Karl Lagerfeld ‘Against’ the Idea of Gay Marriage


An interview with Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld by filmmaker Bruce LaBruce in the current issue of VICE magazine touches briefly on the subject of same-sex marriage. Lagerfeld doesn't believe in it.

LABRUCE: You are against the idea of gay marriage. I totally agree with you on that.
LAGERFELD: Yes, I’m against it for a very simple reason: In the 60s they all said we had the right to the difference. And now, suddenly, they want a bourgeois life.

LABRUCE: It’s normalizing.
LAGERFELD: For me it’s difficult to imagine—one of the papas at work and the other at home with the baby. How would that be for the baby? I don’t know. I see more lesbians married with babies than I see boys married with babies. And I also believe more in the relationship between mother and child than in that between father and child.

LABRUCE: I take it you don’t want children.
LAGERFELD: If I were interested in children, I would be a godfather—or a godmother. I don’t like the idea of taking people out of their lives and their contexts. If there were a child I wanted to adopt, I would try to find the family of the child and give them the money for an education in his life and his context.

Lagerfeld also says he is ignorant of homophobic violence: "I never met anything like this in my life. I had an overprotected life. What can I fight about? I don’t know what to do. It never happened to me, and it never happened to people I know."


  1. Anders says

    Vapid comments from someone so shut off from the real world of every day problems, discrimination and violence. He should be grateful but people of such privilege rarely are, they instead want to know why others fuss so much.

  2. Robert says

    Sigh… it sucks as a black man that I’m forced to live this bourgeois life with rights to equal education, pay, marriage etc…Man I wish it were the 60s.

  3. ChristopherM says

    As if his most recent collection for Chanel where he made every model look like a goddamn Yeti wasn’t proof enough that Grandma Karl has completely lost touch with anything resembling reality.

  4. says

    It makes you want to educate him on gay violence…

    Him and LaBruce are both idiotic for implying they’re against marriage equality (it’s possible both are saying they personally wouldn’t get married and don’t like marriage, but it’s not at all clear). There are plenty of things I want to be legal that I am personally not interested in doing.

    The stuff about children is 10 times more insulting and ignorant. Dolce & Gabbana said the same bullshit a few years ago. These people are so out of touch with reality and don’t deserve to be supported in any way.

  5. Mark says

    It’s a shame that someone so innovative can sound so out of touch.

    Why’s it so difficult to believe that two consenting adults — regardless of gender — can make a decision to spend their lives together? Individual choice and freewill isn’t generational, nor does it ever go extinct.

  6. Chitown Kev says

    Karl Lagerfeld is whining about those gays that want to live a bourgie lifestyle.


    He would have been 100% correct if he had taken that “of homophobic violence” phrase off of that one sentence.

  7. TPL says

    Yet two more big gay bitches who think that every gay man on the planet should be leading their idea of a “gay life.”
    La Bruce says it’s “normalizing.” That’s because being gay IS normal. And the more people learn this, the less innocent men and women will be beaten in the streets. What a vapid, uninformed, cruel thing to say.
    And Lagerfeld–isn’t that dried up old cunt dead yet?

  8. wtf says

    STFU Grandma! Nobody gives 2 shits what you think you old fuckin’ nazi! Go get your slaves to make some more ugly fuckin’ dresses! I swear, these old pretentious entitled queens make me vomit.

  9. Dawson says

    So based on this opinion unless you have personally been raped or been beaten up or been fired for being gay this gives you the right to be ignorant, right?

    Maybe it’s a blessing he never was a breader.

    Isn’t it fascinating to listen to ignorance? It is why I love reality shows.

    How old is this fossil? tick, tick, tick. His time is running out.

  10. mb says

    These kind of comments just boggle my mind. How any educated person can say something like that is beyond me.

    I personally never want to be married, ever….but we sure as hell should have the option if we choose it!

  11. Dan says

    Karl, sweetie –

    Having the right to do something is not the same thing as having the obligation to do something. Perhaps a Berlitz refresher course is in order?

    That’s all.

