys wanting him?

  7. drifterbob says

    um…with those over-tweezed eyebrows, it’s a tough argument to say that he’s not gay…