These Easter Bunnies are Gay


Choire Sicha reports that the NYT has a magazine cover story coming up this weekend about gay animals: "Contributing writer Jon Mooallem explores homosexual activity amongst albatrosses at Kaena Point, Hawaii….But studying these activities may have implications beyond animals; for many, it’s a reflection of what humans perceive as 'natural,' a validation or a denunciation of our own behavior."

Sicha reports the cover was shot by Jeff Koons, and has plenty to say about it.

UPDATE: Here's the article.

"Various forms of same-sex sexual activity have been recorded in more than 450 different species of animals by now, from flamingos to bison to beetles to guppies to warthogs. A female koala might force another female against a tree and mount her (see here and here), while throwing back her head and releasing what one scientist described as 'exhalated belchlike sounds.' Male Amazon River dolphins have been known to penetrate each other in the blowhole."


  1. shane says

    Something really struck me in the essay you linked to “Ricky Martin Coming Out: Why it Matters.” That he chose the phrase “fortunate homosexual” versus “yep, I’m gay” is entirely relevant to the discussion of sexuality & coming out. And out identities. And the community’s use of language as power.

  2. Henry Holland says

    From the article: “One primatologist speculated that the real reason two male orangutans were fellating each other was nutritional”.

    Well, duh, spunk IS nutritional. Right? :-)

    BTW, that link is the perfect example of why I’ll never get rid of the print edition. 10 pages cluttered with ads to click through, what a pain in the ass.

  3. JohnInManhattan says

    Are there ex-gay animals that have been delivered from homosexuality through the power of Jesus Christ?

  4. Estraven says

    In point of fact, every animal species which has been studied which reproduces sexually (not all do) exhibits both same and opposite-gender sexual behavior. So it is more correct to say that the entire animal kingdom is bisexual, and that bisexuality is nature’s way. Bruce Bagemihl documents this exhaustively in his book “Biological Exuberance,” for those who wish to read about every single one of the 450 animal species.

  5. Pender says

    Reading the article makes it plain how tedious and baseless arguments are that rely on animal behavior to prescribe human behavior, in either direction.

  6. Paul R says

    Crispy, I believe Estraven was simply referring to the 450+ species referred to in the article outtake above.

  7. TANK says

    Jeff Koons is a talentless bag of vomit. This is old hat (re: biological exuberance). But the religious are immune to facts.