  12. carpathia says

    Thank you Herr Lagerfeld for your comment; and thank you for underscoring your life’s protected and assimilated status. While I would agree with him that fight for Same-sex relationship civil rights stems from the right to be different. I would assert the only way to secure the “difference” is to secure all rights and not to be marginalized. While I can acknowledge his creative brilliance, I believe he has tread into a realm that is way out of his league. While he does have the right to his opinion, I hope he would understand the power of his voice and might in future choose his interview comments carefully. He needs to remember the Conservatives are listening as well as the Fashionistas.

  13. feo says

    Give me the right. I’ll make the choice. Kind of like choosing a designer, one with taste or one that wears strange driving gloves with every outfit.

  14. says

    If you want to experience the epicenter of Vacuous and self-centered thinking, welcome to Fashion, chickens!
    yes, it’s very Bourgeoisie to want the same damn rights as straights in case your partner dies and his/her family leaves you homeless.
    An old bitter out of touch rich queen with the in initials KL has shown his true colors.

  15. says

    If what he said about Alexander McQueen’s suicide didn’t convince you he was a complete asshole, this certainly removes all doubt.

    It’s perfectly reasonable to say that same-sex mariage and child rearing don’t interest you. And it’s also reasonble to say htat you don’t like the idea of gays imitating straights in the way they live. But to turn up your nose at homophobic violence simply because it hasn’t ever touched your smug little self is Beyong The Pale!

    Lagerfeld was never designer of any stature. He’s a Corporate “Brander.” The “Brand Name” of Karl Lagerfeld is there to sell perfectly adequate but utterly uninspired clothes.

    He imgaines htat since he’s oulived Yves Saint-Laurent he’s replaced him

    AS IF!!!!!

    Crazy druggie that he was YSL was the last classic couturier.Lagerfeld isn’t worthy of cleaning Yves workroom.

  16. TampaZeke says

    For those who don’t know what “let them eat cake” means; THIS is it.

    Lagerfeld is a selfish, wealthy Queen who is completely out of touch with the average man or woman on the street.

  17. Zlick says

    ok, I was going to comment much along the same lines, but the territory’s been pretty much covered.

    So instead, why don’t we consider what might be done to convince less out-of-it queers that the equal right to marriage (not a compulsion to participate in that institution) is not a bourgeois choice or a fawning attempt to assimilate oneself into the oppressive over-culture of heterosexist society?

    There are too may queers who believe that to be true. They are not necessarily privileged – though I think that attitude itself bespeaks a certain out-of-touchness.

    Still – we’ve got to be able to make a case – i can’t see how to convince straight on-the-fencers if we can’t even convince a full 99% of the gays.

  18. Mike in the Tundra says

    What can he fight about?

    Well, he can fight about ending sentences with prepositions.

    He could also fight about what that plastic surgeon did to him.

  19. george says

    I read the interview. It was way too long. Don’t they have editors at Vice? The only thing that made the article interesting is that Lagerfeld is a classic case study in narcissitic personality disorder. He is truly one for the textbooks. That is why he can not understand either the concept of love or the idea of marriage.

  20. elcamino says

    Two cosseted plonkers meet and discuss. Bruce La Bruce is an arrested adolescent and Largerfeld walks between the raindrops,

    What the fuck do either of them know about real life?

  21. jakeinlove says

    Well outside of the whole legal benefits of marriage I couldn’t agree with him more about marriage. Since when was it so important for gay and lesbians to be like the mothers and fathers that we didn’t want to be like when we were growing up? Why are we so determined to be just like everyone else. Once we’re integrated there is nothing special about who we are.

    As for the violence aspect. I do believe he’s missing the point. I think he’s envisioning being in a fight VS. someone attacking you.

    Then you have the whole aspect of him being wealthy which disenfranchises him from the everyday lives we lead. Some people’s comments here are just as ignorant as what they accuse his of being. It’s all about perception and clearly everyone is entitled their opinion based on that.

