Taiwanese Protest Homophobic Memo

Taiwan Taipei's Ministry of Education City recently distributed a letter to its high schools recently distributed a ridiculous memo, influenced by the city's Council Civil Affairs Committee (CAC), "banning homosexual student activities in school." About 100 protesters gathered outside the Taipei City Government building to demonstrate the inequality. The China Post reports:

"There was a suggestion by
the CAC that the Taipei City government should gather relevant
departments to discuss how to 'avoid high school student groups from
leading students into homosexual activities,' so that students can
develop 'naturally.' The suggestion did not pass in the committee,
however, basing on the suggestion, MOE sent memos to high schools
advising to ban homosexual activities in schools."


  1. Gast says

    I’m sure the good people of Taiwan are as concerned with the well being and upbringing of their gay youth. And offer them similar protection from all heterosexual influence, thus guaranteeing their “natural” development.

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