1. Hollywood, CA says

    This just makes me think that in most countries around the world, Gay people are demonized from the very beginning. So it only makes sense that people say things like this, because they only know what’s been slammed down their throats.

    Along with outrage and fighting the good fight must be the continued education of the ignorant.

  2. John in Houston says

    And here’s the crux of the matter. Gays shouldn’t be parents because they’re ‘icky’. Not because they make bad parents (in fact, having to actually work to have a child probably qualifies you to be a better parent than any straight couple with spare sperm and eggs getting drunk and acting stupid), but because we’re ‘grody to the max.’

    @Gregoire: lol…she’s bitter because she don’t get no tips!

  3. JT says

    I’m concerned that “Anchor 1″ found that to be a respectable opinion and that all opinions are valid. Though I’m not sure what to think of anyone who is on a show that the transcript at any point reads “Clown [off-camera]”

    Although, I wasn’t aware that “raised by a gay couple” was a horrible lifestyle condemned by the book of racist/homophobic/misogynistic goat herders of yesteryear. Or does she assume that a child raised by gays is going to come down with a serious case of gay? Just like every child raised by a heterosexual couple turns out straight.

  4. FunMe says

    Great for the lady in white dress defending gays. Like she said, there are some “opinions” that are not valid.

    Meanwhile, the other 2 bimbos (because that is what they are) keep defending her “opinion”. Would those people be defending her if she said Blacks belong in slavery? Would they say “it’s her opinion”?


    Opinions that bring down society and make other human beings less than others, should be eradicated. Big time.

    It’s 2010 … homophobia is so last century!

  5. Rafael says

    Her comments are unfortunate and worthless, for they don’t contribute anything to the National dialog, the death of kids are not an option. I wonder whether she is against abortion and how she could possibly reconcile that position with her statement on gay parenting.

    In Latin America these kind of statements are particularly dangerous because the public tends to be more passive towards their National discourse, and less likely to become more informed about those things they are ignorant of.

  6. Linda A says

    Madame – I think you are seriously in need of one or all of the following: Counselling, Medication and/or lack of, a Serious Wake Up call!

    I know more than one Gay Couple who are and who have raised VEry Well Rounded, Loving, SANE, Healthy, Happy and Educated children.

    How Dare you suggest that a child would be better off dead! That is Evil, Vile and beyond Disgusting.

    Why don’t you focus your ‘energy’ on those who would harm a child not those who Love their children!

    I had 1 mother and god knows how many “fathers” .. they were all straight .. they all liked to fuck little girls – from 8 months old up to about 12 .. then I got too g.d. old for them. Why don’t you go after them and leave the Healthy Loving People alone??!!!

    I am Dead Serious – I would Much Rather have been brought up in a LOVING home than one where I was looking down the barrel of a g.d. gun because my daddy of the day wanted his cock sucked! btw – I am still a straight female – “they” didn’t ‘change’ me .. and IMO with my background IF gay was a choice – I Would have Chosen it long ago.

    People like you make me sick.

    I mean NO Respect. If you’ve perceived any =- you’re wrong again.

    Disgusted. Now I have to go throw up.

  7. Gordon says

    Richard, your racist comments don’t help. It puts you at the same level as this woman.

  8. CJ says

    Why does she remind me of Mo’nique?

    …and I’m not surprised. As a very predominantly misogynist culture steeped in religious rhetoric, who isn’t surprised?

  9. FizziekruntNT says

    Puerquita de La Ghetto SHOULD really watch her boca loca because there are a LOT of gays with some pretty nasty mouths that can show this bitch’s career to the nearest exit. I love how the girl in the center (Anchor 2) calls her “a bit chapparra” and says “Don’t defend her!” Hahaha! So basically, this is like The View for escandalos! Love it.

    May some rank personal tragedy cure Puerquita’s ignorance. How sad ;(

  10. Martin FLL says

    Well let her die!!!
    If that is her choice, let her go ahead!!!
    Hopefully she comes back in her next life as a parentless child. Or better as a pig, or a worm…

    Fortunately there is proof of good gay parents as well as proof a bad straight parents…

    The problem is that extreme opinions always find a platform.