  22. Ryan says

    Isn’t the idea of marriage antiquated itself? I don’t know. I certainly support equal rights, and I believe that is all we are asking for, but I do see their point regarding not believing in ‘gay marriage’. Its not that I don’t believe that 2 gay men (or women) can’t ‘live happily after’ but I think that is exactly the point these two are trying to make. We’ve chosen (or rather been gifted) a unique view of the world and humanity. Are we throwing that all away on the the hope that society will finally accept us?

  23. Tony Baker says

    Wow. While I may not agree with Karl’s opinion, I can respect it. And I think it’s totally childish to make attacks on his creativity because of his veiws. The man is an amazing designer, but I guess angry blog readers know fashion better then the boards of Fendi and Chanel… wait, NO, they don’t. The man so NOT washed up.

  24. nic says

    who keeps reanimatimg this dessicated corpse? and whoever does, does he then wipe granny karl’s skinny ass and change his diapers?

    she should have taken a clue from the debacle that was bette davis’s last years. he should have gone away once his vitality and creativity became limp.

  25. pParkerT says

    The point isn’t about being normal or being special; the point is that marriage guarantees certain rights for its participants. Rights that are attainable through no other institution or arrangement.

    If you think you’re not special anymore because you can get married, maybe you were never special in the first place.

  26. RyanInSacto says


    If you think that being a disenfranchised homosexual is the only thing that makes you special, then I feel sorry for you. We are special because of who we are and gaining equal protection under the law will not change that.

    KL’s comments are just as ignorant as any garden variety homophobe. The reply is the same as well: If you don’t like gay marriage, then don’t get gay married! 😉

  27. REYnoldo says

    @ Tony – I don’t give a flying rat’s ass “great” Miss Lagerfeld is in the fashion world. I don’t care if that out of touch selfish prick shits gold.

    He’s an arrogant self centred snob.

  28. Michael S. says

    This type of dissociation from struggle shows the filthiness of privilege. Gay men like these two should use their privilege to help fight homophobia. And all of us should be allies in struggle against those who want to suppress and control us, women, poor folks, etc. What a sad statement on their part.

  29. TANK says

    WHo knew that there were a lot of stupid gay people out there? Oh…wait…I did.

    That said, I’m simply destroyed by his lack of commitment to gay equality. Oh kaiser, the whole movement depends upon your musings…Just destroyed…how will I ever overcome this uncle tomassina’s thoughtless, glib opinion? Jesus, these people design clothes. I don’t care for the opinions of fashion designers when it concerns “idears” and thinking…just cut the clothes and act like a spoiled, over sexed chemed up piece of trash…that’s all you’re good for.

  30. Jimbo says

    Well, back in the day those who had any interest in settling down and getting married probably did so…with someone of the opposite sex. These two will have to forgive the rest of us who buy into the bourgeois idea of having a stable relationship.

  31. David says

    “they want a bourgeois life”

    Like, oh, haute couture and high fashion?

    They’re respective careers are entirely ABOUT being bourgeois.

    Good grief, these two are like two hookers accusing others of dabbling in prostitution (not that marriage is prostitution).

  32. Mark says

    My partner and I are married and have 2 children. I really do not care what these self important, arrogant idiots think. We are too busy creating the future.

  33. Abie says

    It’s really no surprise to hear these things from him. For decades, now, Karl Lagerfeld has made a second (or third or fourth) career out of saying ignorant, obnoxious and offensive things. Give him any topic and he will be guaranteed to take a disagreeable position on it.
    I wish I could just be able to appreciate his beautiful work without having to know what an utterly repellent old man he has become living in his rarefied little world.

  34. Jimbo says

    What’s more bourgeois Karl: a couple of married poofs in the suburbs, or a rich old fashion queen snapping crap photos of the male models he lusts after?

  35. wtf says

    oh and Miss Tony Baker? you can STFU too, ya stupid bitch. If you actually read anything about fashion you would know that Grandma Karl is fucking it up bigtime. Oh, and you’d also know the difference between then and THAN. Dumbass.

  36. boycott lagerfeld says

    I’m happy to boycott any commercial products associated with him.

