Fake Gay Pride Posters Mock Politicos in Bulgaria


Posters featuring former Prime Minister and Bulgarian Socialist Party leader Sergey Stanishev, the leader of the conservative RZS (“Order, Law, Justice”) party, and popular pop folk music singer, Azis and advertising a Gay Pride parade that isn't scheduled to happen have gone up in Sofia, Bulgaria, Novinvite reports:

"The posters say that the gay parade is being organized by the Bulgarian Socialist Youth, an organization attached to the Bulgarian Socialist Party; “Spartacus”, a gay/straight disco club in downtown Sofia which was shut down several years ago, and the RZS party, and with the media support of SKAT TV… The message of the posters seems to play on the allegations made by the nationalist party Ataka that the RZS leader Yane Yanev is gay and should admit his sexual orientation because otherwise he would be susceptible to blackmailing – something which Yanev has refuted; various publications over the years have point to former Prime Minister Sergey Stanishev as being gay of which there has been no evidence."

The creator of the posters has not been identified, but the date and location on the posters "coincide(s) with the national protest rally organized by the conservative RZS party."


  1. TANK says

    You’d think they’d be more concerned with having one of the worst economies in eastern europe (if not THE worst, actually). Goat fuckers need to hold their government officials to the barrel of a gun rather than beating off to their primitive intolerance. But this is what sells…

  2. says

    I am Bulgarian myself. It looks like a cheap political provocation/PR campaign that uses “gay” as an offence, in a you-are-not-a-real-man and/or you-are-a-political-prostitute style, to me. Homophobia is just very fashionable with cheap populists in Bulgaria now.

    And since it’s a campaign against certain politicians/parties, whoever did it doesn’t need to claim responsibility and take the risk of being sued.

  3. says

    This tactic has been used elsewhere in Eastern Europe by right wing parties. Unfortunately, the politicos targeted never stand up and say, “Yes, I WOULD march in a gay parade, so what?”

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