  11. Erick says

    I was arguing about this with my dad the other day. She and my dad have that typical old school mexican mentality. I’m hispanic,20yrs, too , however I represent the future, open minded Hispanic. Paquita represents the past and her beliefs are outdated . She’s just ignorant like my dad is too.

  12. paquitalamujerdebanio says

    This bigot must know that every kid who will be raised by loving gay couples will grow up to be a better person than her, look better than her, and will know how to use the right make up.

  13. says

    I love the way Anchor 2 (in white) is saying, essentially, that all opinions are NOT valid…some are complete bullshit and reasonable people can see that and disavow those opinions. Good for her.

  14. MikeInSanJose says

    Considering the number of children living in poverty in mexico. maybe this will be the well-deserved end of her career. Anyone with that many chins makes way too much money anyway.

    Paquita de la Barrio… Doesn’t that translate to “Little Fudge-Packed in the Neighborhood?”

    Wow! She’d be right at home with the republi-cunts we have in the US.

  15. Skooter McGoo says

    Why does anyone really care what this hypocrite thinks or says? I would think that with the # of ppl trying to leave her country that it would be preferential to be adopted by a gay couple but she thinks starvation would be a better fate for them. I don’t think she has missed a meal in quite some time from the looks of it. Stupid PR really.

  16. says

    Hilariously enough (or rather sadly) my bf and I just saw the wonderful drag version of Paquita bring the house down in Mexico City at club 33. She better watch her legacy!

  17. Rob says

    Just another ugly whore with a dark evil soul. Shut up bitch and crawl back under your rock.

  18. alguien says

    if she has any kind of gay following at all her career is probably due for a downward spiral.

  19. Drew says

    Queue my favorite Mexican proverb courtesy of the Howard Stern Show:

    “One day, there will be more Mexicans than humans.”

    Sorry, this lady made me say it.

  20. nopalito says

    It’s strange when an artist of this insanely gay calibur throws out this mierda. Now who will dress her?

  21. DRoseDARs says

    Someone as fat as this woman should probably avoid talking about children dying of hunger in the streets…

  22. Jimmy says

    First of all Greetings from Canada! I am going to do my best to keep this post clean and not to give any reason to report. That being said I would like to share my story with you her fans, and especially to the outspoken Miss Paquiffa~ I am a 30 year old HOMOSEXUAL…a GAY…but most importantly A PARENT! My partner and I have been together for 8 years now, and we have soul custody of our 9 year old daughter, whom I have from a previous relationship. For you to say that you would rather see a child starve and die than have gay parents, well that obviously shows you are hiding some deep dark secret about yourself, take it from one who knows and remembers…When I was in the closet I made it a point to look down on gays, and be negative towards them…this tells me that perhaps Madame Paquiffa is in her own closet, (probably a fairly large one based on her pictures and videos) probably finishes a performance and crawls into the bottom (double wide) bunk in her bus with her lovely hidden LADY. Or she hasn’t had the pleasure yet of enjoying the company of the same sex. Our daughter is top 3 in her class, involved in sports, and has been volunteering and donating spare change and money raised from collecting recyclables to those less fortunate. I think I will suggest she donate something to whatever legal action is taken up against Madame Paquiffa after her very racial attacking comments. My offering to you all who support her, and more to her herself is Prayers. I will ask God to take these vial thoughts and feelings away from all of you, and to allow you to be open and out to the world for what you REALLY are!

