1. omgreally says

    This song is atrocious! I was like, “where is the Christina Aguilera screaming she is known for?” then the chorus hit.

  2. BW says

    I *want* to like it but it’s just so-so… very so-so. Great beat but ultimately a failed attempt to channel the best of Madonna, Britney Spears, and Lady Gaga.

  3. Matt says

    I’m not loving it as much as some of her other stuff but I can say its a good first single. I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album considering all the collaborations she’s got on it. All hail Christina, a pop star that can sing live (with a damn good voice) and dance!

  4. Monsieur R says

    It’s very catchy, it’s what she needs to grab the attention of her new album. I’m hoping this isn’t what the whole album is like though, I don’t see it with Sia and Ladytron working on the album.

  5. Aron says

    Big yawn. Gets totally lost amid all the other pop/dance wannabes out there. Put a fork in her. She’s done.

  6. LOL says

    Very boring. It’s like a dance song for people who can’t dance. It’s formulaic. It has no real hook. It’s bland. Nothing original. Next.

  7. Bear Necessity says

    Huge miscalculation. Lady Gaga’s already been there and done most of this song.

  8. gayalltheway says

    Good remix material.

    I’m glad you are back Christina. I’m on the verge of shooting myself in the head with the likes of Miley Cyrus, Justin Beiber and Taylor Swift dominating the chart. Ugh

  9. Monsieur R says

    I’m actually laughing at the Lady Gaga references, are we forgetting Lady Gaga was irrelevant about 2-3 years ago? Now she’s the only person allowed to produce dance tracks? If we’re going to start comparing than let me phone Janet Jackson and Madonna for you. I’m a Lady Gaga fan, but lets not put her in a fucking pedestal, call me in 10 years if she’s still relevant then.

  10. eric/nyc says

    That picture of her is gorgeous. I like the song, doesn’t really show off her great voice. Looks like she’s trying to compete with GaGa’s material.

  11. Adam says

    Matt: Wrong- Christina CAN’T dance. Not at all, she’s awful. Sorry to nitpick over that small part, but, as a dancer, I will correct anyone who thinks these non-dancers can dance- Christina, Gaga, Rihanna- NO.

  12. daws says

    Okay, I was supposed to be getting ready for bed…now I need to go dancing! I’m so happy that she’s back.

  13. says

    I think it’s funny that a year ago Christina was pretending not to know who GaGa was, and here she is jumping on GaGa’s revival of synth heavy dance music. I just don’t like this song very much, which is disappointing because I was looking forward to hearing her new music. She had amazing people work on this album, so I am not writing it off just yet.

  14. Drew says

    So it sounds a bit familiar, what’s wrong with that?

    This easily passes muster for a good dance/club song.

  15. datlaw says

    I like it And Gaga, Xtina, others, can dance just fine. They don’t have to be the best dancers because they have other talents. Doesn’t mean they can’t dance.

  16. omgreally says


    Girl, please. No one knew who Gaga was when Christina was accused of ripping off Lady Gaga’s style – blonde wigs and eyebrow level bangs. Uhm, Tori Amos did that shit in 2006. NEXT

  17. Andrew says

    Great song!! Now I can’t wait for June 8th to get the full album.

    I wonder when we will get a video for the song?
    However considering there are still 70 days till the album release it may take a while, or perhaps we might get a second single before the album.

  18. says

    “here she is jumping on GaGa’s revival of synth heavy dance music.”

    huh? Synth heavy dance music – as you call it – was being revived years for Lady GaGa came long, America just didn’t pay much attention. People accusing Christina of ripping off Lady GaGa are being as lazy as they’re accusing Christina of being.

  19. says

    LMAO at the Gaga reference! Oh now all of a sudden, Gaga is the standard of dance music? Oh grow the fuck up.

    Christina has been saying she wanted to do dance/futuristic music since 2006 and yeah she may be a little late in the “electro synth” game but the bitch had the idea long before Gaga came around.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Gaga! But she isn’t the standard of anything.

  20. zxc says

    Some of you people are acting like before Tranny Gaga there was a black hole – no dance/electro music, no bizzare outfits, no transgender crap etc.
    I like Xtina’s new song. It’s great party/club music. Good for her. What do you wont to from her?

  21. Gregoire says

    Oh, you queens will be addicted to this in a few weeks.

    I’m not sure where the Gaga comparisons are coming from. Some of you have a very small window of musical references.

    If anything, this has a late 90s Whitney vibe to it.

  22. Michael says

    Forget Gaga, if I heard this song without knowing who it was I would swear it’s the now-defunct Danity Kane, complete with 5 different singers. The song isn’t bad, it just doesn’t sound like Christina.

  23. Tagg says

    The funny thing is all Christina has been saying for the past 4-5 months is she couldn’t wait to finally release her new music (it was pushed back for the filming of Burlesque). Now she admits on the Ryan Seacrest show that this song was just recorded after finishing up Burlesque! That sounds like to me that the powers to be didnt like or care for the original first single. Maybe the rest of the album isnt as innovative as Xtina thinks…