1. TANK says

    ha ha ha…no man can sing this (at least no straight man). He really managed to queef it out. LMAO! Seriously, listen to this and not laugh, and if you can, your soul has died.

  2. mintylaramie says

    Say it aint so Jared Leto. 30 Seconds to Mars is way way way better than this crap.

    “This Is War” is the best album in the universe so far this year.

  3. Thomas k says

    no it wasnt just music. and no. 30 seconds to mars is always shit. i love you jared leto cause i wanna rape your face, but yeah you are a horrible ‘rock musician?’ your songs are music by only a stretch of the imagination but… you sucked the art our of gaga’s song. i wish she could sue you for it.

  4. says

    They’re still around?

    I was really hoping their 30 seconds were up.

    @Thomas I never thought Leto was a “horrible” rock musician… per se. I think with the right environment he can do really well. it’s just the songs themselves just… suck. melodies are simple the lyrics are cliche and albums are over-engineered.

    it’s typical, though – so i’m not going to bitch about it.

    but then again, this is coming from a guy who cannot tell the difference between Nickleback and Theory of a Deadman, so….

    (Seriously, they’re the same band…)

  5. sst says

    cant believe you freaks are dissing this, i loved it! damn it reminded me of Marc Almond with a slight Bono edge to it (no pun intended), which brought up curious feelings, i applaud this effort from what i always thought was just a fringe band!

  6. sst says

    @thomas, i can relate dude, im one of those anomalies> gay Metal-Heads, ive seen Ozzy, Crue, Priest, Maiden, Aerosmith and Rush live, but i still cant tell the difference between Nickleback and Theory of a Deadman….

  7. Lexxvs says

    Interesting. A little overly dramatic but I guess it’s his style. Personally I go for the versions with more rithm.
    And yeah, I would like to be in whatever romance Jared Leto could give, lol.