Virginia Young Democrats President in Video: ‘We Are Outraged’ at Anti-Gay Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli


Sean Holihan, President of the Virginia Young Democrats, released a statement via YouTube, Facebook, the Blue Commonwealth Community Blog, and the Virginia Young Democrats Homepage this morning regarding Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli's prejudice against gays.

Says Holihan: "There are so many things wrong with this, so many reasons to be angry. You might be angry that while our Universities' budgets have been gutted, Ken Cuccinelli is now trying to meddle in their hiring and admission processes. Perhaps you are angry because you don't care who your college professor loves, you just want a good education. Or perhaps you're outraged because you don't think your sexual orientation should ever come into account when you're applying for admission to the College of William and Mary, UVA, or Virginia Tech. Whatever the reason, we are outraged with you. We are outraged by the decision to put personal prejudice ahead of good policy."

Watch Holihan's call to action, AFTER THE JUMP...

The group has provided links to a Facebook Day of Action on March 12 and email information for Governor Bob McDonnell.

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