1. amknyc says

    not for nothing…but she was SO ahead of the curve on this issue…

    there were always murmurs of priest abuse scandals, but the didn’t really hit a fevered pitch until the past 5 years or so.

    Good for baldy.

  2. Gregoire says

    This is the first thing she’s said in the past 20 years that wasn’t crazy. Maybe she was never crazy, we were all just far behind. Sinead LOVE.

  3. LiamB says

    I’d have to agree with her statements as well. Never understood allowing any religious institution to operate under different laws than everyone else. If a corporation was accused of even a tenth of the crimes the Catholic church is accused of, it would under criminal investigation so quickly it’d make heads spin.

  4. says

    John Paul II was as much a scumbag as Bendoverndickus 16, but because he was the Polish Pope he got a Get Out Of Jail Free card. JPII stacked the church with conservative cardinals and bishops who were very, very good at covering up the baby rapers.

  5. David T says

    I remember back when she tore that picture up on SNL. I was outraged. Now I know how ignorant I was back then. I have the greatest respect for her now.

  6. Dback says

    Well, even a stopped clock is right twice a day. She was definitely ahead of the rest of the world on this issue, and took a lot of flack and hatred for it. That wasn’t right, and I applaud her gonzo bravery.

    However, she’s done herself no favors over the years by repeatedly saying something inflammatory or dramatic (“I’m coming out as a lesbian” “I’m forming my own church and becoming a priest” “I’m leaving the music business” “I want to end my life”), then following that with a muddled, anguished fumbling follow-up: “Oh, that’s not what I MEANT to say, what I REALLY meant was…oh, I’m so misunderstood, oh my life is so hard, oh boo hoo hoo…” By third time she did this, I could barely stand to look at her anymore. What a pity, since she was so talented.

    This is nice vindication that at least on this issue she was dead-on, but I’ll just wish her well and encourage her to lay low in anonymity, tearing at the drapes and foaming at the mouth.

  7. josepe says

    this was not one of her biggest headlines in her career , this was the downfall of her career, she was right and she has beeen right but the pope has to much power and i don’t think this willl ever stop

  8. SFshawn says

    Thank you Sinead for speaking truth to evil. The quicker the child fuckers are locked behind bars the better!
    It certainly would be nice to see some of our elected officials show some courage on this issue but unfortunately they are too concerned with not offending anybody and getting re-elected to do anything substantive like saving millions of children from child molestation at the hands of parent trusting priests…sad.

  9. Sancho says

    Remember that the Pope is not only a religious figure as the head of the Roman Catholic Church. He is also the ruler of Vatican City, which is a elective monarchy. The Pope is not a president or a prime minister; he is a ruling monarch, although of a state with a population of about 800 people. Unlike elected officials, monarchs are often legally immune from prosecution within their own countries – even the current constitutions of modern constitutional monarchies like Denmark, Norway, and Sweden specifically say that the king’s person is sacred, inviolate, etc. The same is true in the Vatican City, I believe.

    And on the international level, the Pope, as a head of state, is immune to prosecution or civil lawsuits in other countries according to the international doctrine of sovereign immunity as long as he continues to occupy that office – and there is no mechanism for replacing a Pope in Church or Vatican City law. A few years back, there was an attempt to sue the Pope for responsibility in child abuse cases in a US court – the federal Department of Justice filed a brief requesting that the court dismiss the suit, saying that due to the doctrine of sovereign immunity, for US courts to entertain a lawsuit against a foreign head of state would be contradictory to US foreign policy interests and obligations. And of course, every country upholds sovereign immunity to protect its own leaders from legal action in other countries.

    In other words, barring either Benedict’s resignation or indictment by an international war crimes tribunal, Sinead’s proposal is not going to happen.

  10. Happily Married says

    I applauded her then and I applaud her now. I couldn’t believe how many people vilified her at the time. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to see how evil the Catholic Church was. They have done nothing but prove her right over and over again.

  11. wolvesaloud says

    so…on the one hand, we have a timid yet courageous Irish priestess obsessed with truth and on the other hand, we have an evil Catholic pope who appears to have been genetically engineered to look and act like a Ringwraith. Is this is a promo for a sequel to The Golden Compass?

  12. Miaulement Quadrucci says

    I’ve always loved, admired and respected you, Sinead. The records you’ve released since ditching the soulless celebrity machine have been better and better than when you started out. Never doubted your motivations… only wish I knew how to tell you these things!

  13. Rodney says

    I wish people would stop demonizing the mentally ill. Sinead, as a survivor of Catholic persecution in her youth, no doubt struggles with her undiagnosed (?) disorder every day. Yet, she has made something of herself- not something everyone with mental illnesses can do.

    So what if she’s said things a little off the wall. To say things like “(I) could barely stand to look at her” is just plain ignorant. Where’s the patience and understanding?

    P.S. Same goes for Susan Boyle.

  14. Lester says

    DBack , you seem like a judgemental jerk. You wrote this laundry list of your complaints about what she said that bothered you, never mind they were wrong, or just your very humble opinion.

    She never said she was coming out as a lesbian- sje was wildly misquoted by a journalist eager for a scoop. She never said she was forming her own church, but she did join an offshoot called the Tridentines.

    The rest: SO, are you disappointed she didn’t kill herself? That she still makes music? You are mistaking conversational musings for grand declarations. She speaks freely about what she’s feeling, and many many times journalists will trump it up as if it were a grand declaration, wrongly or not.

    Sinead was mauled, reviled, mocked and scorned in the US after she refused to have the National Anthem played. So then there was a decade of smear-jobs on her, along with her Pop gesture.

    But she was right. And here you are complaining like a bitch because you believe every thing you read apparently. Half of what you wrote was wrong, the other half the gutter press sensationalizing.

    Sinead is a person of integrity, as well as a troubled soul from her past. But she’s not crazy, and in this case, she was powerfully, tragically correct.

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