1. Corey says

    ya know, i’m not offended by the question. what i’m offended by is having opinions ascribed to me that i don’t have. massa used us as a ploy so as to avoid the question.

  2. Beto says

    Well, Mr. Massa I AM offended by your out of touch comment and that’s my best polite outcome, so don’t tease me again…

  3. JNJ says

    It’s an inappropriate question to ask anyone! And Larry King should be ashamed of himself.

  4. Doug says

    Boy — it’ll take a while to work through the 10,000 sailors Seaman Massa served with, but … well, a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. I’d be interested to hear some of their answers.

  5. strepsi says

    Because, Mr. Massa, in the year 2010 Americans ARE classified. Those classified as “gay” get approximately 1,100 less legal benefits than those classified as “not gay” — even less now in Virginia.

    These missing benefits to those “classified” as gay include such basic equalities as the right to marry and serve in the nation’s military.

    So if you do not want Americans to be classified in 2010, what concrete measures are you taking in 2010 to repeal those discriminatory classifying laws?

  6. Jack says

    Attention ADVOCATE magazine, you might want to follow up your Sean Hayes cover by “honoring” this fine specimen of homosexuality.

  7. kujhawker says

    @jnj why is it inapproriate question?

    We are asked are sex, gender, race, eye color all the time on forms by people collection information, etc. What is wrong with asking about a descriptive defined by ones birth. I am a white, gay, male, blue eyes, with type A blood. I am asked these types of questions all the time. What is inappropriate?

    Sometimes I feel uncomfortable when people ask the question …. what is your age, what is your weight, but they aren’t inappropriate questions.

    Now it is perfectly fine for someone to say none of your business or I am not going to answer. But can you imagine asking someone what their weight is and they luanch into a 30 second obfuscation instead of just saying none of your business.

    But it is not insulting to ask the question. I have no problem with people ask it is just part of who I am like my race, eye color, blood type, age, and weight.

  8. voet says

    I think Shakespeare said it best:

    The lady doth protest too much, methinks.
    Hamlet, Act 3, scene 2.

  9. Mike says

    The world would be a better place if more homophobic people were asked if they were gay. Good on you, Larry. There may be actual journalists out there yet.

  10. David in Houston says

    99.9% of straight men would simply say, “No, I’m not gay.”

    …and no, it does not offend the gay community if you ask someone if they are gay. If Mr. Massa thinks that being gay is a non-issue in 2010, then asking someone about their sexual orientation should also be a non-issue.

  11. Dan Cobb says

    Ask my wife? Ask my kids? Well, if he has kids, I guess what he’s really saying is that he is bi-sexual. Very interesting, he’s not saying he’s NOT gay, and he’s not saying he IS gay… even so, I’ll bet he loves a nice tight set of male buns, and a juicy one in his mouth!
    I like this guy, he’s a take no prisoners, right-back-at-ya alpha male.

  12. Wes says

    “Why don’t you ask my wife, ask my friends, ask the 10,000 sailors I served with in the Navy.”

    Anyone else chuckle at this line?

  13. frank says

    Nobody but a closet case would answer that question the way Massa did.

    Insulting to gays to ask the question? Because it classifies people?

  14. kenzbeard says

    Did you notice Eric Messup didn’t tell Larry King to ask the guys in his closet if he were gay?

  15. says

    @ Wes – Still chuckling.

    Asking someone if they are gay is perfectly appropriate. EVERY TV talking head on every show will ask questions like “are you married?” and “have a girlfriend?”, etc.

    And we seriously gotta remind people that “gay” is NOT an insult – just a trait – like eye color, race, or show size.

  16. daftpunkydavid says

    i’m leaning towards jnj on this.

    i feel there may be some double standards here… when meredith vieira asks a negative question about her guests sexuality, there’s an outcry on this forum (like we discussed yesterday).

    but when larry king asks a guy if he behaved inappropriately because he’s gay, yeah, everybody agrees!!

    i do see why massa may think this is insulting to some lgbt folks. i wouldn’t say i’m insulted, but the logic certainly holds.

    i also don’t like how people resort to labeling him “gay this” or “fag that” as if that were a bad thing; and, mind you, these are supposedly gay people doing the labeling. i think that’s pretty sad.

  17. Lane says

    I don’t have a problem with the question. He has been accused of making sexual comments and groping men not women so one would assume that is due to his sexual orientation. Funny before this I assumed he was homosexual; I did not know he was married which does not mean anything these days. Most people would just say yes or no and move on.

  18. Sam says

    I, personally, know of one single reason not to answer such simple, direct question.

    When the answer is YES.

    And what exactly about those 10 000 sailors? Have you tried with ALL of them to figure it out, dude? How did it go, like “#345 sailor try – nope, still not gay. Next! #346 sailor try – nope, come on, guys, you’re not helping me figure out if I am being gay at all! Oh boy, I hope 10 000 will be enough to help me make a final decision… There’s always the Seals national reserves, though.”

    … on the other hand, considering he counted not only his wife, but his KIDS as well… I really hope I’m wrong with my assumption of his modus operandi….

  19. Trasker says

    So this is now a legitimate interview question for say, um, Anderson Cooper? Hey, I’m all for asking it as to me being gay is not a bad thing. But if its ok, ask it of everyone.

  20. Lane says

    I think if you asked Anderson Cooper his reaction would not the same as Massa. I think he would say that I prefer not to answer the question but I do not think there is anything wrong about being gay. I think once he is older does not travel to hostile countries for stories I think he would be more open about his private life.

  21. chadnnocal says

    You just know that someone is going to come out with video and/or pictures of him on his knees, polishing a pickle in a rest area bathroom. I just hope it happens while he is on his media junket.

  22. rafi says

    “Why don’t you ask the 10,000 sailors I served with in the Navy, or the 300 dancers I performed with off-Broadway, or the folks who live next door to my Fire Island share?”

  23. BobN says

    I really don’t get people’s reaction to this man.

    I AM insulted that everyone assumes a little rough housing and hair tousling is “queer”, that it’s out of bounds for a “real” American male.

    All this dumping on him is just one aspect of this country’s homophobia.

  24. says

    the problem i have with the question is that you don’t ever hear of anyone asking, “Are you straight?”

    of course, someone straight certainly lets us know right away; they immediately start talking about their wive, kids, grandkids…

  25. Bryan says

    “Gay”? He’s a loon! We’re watching a man breaking down and losing his sanity before our eyes…what a shame! (I really didn’t need to know about the shower encounter with Rahm Emananuel…TMI!!! TMI!!!)

  26. Norm D Plume says

    This is the Democratic Party’s position on gay rights: pure 100% grade A bullshit. Seriously, why in the fuck to us queers believe that this man’s party is on OUR side?

  27. Ben says

    “It insults every gay American because it classifies people. Why would anyone even ask that question?”

    Massa is correct. That is a very insightful statement. What he means is this: it is very difficult to be homosexual in a “Gay” world. That is to say it’s difficult to be your own man, the person you already are in a world of people, both Gay and straight, who demand Gays conform to stereotypes.

    But only a closeted Gay person would feel that and guilelessly admit it publicly.

  28. lgwolf says

    Usually you lick you lips and move your mouth when you lie. She doth protest too much.