Maryland Lawmaker to Attempt Impeachment of Attorney General Doug Gansler Over Gay Marriage Opinion

Maryland State Delegate Donald Dwyer Jr. plans to bring impeachment charges Wednesday against Attorney General Douglas Gansler over his opinion that the state would recognize same-sex marriages legal elsewhere.

Dwyer The NYT reports: "Mr. Dwyer said that Mr. Gansler overstepped his authority in issuing a legal opinion last month saying the state would recognize same-sex marriages from other places and ordering state agencies to give gay married couples the same rights as heterosexual couples. Mr. Gansler’s opinion does not change the law, but it was meant to guide state officials. The impeachment matter is most likely to be dismissed by the House speaker, Michael E. Busch, a Democrat. If so, Mr. Dwyer has said he will probably call for a ruling from the full House, which is controlled by Democrats."

Dwyer discussed his plans at the beginning of March but did not say when he would proceed. At the time, Gansler's office issued this statement: "The Maryland Constitution explicitly states that a ‘court of law’ is the forum for proceedings to remove an Attorney General."