Sportrait: U.S. Olympic Bobsled Team, Shirtless and Flexing


Click to enlarge. The provenance of this photo is unclear, according to Outsports, but who cares. Unless, of course, there's more where that came from.

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  1. TampaZeke says

    Where’s the chubby driver of the gold medal winning four-man team?

    His body type stuck out like a sore thumb among all of the other buff bobsledders but I thought he was hot.

    I wish he had joined the beefcake shot.

  2. MikeInSanJose says

    I’m liking the guy in the middle (white cap) and the third from the left (blue knit cap and gold chain).

    I’m a gay guy who suddenly has a crush on these guys… so they MUST be gay, right? And clearly I have every right to expect several rollicking nights of empassioned and inhibitionless sex… because I want it.


    (Note to self: GET A FLESHLIGHT!!)


  3. clint says

    Bobsled and Curling…who knew they’d be the new hotties at the Olympics? Yum. And the hottness spans across all body types and hair patterns too. Puts the (most of) the summer Olympians to shame.

  4. Sargon Bighorn says

    The “job” of these young men in the photo(the oldest being maybe 30) was to train train train on the sled and at the gym. If everyone did the same thing more of us would look like these YOUNG men.

    It never fails to amaze me that Gay men that don’t step foot in the gym some how think getting in shape depends only on genetic makeup and attitude.

  5. Mike C. says

    What the hell, how are these guys so buff? They have football player physiques, actually better, and from what I can tell, all they do is push a big sled, jump in it and sit there…

    Should I take up bobsledding?

  6. TampaZeke says

    CRISPY, I’m probably going to go to hell for laughing at that.

    To be honest, I think they looked even hotter in their bobsled gear. Hands down the hottest outfits on the hottest men at the Olympics. They left NOTHING to the imagination. Those ass shots, oh my….

  7. torrentprime says

    Lol SARGON BIGHORN. Yes, SB, the false expectation that you can get something from nothing is limited to the Gays. (eyeroll)

    Ditto love for white cap and I’ll add some lust for far right with the hot tattoo.

  8. Astro Boy says

    What crawled up SB’s ass?

    And I’d like an order of the one in the back row on the right, with a side of the blue cap and wrap up the one front and center to go.

    They are all pit-a-lishis too! (my fetish)

  9. peterparker says

    I highly recommend more in depth analysis of the team by going to Pay particular attention to the photos section…especially the Incline Training photo gallery.

    Any day now Grayson Fertig (5’10”, 217 pounds…swoon!) and Steve Langton are going to fight over my affection. I have to say I’m pulling for Fertig–I like the gap between his two front teeth, the facts that he lives on a sailboat in the off season, that he is an artist and that he sounds smart.

  10. BobN says

    from what I can tell, all they do is push a big sled, jump in it and sit there…

    There a lot of wriggling and pushing to achieve the most compact and aerodynamic form. It’s sort of like frottage on a sled.

    And now I have to uh, excuse myself.

  11. Jason Blake says

    What no one has addressed was who the F**k was in charge of the Olympic uniforms for USA. They were hodge podge of frumpiness and certainly not flattering.

  12. Dan Cobbb says

    This is an old photograph! In fact, the sleds are completely different from the ones used in Vancouver –and I’m not even sure these guys were ever on any US bobsled team. But it is an AWESOME pic anyhow!

  13. Bob says

    The Cum Facial is nothing new. I once read an autobiography of Tommy Tune and he does it. He was told about it, I believe, by Mick Jaggar. You supply your own fresh supply right before bedtime. You get your rocks off AND look years younger! It sounds like a win-win situation to me!

  14. Bob says

    Ooops! The above comment was supposed to be in relation to a comment made on the guy suing THE DOCTORS network for being embarrassed for his penile surgery. How it was posted here, I do not know. Look at it this way, when you look at these guys and one thing leads to another, you can make use of your “release.” :-)

  15. JD says

    All you picky particulars! To hell with ya’ll, I WANT ALL OF THEM! I mean really – outta that group you’re gonna be particular? NO WAY — they’ll all do just fine!

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