  23. Jimmy says

    ¡Primero de todos Saludos de Canadá! Haré cuanto podré para mantener este poste limpia y no dar ninguna razón a reportear. ¡Que ser dicho que querría compartir mi historia con usted sus ventiladores, y especialmente al Señorita Paquiffa abierto~ soy un de 30 años de edad HOMOSEXUAL. ..a ALEGRE. ..but la mayoría del importante UN PADRE! Mi socio y yo han sido juntos durante 8 años ahora, y nosotros tenemos custodia de alma de nuestra de 9 años de edad hija, quien tengo de una relación anterior. Para usted decir que usted vería más bien a un niño muere de hambre y muere que tiene a padres alegres, bien que muestra obviamente usted oculta algún secreto oscuro profundo acerca de usted mismo, lo toma de uno que sabe y recuerda. ..When que estuve en el closet que yo me preocupé para despreciar alegre, y serse negativo hacia ellos. ..this me dice que quizás Señora Paquiffa está en su propio Un bastante grande uno basado en sus imágenes y graba) probablemente termina un desempeño y los arrastres en el fondo (doble ancho) litera en su camión con su SEÑORA ocultada encantadora. O ella no ha tenido el placer todavía de disfrutar de la compañía del mismo sexo. Nuestra hija es primera 3 en su clase, implicado en deporte, y ha estado ofreciéndose y ha estado donando el cambio y el dinero sobrante levantó de reunir recyclables a esos menos afortunado. Pienso que sugeriré que ella dona algo a cualquier acción legal es tomado contra Señora Paquiffa después de sus comentarios atacantes muy raciales. Mi ofrenda a usted todos los que la apoyan, y más a ella ella misma es Oraciones. ¡Pediré que Dios tome estos pensamientos de frasco y sentimientos lejos de todos ustedes, y para permitirle estar abierto y fuera al mundo para lo que usted es REALMENTE!

  24. Bart says

    As a gay father with two adopted children, I say who cares? She’s some half-wit singer/soap opera actress. Her opinion carries less weight than a moth’s wing. Or as my three year old son would say to her, “You’re fat and ugly, leave me alone.”
    And I’d agreed.

  25. nauta says

    OK… well, I’m a gay man with adopted sons so I just explained this to one of my kids who now would very much like to punch la gordita in the nose…if he could reach past all those chins. I gonna get him a step ladder.

  26. Barry says

    It’s terribly sad that some gay folks think it’s fine to use this platform to show their racist stripes. C’mon folks you ain’t any better than the bigots bringing you down. And Drew, no one made you say shit. You chose to be an ass.

    -Disappointed in Drew & Richard

  27. BMF says

    @ Drew: this lady’s comments are no excuse for making bigoted statements like what you heard on Stern.

  28. E-Z says

    Even more striking than her homophobia is her vicious hatred of children. If she has any kids (hard to imagine anyone would have ever f***ed that pig), I feel sorry for them.

  29. Stan James says

    A catholic country of course. The catholic church abuse of children is being exposed all over the world. USA, Ireland, England, italy, Australia, Germany, Switzerland

    An evil monstrosity that creates evil.

    But to hell with this pig bitch. Mexico city has gay marriage, and those marriages are being recognized all over mexico.

    the real battle we are witnessing is the battleto destroy the worst and longest lived horror of western civilization.

    It is as simple as that. And it can be done. As they get crazier and crazier, more and more people will understand what they are. Satan himself. Run by the churchFuhrer RATZI the RAT NAZI

  30. Scott says

    I’m sorry, but isn’t she from the same country that made the donkey show famous? What an ugly person..both inside and outside….

  31. richard says

    @Gordon…i least i had something to say towards this woman…you acted just like her and was insulting.

  32. shannon says

    Someone shoot this SPIC! Now if she came to MY country and she could get her welfare she would say we are RACIST!

  33. nic says


    you say “MY country,” what country do you own, you stupid bigot? if she were to move to YOUR country, she woudn’t need YOUR food stamps. she is a big star. you have shown yourself to be more ignorant than she, you racist bitch. go troll somewhere else, and take DREW with you.

  34. Cajiva says

    Funme you are an asshole. First why bring in slavery in the mix when it’s completely irrelevant. Second Mexicans don’t think to highly of blacks either kinda like you.

