1. says

    Frankly, it is a little shocking that he admitted it. He could have just pulled a Larry Craig and lied while trying to hold on to what little he has left.

    It doesn’t earn him any respect from me, but it is what it is.

  2. Bastian says

    He’s not currently married; he’s divorced with 4 kids. His explanation for his voting record is grossly free of empathy, regret, or shame.

  3. Hue-Man says

    Does a 100% anti-gay voting record mean that his district is 100% homophobes? If so, it should be clearly marked on maps as a no-gay zone. What a cop-out.

  4. patrick nyc says

    Living proof that not all gay is good. Too bad we can’t have him excommunicated.

  5. Rob says

    Sen. Ashburn is in his second 4 year term. That would suggest to me that since he has actively voted against the GLBT community since 2002, he had better work his newly gay ass off for the next 8 years to make up for the destruction he caused. But please Roy, if you want forgiveness, make it up to us in some other occupation. “Closeted hypocrite” and “legislator” are two terms that should never go together.

  6. niles says

    He needs to resign. The people of his district voted for a real gay-hating bigot not faux one.

  7. Michael says

    I have little sympathy for Ashburn. His actions have hurt thousands of gay people and their families. He campaigned for Prop 8 and voted against LGBT rights legislation and now he blames those votes on the political makeup of his district.

    He is a coward and an embarrassment to LGBT people.

  8. TANK says

    Damn, I was hoping for his suicide. It’s not too late, Roy…you can still eat a gun. If you’re going to talk the talk…

  9. CKNJ says

    That radio host who interviewed him is a moron… I endured the whole interview to hear her say at the end “just vote No on Everything”…. what a typical, stupid, planless, brainless Republican response that was!

    And really Roy, all these years you could have been ‘out’ to your constituents teaching them by example that gay people are not ‘bad ogres’ but regular people, and that would have changed your constituents minds on gay issues, but you chose not to do that, so simply stating your constituents would not want you to vote pro-gay is a lousy, stinking, cheap cop-out!

    You brought all the misery of your actions upon yourself as well as the scorn of the gay community. Still totally unapologetic…. what an miserable hypocrite!

  10. Peter says

    His claim that he his anti-gay voting record only reflects the wishes of his constituents holds no water whatsoever. Not only did he vote against any measure that would protect LGBT people, he often took the podium to voice his vehemence. I wish I were a big enough person to pity him, but I despise him and his ilk. To quote Jerry Seinfeld’s mom, “I hate him like poison!”

  11. nikko says

    So he’s admitted he’s gay, but he didn’t reconcile the fact that he’s consistently voted against all gay rights from what I’ve read. That’s outrageous evil hypocrisy, not a difference of opinion. He says he votes according to his constituants(?). Would he do the same for an evil boss like hitler? How does he discern?
    The radio interview gave a false analogy. She claims that she was offended by people calling him a hypocrite for voting against gay rights because he’s gay. Well, black people can vote for other black people too, not just Obama. What Ashburn did, though, was vote against all gay people ALL the time.THAT’S the difference, false chritians!! Stupid hypocrites, both of you!!

  12. Rafael says

    Your voting record only reflects your own homophobia Roy, too bad you have to live with it for the rest of your life.

  13. JNJ says

    He claims he voted as the people of his district wished – really? I vote for a Senator because he/she bests represents my views and therefore speaks upon my behalf. What then, was his platform for his constituents to vote for him?

    I call BS!

  14. pharmerandy says

    Wow. The talk show host really made me want to smash my head to a bloody pulp on my desk.

  15. Christopher says

    There should be wanted posters in gay bars everywhere with pictures of these dicks so that they never get laid again.

    PS Inga Barks? I’m so naming my next dog after her

  16. Gianpiero says

    He apparently doesn’t realize that his very ability to say “I am gay” and not be fired from his job, or kicked out of his home, or be prevented from seeing his children, or walk the street without the fear of physical violence builds on half a century of people who fought for those very things–both through their own actions and through the actions they sought through government representatives who WEREN’T afraid to vote in our favor (or who were, but did it anyway because they knew it was right). He’s the beneficiary of all of that and still has the nerve to stand against us. What a piece of trash.

  17. jtramon says




  18. Jon Mitchell says

    This interview/interviewer is just plain dumb. As a Christian, she says, she doesn’t believe in hyphenated Americans…uh…well…let’s see, did she say that as an American? Or a Christian? She must not have said it as a Christian-American…

    And not all blacks would vote for Obama is a bit different that all blacks not voting for their own equality under the law. What equivocating hypocrites.