    As we say to straight homophobes: Karl, if you don’t believe in gay marriage, don’t have one.

  37. notshychirev says

    I must say we all seem to be on the same page. After reading the entire interview, I just can’t escape the fact that this man doesn’t care about anyone’s experiences other than his own. He is perhaps the archetype narcissist. And his kind of thinking isn’t just ignorant, it’s dangerous.

    Later in the interview when he essentially says that sex and love don’t go together, it actually made me sad…and it reminded me of another talented dinosaur in our community–the late Quentin Crisp.

    As to both men, my admiration for their talent is swamped by my lament for their narrow mindedness.

  38. steve says

    fan of LaBruce’s films, but pretty disappointed in these comments

    both of these men’s opinions are formed from a world of protection & privilege

    neither of them would last more than a day in the trenches of rural America

    what an ugly article

  39. Bart says

    This just proves what I’ve thought, Karl Lagerfeld has been dead for 10 years and has fossilized into something that should never be dug up. His clothing look like something that would make Liberace itch from bad taste and his plastic surgery makes him resemble a puppet from AVENUE Q. (Okay, I’m glad I’ve had a reason to say that, I’ve been thinking it for a while but after his asinine statements, now I can write it and feel good about it.)

    As the gay father of two adopted sons, my kids would tell him he’s an out of touch idiot. And instead of correcting them for being rude, I’d high five them.

  40. Zach says

    Nice to see so much unanimity on something so important.

    I read this same sort of thinking from Sky Gilbert back in December, and it dismayed me, because it just seems as if all those who rail against ‘heteroconformity’ want to make all gays conform to their own lifestyle. I shouldn’t have to defend myself for wanting a husband and kids (though I’d never live again in suburbia). My sexuality is only part of what makes me special, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

  41. CJ says

    Don’t we have bigger battles than fighting the words of a fashion designer? C’mon guys, wishing ill will to an obviously misguided older individual who is from a different era of mid-20th century ideals isn’t benefitting anyone. It merely demonstrates that we can be a catty bunch, instead of a unified and SOLID front. So let’s show him he’s wrong, not through words, but through actions, and win our rights. :)

  42. DVDINORL says

    Rock on Karl, only for the fact that you proved that we gay folks respect everyones opinion – except when they disagree with our own.

    I’m not worried about how he feels about marriage and parenting – remember he’s not working against it.

    And carefully read his comments on violence – he says he’s overprotected – says he doesn’t know what to do. He doesn’t say it doesn’t exist.

    Karl is an amazing and prolific artist, and is greatly eclectic and eccentric. So too bad he doesn’t toe the party line and boycott Chanel if you want – I just think some of you on here are taking yourselves WAY to seriously.

  43. Tony Baker says

    @ wtf. Seriously, you attack me based on a single typo? And just to repeat myself: I disagree with his opinion, I just think that attacking his art is off topic and childish. Much like telling me to STFU. Try growing up a bit, k?

  44. Cody says

    Regardless of his views on marriage equality…I still think he’s an amazing artist.

    He’s kind of removed from American politics anyway… He lives in France. Do you think that the queens in France care if we can get married over here? They have PACS which, btw, a huge part of the straight population uses to be…uh…joined, as well…

    One of my good (American) friends now lives happily in Northern France with his (French) husband.

  45. be says

    Karl Lagerfeld? Chanel? What could possibly be more BOURGEOIS? With KL and Chanel , it’s all about purses and sunglasses. His opinion on gay marriage is about as relevant as his fashion.

  46. Randy says

    So an out-of-touch pornographer interviews an out-of-touch fashion designer about same-sex marriage, and I’m supposed to take them seriously?

    These are two extremely selfish individuals with vacuous minds. They should go back to doing whatever it is they do when they aren’t being stupid.

  47. Tone says

    This surprises me, I thought the fashion industry was more progressive. Perhaps it’s just that he’s from another generation, or perhaps fashion has insulated him just a bit too much. It’s hard to believe he can design fashion relevant for today if he’s so far removed from reality.