  35. Jeff Dunivant says

    Like we need to adopt from a grossly overweight’s gene pool…her children would be fat and ugly like her. Like all of the other comments before homophobia is sooooo last season. Not for nothing, but she has a face for radio.

  36. Shane says

    Oh, Nopalito, there will always be back-stabbing c*nts in our community. Especially if they are Catholic.

  37. Arturo Beeche says

    As a gay parent I wonder…why do we care what this ignorant lady has to say?

    We adopted our son when he was 11 years old….he is about to turn 14…in his own words what he has been through “Dad…we have to adopt more kids my age…you guys saved me…now we have to do it for other kids, no one wants us when we get older…but you guys did and saved me!”

    I give far more credibility to what our son has to say about his experience than about what some ignorant performer has to say while revealing the depths of her bigotry.

  38. Mark says

    “No hay mujer mas beata que una puta arrepentida.”–Luis Spota

    There’s nothing more sanctimonious than a repentant whore.

    If you know anything about this woman’s past and the kind of songs she sings she has no business throwing stones at ANYONE

  39. Israel says

    Vieja ignorante, ahora entiendo porque te engano y te dejo tu marido. Como se te occure pensar que es mejor que un nino se muera de hambre que dos persona del mismo sexo le adobten. La unica persona que morira sola sera tu. Sola como un animal.

  40. says

    I invite this dumb cow to come to San Antonio, Texas, where I live. We have a very high rate of children being abused and murdered by their heterosexual parents. She would proud!

  41. Darrell says

    Sounds like her career is in the crapper and that she is looking for “press” to keep her fading star in orbit. Look at her! her fan base is obviously dying off (Age gracefully and fade away you sorry excuse for a mother) No one in 2010 wants to listen to your hateful venom. She obviously hasn’t “had any” in a while and she is just bitter that we have.

  42. DCStudent says

    I’m so glad Mexico is addressing this really pressing issue….they have nothing else to deal w/….

  43. jamal49 says

    First of all, Richard, go fuck yourself. “Wetback”? Such charming racism! Second of all, we can thank Carlos Slim Helu, the richest man in the world, for providing a forum for Paquita. El Sr. Slim is a member of Opus Dei and a staunch supporter of the Catholic Church.

  44. Jack Meehoff says

    Not to worry, I don’t think this fat OLD bag will be having a child any time soon!

  45. Victor says

    Everyone is making her out to be a homophobe but I think it is interesting how no one mentioned that she loves the gays….she just has separate views. I am a gay man that came from two old school mexican parents, I would love my parents to at least be accepting of my lifestyle like her.

  46. Lila says

    Someone shoot this SPIC! Now if she came to MY country and she could get her welfare she would say we are RACIST!

    Posted by: shannon | Mar 15, 2010 11:48:45 PM

    Really Shannon? Are you really that dense, you don’t see the irony of leaving that hateful, ignorant post in response to a hateful ignorant comment someone made?

  47. JoeShmoe says

    @Shannon really? shoot a spic, it’s sad to see when one minority group lashes out like this in another. Before you start making a fool of yourself, do some homework, I do not think she’ll be needing any welfare anytime soon. An idiot and hypocrite, yes she is. Poor no she isn’t and I would assume she probably makes a lot more than you ever will. This is my problem with some of the gay white folk. You want our support for being gay but once someone from another country says something that you don’t agree on you go and attack the community as a whole and not the individual who said it, sad that even within gay culture, their is still a lot of ignorance that is somehow tolerated. I wish you the best and hope that in your town or city, you are not what represents gaylife styles and ways of thinking.

  48. EH says

    I’m Mexican and was getting ready to denounce her opinions, but reading reading some of the racist comments in here (Richard and Drew) makes me angry. How is racism any better than homophobia? Some of you are just as bad as her. There’s homophobia everywhere, it’s not exclusive to Mexicans.

  49. Hunter says

    I have come to the conclusion that
    Paquita La Del Barrio,
    Zeki Muren, and
    are/were….the same person.

