Mary Glasspool Now Episcopal’s Church’s 2nd Openly Gay Bishop

Last Thursday I posted that openly lesbian Rev. Mary Glasspool had received the necessary amount of consents for final confirmation as an Episcopal bishop.

Glasspool She has been confirmed, in Los Angeles:

"Mary Glasspool is the first openly gay bishop approved since 2003, when the election of a gay man as bishop of New Hampshire caused such an uproar that the U.S. church, under pressure from other members of the global Anglican Communion, imposed a moratorium on such elevations. The ban was lifted last year.

Glasspool is also one of the first two women to be elected as bishops in the 114-year history of the Los Angeles diocese. The other, Diane M. Jardine Bruce, won final approval March 8.

'I'm overjoyed,' Glasspool said in a phone interview from Baltimore, where she is canon, or senior assistant, to the bishop of Maryland. 'It's time to celebrate. . . . I know there are people who might not be overjoyed by this, and I am committed to reaching out with my own hand and my own heart to people who might not feel the same as I do.'"

Glasspool will be ordained and consecrated at a ceremony on May 15.


  1. BobC562 says

    This is why I love being in the Episcopal Church and a parish in the L.A. Diocese. Thanks Bishop Bruno for living by Christ’s example. Of course, it’s going to cause the conservative breakaways to go apoplectic. Which really is o.k. by me.

  2. DR says

    Let them go apoplectic. I’m proud to see the Episcopalians moving forward, no matter how small the steps may seem.

  3. TANK says

    Well, apparently gene robinson was consecrated wearing a bullet proof vest given the huge rift that gay bishops has caused in the episcopalian faith in the u.s…maybe she can borrow it. It looks like schism is all but assured at this point.

    “Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams of the Anglican Communion said at the time that Glasspool’s election “raises very serious questions not just for the Episcopal Church and its place in the Anglican Communion, but for the Communion as a whole.”

    “The bishops of the Communion have collectively acknowledged that a period of gracious restraint in respect of actions which are contrary to the mind of the Communion is necessary if our bonds of mutual affection are to hold,” Williams added.”

    Let’s not forget that episcopalianism is far from a gay friendly christian sect. Let’s see, the episcopal church of america has 2 million members compared to the global anglican communion of 80 million…I wonder who williams cares more about catering to…and let’s not forget the splinter cell anglican church of north america, which caters to the bigoted episcopals. All this compared to over a billion catholics worldwide…hmmmm