  48. art says

    what an elitist, pathetic, shelter man… this coming from a 100 year old man with permanent sunglasses and a fan .. reality can be expected from this people… now I know why beauty is so distorted in the fashion industry..

  49. David says

    You afre all a bunch of flaming queens. because a gau man differs from your opinions all you can come up with to prove your point of view is gto call him names? As a gay man, whohas no interest in getting married, you embarrass me. Only those who can’t reasonably argue thier beliefs and points revert to using playground insults and name calling. Look at the posts…. Everyone of them can’t prove their opinion with reason so they do what all ignorant people do… call the opposing person names, as if that makes them superior and makes their case for them. It only shows that NONE of you can make a valid point. Is it any wonder straight people can’t stand us if this is the image they have of us from faggots like you? So sad.

  50. johnny says

    Mr. Lagerfeld lives in total seclusion in an altered state of reality with layers of protection from the outside. He’s from another era and lives in France. While he’s totally ignorant, seriously, I can’t get upset about what he thinks on gay marriage in the U.S., it’s like getting mad because North Korea won’t allow a gay bar. It’s simply not relevant to the issue. All these negative comments are just wasting energy on a talented old designer who is nearly dead.


  51. Michael says

    It only shows that no matter how much money, influence, talent or education you may have, selfishness and ignorance will still be exposed.
    We are no longer in the 60’s, so shame on you.

  52. Dennis says

    What’s with the f*cking band on LaBruce’s ring finger? Is it…”I don’t believe in marriage, I just accessorize like I do” (??!) WTF!

    2 delusionally out-of-touch queens queefing on and on about their hate of bourgeois life choices…oh please, bitches…STFU!

  53. Michael says

    actually i do agree. Why should gay people conform to a hetro-sexist union of marriage. A union designed to control and sanction gender, sex and now sexuality.


  54. clive says

    The impotent old wax museum ready queen most likely has not ever had a relationship that lasted more than one night. No Chanel potion is ever going to get his limp willy to rise even if it is one of his children, I mean boy toys.

  55. guywithaclue says

    This dude is an embarrasment. Poor guy, I pity him. Sorry, but he deserves little else. He certainly doesn’t deserve the platform he’s given in that article. His legacy is forever in doubt in my mind.

    Actually, yeah, he TOTALLY deserves prominence on Towleroad, where we appropriately chew him up and spit him out. :-). Spit out, for sure. The asshole; how irresponsible! I am not likely to waste my money on his designs anyway, but his fashion brand in my mind now represents SHIT – forever.

    Yes, dude, u did it to yourself. You show yourself to be nothing more than a house-pet for the straights — and are all proud that you get to play that role, as if it’s respectable. You are no role model. You ooze patheticness, dude.

    Grow a pair of balls, man – like us real gay men, lesbians, and transgenders over here in the U.S. sticks, dude. Stand up for your people already! Be real.

    I just expected better is all. It’s time that we all demand better.

  56. Shane says

    On my Atlantis cruise last year there was a guy who looked just like him who would walk around wearing nothing but this knit thong-like thingy on his ‘nads (puke). I will always secretly suspect it was really Karl.

  57. B-rod says

    Tell this dumb bitch to go back to whatever boy he’s bought for company and shut up.

    Clearly, he needs to be placed back in the formaldehyde where he belongs, too. Jerk.

  58. A Commentator says

    I think the focus is not on why we want to be “just like anyone else,” but rather on whether we have the choice at all to be normal or outside of the mainstream. While one can really debate the benefits of being normal versus being special, I see no reason to disrespect someone’s wishes for a white-picket fence lifestyle.

  59. tom says

    Marriage affords rights and obligations to those who choose it. Karl is simply saying that gay men and women cannot share in the rights as others do?

    Well, he’s wrong. He’s a drug addicted hag.

  60. David in Houston says

    If I wanted Skeletor’s opinion on gay marriage, I would have asked for it. This tool has no clue what it’s like to be treated as a second-class citizen.