  50. nic says

    paquita is not a homophobe. she supports gay rights and gay marriage. she reiterated as much in a statement to Bienestar (well being), a community organization in L.A., that focuses on latino, lgbt causes, and health outreach.

    she admits that her comment about allowing children to die rather than they be adopted by same-sex couples was wrong. she says, however, that she does not agree with gay adoption. but, she says that she came from a town were prejudice was common and that she was not well-educated.

    according to “el gordo y la flaca”, a spanish language, pop-culture news program on univision, she will be having a press conference on mar 23 to clarify her position on the issue, followed by a free concert for her gay audience.

    where that will happen will be announced.

  51. ma villegas says

    This lady is completely uneducated. She acts like homosexuality is a disease. I am not homosexual but believe every person has a right to live their life as they choose. She was asked a question whether she would have a child die of hunger or have it adopted by a homosexual couple. She said she would rather have the child die. Till this moment they are trying to get her to retract her statement but still have not which all it shows is that she is truly homophobic to a dangerous extreme. She can have a lack of education but to wish a child to die rather than be adopted by a homosexual couple is nothing but homophobia as much as she denies it.

  52. Dr. Garcia says

    Creating controversy is the only way this so called “falling stars” can maintain their names in the media. I am glad that, ignorant people like this Paquita la del Barrio makes bigot comments like the one she has. So we all can remember when she records again or makes any event to get out of debt like she has done in the past. Good job, keep digging!. The only people that pay any attention to what she has to say are people just like her. Dont worry, time is on our side.
    She is such a pathetic, sad woman, angry at life. I wonder how many beautiful innocent kids have to die starving in the streets before she realises that times have changed, for the better and she was left behind a long time ago.

  53. TANK says

    Don’t think just because I got lots oh mooney,
    I’ll give you taco-flavored keeesses, hooney.
    Fulfill all your weeeshes
    with my taco-flavored keeesses.

  54. nic says

    gawd, TANK, thanks for reinforcing my opinion of you. you are like an IED. you will explode about anything w/o consideration of consequence. furthermore, your affectation of a credible mexican accent is laughable. when one has nothing to lose, might as well throw your shit at the fan. it is no surprise that your comments are always over the top.

    @dr. garcia, let us not get overwrought about this.

  55. TANK says

    Yeah, nic, she’s a real gay icon…very gay friendly, and a fierce advocate for gay rights…what with her not so subtle equating of gays to pedophiles, and preference for the death of young children than that they be adopted by a loving same sex couple. You’re a delusional stooge. Go away.

  56. TANK says

    And we all know that if you’re a member of a certain generation, you get an automatic pass for whatever racist, homophobic, bigoted shit you spew because, hey, ethical responsibility only exists for people who aren’t piss ignorant morons. But for everyone else, it’s okay to be a steaming pile of shit.

  57. josepe says

    her career is over just about now, she always swore to be friend with “the gays”
    i guess everybody straight is friend with the gays as long as you are not part of their family, she has always been welcome in the latin comunity because of the type
    lyrics she sings but i guess she is just bitter, and no matter how much she apologizes she just fucked up royally.

  58. myfriendgoo says

    This woman is a c list Mexican singer who is most likely just a tool being used by the Mexican media to stir up controversy and ratings. The Mexican media is known as being pretty sensationalist so shit like this wouldn’t surprise me. Seriously, asking someone like her about gay rights is akin to having Ted Nugent give his opinion on glbt issues. What kind of response would you expect from a Mexican hick? In short you are all being trolled by the Mexican media.

  59. Carlos says

    I’m gay and Mexican and don’t like her or her music. Paquita La Del Tacky is more like it.

  60. joseee says

    I’m gay Mexican American I do not want the lady between the United States cancel the visa

  61. Alfonso says

    I am shocked that she said this. She is well known throughout the gay community. She is definately going to loose many fans and she deserves it. Ignorant people like her should not be allowed to be out in the public.

