D.C. Marriage Equality Foes in Last Ditch Supreme Court Effort to Block Law That Takes Effect Wednesday

Foes of marriage equality have appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court to block a law set to go into effect on Wednesday, at which time gay couples could begin applying for marriage licenses in the District of Columbia:

Snow_capitol  "Court papers filed Monday with Chief Justice John Roberts argue that Washington residents should be able to vote on the matter. Local courts have rejected the opponents' arguments.
The gay marriage opponents include a Baptist minister, Walter E. Fauntroy, who was Washington's delegate in the House for nearly 20 years."

Pam Spaulding notes that Fauntroy was a friend of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

Although couples are allowed to apply for marriage licenses on Wednesday, a three-day waiting period means they won't be able to begin marrying until March 9


  1. daftpunkydavid says

    any one well versed in the subject know whether they’ll turn down the cert. like they did in the massachusetts case (supposedly b/c that was a state matter)? i mean, isn’t d.c. some sort of weird jurisdiction?

  2. Mike says

    The Supremes don’t have jurisdiction – this is a matter for congress, and they aren’t going to do anything. As far as the US Constitution is involved, we are a Republic not a Democracy – so their argument also fails in that regard.

  3. walter says

    if it requires congress to act not a problem . they havent done anything except steal the country blind and filled their and rheir friends pockets in years. time for a total change and new party with only the best interest of the country as their platform

  4. Stan James says

    Be careful – re congress stealing the ocuntry blind etc etc – whoever wrote that commnet.

    the choice is between the dems, who are generally decent………..

    And the repubs who would turn this nation into a christian Iran, and hang gay people. It is really that simpe, as mad and unbelievable as it sounds.

    And the pope is part of it. He in talking about natural law and non discrimination, said that gays should not be protected. In effect – I dont have the room to detail it, he said gays are not human beings.

    Exactly what his pal Hitler said of jews- they were half man, half ape. And 50 million died, including half of the worlds Jews.

    The whole reason is that the catholic church is dying. In Europe only 15% of people go to church regularly. And gay unions are almost universal in Europe, and occur in 15othr countries, including 5 in Catholic latin America.

    The church under benedict will stop at absolutely nothing to save itself includign genocide.

    This fucking monstrosity has to go. Straight to hell. If any of you have anything to do with the church, its time to get out, disgrace them, and go elsewhere.

    And dont let their clever threats of hell scare you. Maybe you will be judged by the church you keep. I sure wouldn’t want it to be the Catholic Nazi empire.

    Who btw, during the cursades also murdered 50 million arabs. No wonder they hate us. They, like the Jews, will never forget.

  5. Scott says

    It’s too sticky of a subject for the Supremes to touch. We Washingtonians 1) have no representation in Congress, 2) Have oversight of all of our laws and our budget by the same Congress we have no vote in, 3) are not a state but a Federal District.

    Essentially, Washingtonians have very little say in our government so a Vote on Marriage opens a whole can of worms about Home Rule and Self Determination of our Government. I doubt that SOCTUS will open that can, or rule at all.

  6. Timothy says

    Last night was my birthday celebration, and I’m happy to see that — judging by the excellent spelling in the above comments — I wasn’t the only one wasted on a Monday!

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