  19. Marco says

    I hope the people Roy represents wish he jumps off a fucking bridge tied to a 400lb rock. He’d gladly jump if it were his voters’ repellant desire.


  20. So Left I'm Right says

    There’s a new picture to go next to “self-hating fag” in the gay dictionary. What an asshole.

  21. Mike says

    What a douche! So, he voted against gay rights because that what his constituents wanted. What about the tax increase you supported, did your constituents want that also… somehow in Kern County I doubt it. He’s a self-loathing hypocrite – another shining example of what homophobia and the closet does for folks!

  22. missanthrope says

    I have no sympathy for this bastard. The closet and self-hatred are horrible to deal with. But harming other gay people in the process is just unforgivable.

    Blaming it on his constituents is just a transparent dodge.

  23. Chuck Mielke says

    Gianpiero pretty much hits it on the head: Ashburn is the Clarence Thomas of the gay community. He can safely come out because of the historic work of many gays and their allies, but he uses the opportunity to slap them, and the rest of us, in the face. Well, such is the price of success. Welcome to the brave new world.

  24. says

    Last Thursday, Craig Ferguson gave him a work over in his monologue..if you haven’t seen this hilarious bit, check out this link:

  25. John says

    In a very perverse way, this guy is a symbol of the success gays have had over the years. How many gays feel, like him, that they can keep their personal life “personal” — and that they have no responsibility to work towards justice for those who are not in the same privileged position of being unaffected by discrimination? Of course Ashburn takes it to the extreme, actually CAMPAIGNING against measures whose only intent is to let gays and lesbians live their lives in equality and peace. But unfortunately I’ve seen his attitude reflected too often in the attitudes of ‘out’ men and women who don’t lift a finger to help their brothers and sisters in danger and in need. That’s my 2 cents.

  26. _atlas says

    Do these Republicans come out thinking that some guy would then want to date them?

  27. oneway says

    Ashburn’s excuse for his voting record is obviously a disgusting cop-out. But it’s also a statement of complete ignorance for his role as a legislator in the American political system — especially California’s.

    His statement implies that he adheres to the concept of “direct democracy”, in which every vote — EVERY VOTE — is intended as a direct proxy of “the people”.

    Legislators are usually adherents to the concept of “representative democracy”, whereby the citizenry elects a person to exercise their own judgment over the state’s affairs. (If you’re keeping score at home, this is usually considered the Federalist preference, per James Madison.)

    In California’s system, especially, it’s important to have legislators who exercise a representative mindset. California already has an over-active “direct democracy” component in the referendum process (see Prop 8).

    All of which is moot, of course, because Ashburn is simply a weasel.

  28. Yeek says

    Well, I guess I can’t really call him an asshole and a hypocrite, since he actually admits that he’s gay. So he’s just an asshole, then.

    “I was only following orders….”

  29. ChrisM says

    His “voted for the people of my district” excuse is bullshit. He was a self-loathing closeted gay man who was, aside from trying to protect his true identity, was punishing himself for being gay. He is exactly the kind of politician who is responsible for repressive laws that keep gays closeted and self hating.

    What goes around comes around and now, unfortunately, he has thrown the lives of his wife and children into the middle of this self made mess.

    And a note to Senator Ashburn – if all politicians voted solely as the people of districts desired we’d still have slavery. Politicians have to take a stand for ALL people , even if on the surface it appears to be an unpopular one. Maybe something good will come from this but hopefully some of those laws Ashburn avidly supported will come back to bite him in the butt. What a poor excuse for a human being.

  30. Warren says

    Good, maybe now that the words left his mouth he can be less self loathing, grow a pair of balls and vote with his conscience!

  31. Jared says

    Why are the words “admit” and “deny” being used anymore? Stop using words that make us sound criminal! It drives me nuts. Aren’t we beyond this.

  32. Sooz says

    Votes made due to ‘wishes of oonstituents”?

    We think not. Obvious to anyone …he pandered to his constituents intellectual and spiritual constipation so he could get that paycheck funded by the the tax payers and nothing more.

    This is a guy who liked the closet because he likes to see the partner and the act as “dirty” while collecting a paycheck while playing dirty on the Chamber floor.

  33. justen says

    Antoher right wing, closeted homo who consistantly voted down gay rights and put on this big church going, family man fiscade. What an ass hole!