UK Inn Under Investigation for Turning Away Gay Couple


The Christian-owned Swiss Bed and Breakfast in Cookham, UK is making headlines for turning away a gay couple because of the owner's stance against homosexuality:

"Michael Black, 62, and John Morgan, have complained of unlawful discrimination after they were not allowed to take up their booking at the B&B in Cookham, Berkshire.
The couple had booked a double room at the £75-a-night guest house on Friday and were met outside by owner Susanne Wilkinson.
She later admitted she had turned the couple away because it was her policy not to let same sex couples share a room. Mr Black and Mr Morgan, from Brampton, Cambridgeshire, say they were treated like lepers.
It is illegal under the Equality Act 2006 to discriminate against people because of their sexual orientation and they have been interviewed after reporting the case to police."

Police are investigating: "'The call has been logged as a homophobic incident,' Thames Valley Police said, adding that they had asked the couple's local police force to speak to the pair."


  1. David in Houston says

    It’s enlightening to see that the comments on the UK website are just as homophobic as the ones here.

    Her home is no longer private when she opened it up for business with the general public. Had she posted the usual religious symbols (of intolerance) on her website, then the two men could have made an informed decision.

  2. Robbie says

    “It’s enlightening to see that the comments on the UK website are just as homophobic as the ones here.”

    – true, but note this is the Daily Mail and that is the readership it attracts.

  3. Hollywood, CA says

    Eww, those brits are ROTTED who read that paper! Most had the nastiest things to say, but it seems like most agree that it’s her home so she can do what she wants. Which is not the case when you open a BUSINESS. You have to play by the rules. Sorry, homophobitch, you’re totally in the wrong.

  4. USinUK says

    I actually live in Cookham — kinda funny to see it on TowleRoad. For the record, this isn’t the type of place you would expect to find such blatant homophobia (I already left the US to escape the fundies) and the public reaction to this is somewhat re-assuring (if you ignore the bigots of the Daily Mail comment section). The rector of the village church in Cookham was openly gay (before heading off to Australia a few months back) and you’re far more likely to offend someone by not putting enough gin in their gin and tonic than by whom you chose to sleep with.

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