  62. luis e barragan says

    pinche vieja puta hija de su perra madre , espero que te mueras tu! si tu paquita!! primero hantes que los hijos de uno mueran, espero que la comunidad te destrocen tu carrera artisitca!! porque no valles nada piche vieja mafufa! y gorda trasvesti!!

  63. DukeOfMexico says

    Mon compatriote Paquita La Del Barrio sólo tengo esto que decir, “Mulher por favor, não falar de coisas que você não sabe nada sobre!”

  64. says

    She does not represent Mexico at all. Though, I agree her ideas are quite outdated being as most older generations have a less open mind than we, of the newer generation, so that’s probably why she said that. But I think that gays raising a child is not bad at all! It provides great opportunity for gays. Besides all she does is bitch about “men men men men blah blah blah im a feminist” but, just because she said such a thing does not mean the entire country believes it, nor is she a “wetback” so comments against the country itself are ridiculous. To hell with this bitch, viva Juan Gabriel!

  65. nespd says

    I just hope you are happy with your life, how dare u saying its better for u to see a child dies than being with gay couples, you are so mean and un-human coz i think its better for u to be dead than cursing people and wishing people dead because u hate gays.

  66. Anonimous says

    She looks like a pork. I never liked [Paquita]. She believes most men are – male chauvinists – who’re only looking for “sex” and thinks their a bunch of “wife-beaters.” She’s a sexist! / Es una pinche cerda marrana. A ésta sí le dieron de comer tanto, que parece que va a explotar. No se apiada de aquellos niños muriéndose de hambre. Ella debe estar muy trastornada.

  67. Dennis cope says

    SHAME ON HER!!!!! All children deserve a chance! She’s an ignorant PUTA! She should be harpooned! Boycott, Boycott, Boycott!!! Don’t give that fat cunt another dime!

  68. Bernard . J .Iscla says

    This is going to blow up in her face she might end up looking better after it LOL.

  69. Gerald F. says

    Well thats one way of setting a FINE EXAMPLE OF COMPASSION. Rather let a child die? My God! Who the hell does this woman think she is? Making a public statement like that is a one way ticket to unemployment as an entertainer. Remind me to throw in the garbage. Any CD I receive of hers.

  70. Rob says

    Looks like she should take her own suggestion and die in the street of hunger. She sure could stand to loose a few, the fat evil whore. Seriously, why can’t she choke on something and die already?

  71. Dieter says

    If I had a mother who looked like this and had that kind of mind set, I would slap her ass in a home for the mindless.

  72. contragenic says

    I sincerely hope that fellow queers in attendance at this womans plea for continued monetary support(face it,that is what the apology is all about)boo her third world ass off the stage.People who want our money really need to stop pissing us off,I suppose she had some revelation from dreamland that told her queers are allright after all eh? I cannot think of one single instance where an apology was able to undo any damage. Fuck a bunch of apology.

  73. frankous says

    The lady in the white dress deserves kudos for stating the obvious and the other two women deserve nothing. Paquita la del Barrio aka PLDB is wrong!! What happened is that PLDB, is that she has gotten so caught up in her ANTI MACHISIMO BULLSHIT she is starting to think like the very thing she despises in her songs….to her I say, “ME STAS OYENDO INUTIL??”…I have no desire to be a fan of hers or her music, to the garbage where it belongs like her opinions!!

  74. Mahg says

    you are an ignorant hoe.

    Well, I’m hoping that the absurdity of her comment gets attention. The Hispanic community does not acknowledge LGBT issues as much as it should. They are rarely portrayed in the mainstream, and when they are the guys will be so stereotypically feathery and overly feminine that its painful to watch. Hopefully this will bring attention to the issue.

  75. Jesus says

    Paquita, said a very wrong thing, however, at least she said it and know we all know how she really feels. about gays, not only she is not very welcomed by men in general, she will have less women now that will care for her, because many families have gays in the family, well, she’s getting old anyway.

  76. kat says

    she can say whatever the hell she wants to say..she is a wonderful women,who knows what she is talking about so all of you talking shit,can go to hell just like all them gay….viva you mama!!!!!

  77. AS says