  61. Kayla says

    WHY ANYONE CARES WHAT THESE OLD DAMAGED QUEENS HAS TO SAY, i DON’T KNOW. i REALLY AM SICK OF THESE OLD RELICS WHO WERE BORN AND RAISED IN A TIME WHEN MARGINALIZATION WAS ALL THEY COULD HOPE FOR TRYING TO SABOTAGE THE NEW GAY MOVEMENT FOR YOUNG GAYS. Carl I don’t give a fuck about the fact that you are cursed with the myopia of your age and circumstance, and simply cannot imagine, gays living NORMAL lives!! Just shut the fuck up and prepare for your impending death. I’m usually not an ageist but after the whole gay sex in park bullshit and now this crusty old hag saying he’s against gay marriage, I just can’t wait for these antique gays to shrivel up and die!!!!

  62. Jon Mitchell says

    It must be nice to live in the clouds completely ignorant of what’s going on down here on the ground or how these issues might affect us lowlifes. Chanel is passe and mostly because of him. And Labruce sounds like a perfect match for the crypt keeper – uh – I mean Karl.

  63. rayrayj says

    It’s sad that someone who had so many opportunities to learn about the world has chosen to remain ignorant. He makes it sound as if his overprotective life was something that was done to him. This is the life he chooses. To state that homophobia never touched anyone he knows clearly indicates he does not even know the people around him.

  64. says

    Was Lagerfeld putting down “a bourgeois life?”

    Bitch works for CHANEL !?!?!??! Such a moron.

    And Bruce la Bruce just wants to pretend he’s alternative so he can fuck little boys…

  65. jamal49 says

    Actually, I’m against the idea of Karl Lagerfeld. What a curmudgeon! He’s had so many face-lifts, that dimple in his chin used to be his navel.

  66. ben says

    I’m so desperate to be considered normal that I want to pretend to be straight and act like a straight person because I’m so insecure and afraid about being different. I want to pretend to be the wife while the husband goes to work and I make him dinner and I look after our little asian throw-away baby. I want to marry just like normal people in a church based on a religion which states in black and white that it detests my very existence. I want to wear a white suit because I’m the bottom and he’ll wear a black suit because he’s a top and we’ll force the church and the priest to pretend we’re straight so that we can feel normal. This mentality is so repulsive. Just except that we’re different and stop trying to ape straight people.

  67. says

    this is the world view from a privileged man living in his home country. gay marriage isn’t about being more like them it’s about legal protection. my boyfriend is swedish and has spent 6 months out of the year fighting to get a work visa so he can live in the US. he has a partner here, a house and a life. if we were straight we could just get married.

  68. Norm D PLume says

    I respect the rights of millionaire queers not to marry. But he’s a fucking asshole for dismissing the fact that millions of us queers are NOT millionaires and can’t afford to buy our equality. This is why class matters more than sexual orientation. We share more in common with working class straight people than we do with rich queers like Joe Solomonese or Karl Lagerfeld or Barney Frank.

  69. Rena says

    Well, my two cents:

    I’m not gay so I couldn’t begin to imagine what my opinion would be if I were. But I don’t believe in gay marriage myself, I’m a supporter of civil unions. To me, it’s simple logic. Marriage is an institution created by various religious groups for men and women. But, these institutions have made their way into common law (spousal rights, etc). Honestly I don’t understand why a gay person would WANT to be a part of something that specifically excludes them. But gay people do deserve the spousal rights that go along with marriage. Thus, the civil union. The only difference between civil unions and marriage is that marriage is for straight, religious people. I’m a straight, non-religious person, I don’t think I could ever be technically “married” either because marriage IS a religious institution. But modern marriage is more of a procedure of the courts, and gays should have those same rights – but calling it marriage is silly.

    As far as Karl goes, well, he’s kinda off base, but I get his angle.

    Actually one of my favorite people in the world is a friend / client of mine who is a secure gay man who has been in a committed relationship for over a decade, and he was the one who opened my eyes to the fact that not all gay people agree with gay marriage. I think it’s admirable, and very smart of people to think outside of SELF and be aware of what these terms actually mean.

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