1. Lexxvs says

    I didn’t know this was the “gay version” of anything. But certainly know it is a campy and nerdy version rather than a gay one. Go stereotype go! Sort of.

  2. pistolpetey says

    Did some research. The video was done by the UR Yellowjackets, a well-known a capella male singing group, to accompany their cover of the song during a live performance (the action, and lip-syncing at the link actually match!). The guys who played the male couple are members of the singing group — so maybe they didn’t want to kiss? It’s called a “parody,” tho I doubt it was intended that way.

    The video at the link does, however, include a Kanye dig (re the Taylor Swift/Beyonce bru-hah-ha at whatever awards show that was….). The Yellowjacket video is also on YouTube (and apparently all over the internet….)

    Link to the YouTube copy

  3. sparks says

    I thought it was cute, and the actors are ADORABLE.

    One thing ruined it for me. Very unfortunate that the “other woman” was an actual woman… I mean, if you’re going to re-do a video story as a “gay” version then the guy’s ex should’ve been a guy, right? Right??

    For that reason alone, I prefer the original.

  4. Bobby says

    This version is much better than the a capella one, if only for sound quality. The original is too nosiy and there are too many people offensively laughing at it.

  5. pistolpetey says

    @Spider Monkey: the lip-syncing matches the a capella version (that bugged me too).

    @Bobby: I didn’t interpret it as offensive laughter (I could be wrong). In fact, I think I heard some supportive cheers? It was hard to hear the singing, though, unfortch.

  6. William says

    FYI maybe I can answer a couple of questions. I’m the guy who put Taylor Swift’s song over the video. The reason the lips don’t match the song is because this version is 30 seconds shorter than the original version. I padded it with a few brief duplicate scnes (if you look closely) to help solve the problem but I could only do so much. It was made to accompany the a capella group’s song, which is not the ideal soundtrack for this – the original song is, really. There is no kiss at the end because the guys made it that way, unfortunately.

  7. Don says

    This video strikes me as unbelievably cute and sweet. The performers are not only hot as all hell, but adorable in their roles! It yanks the heart strings right out of my chest. Lookit the blood!

    Anyway, I would have liked a kiss too, -especially- between these boys(I have a thing for nerd-bois and hot jocks, it’s genetic) However, the expression on Danny’s face(adorable nerd-boi) at the final frames did the whole video for me.

    I think the original a-capella video was better only because the audience cheered wildly and what some comments on this list mentioned as “mocking laughter” struck me as sincere amusement at the funny parts. Please, take the video in context before you gargle vinegar and spew?

    I applaud the Yellowjackets for making this video, thank you!

  8. Don says

    Oh, and a follow up thought,

    Some comments complained about a woman in this video. I think it reflects real life for some young folks nowadays. The benefit of sexuality and orientation not mattering as much to them is that there seems to be less stigma attached to freely dating same sex as well as opposite. It simply isn’t as big a deal anymore. Get with the times, Mary! I think it is a great, positive, and subtle message.

  9. David in Houston says

    I agree with Sparks. The “other woman” should have been a man. I also think that leaving out the kiss at the end sends a bad message: guys kissing guys = icky!

    (guy playing the jock = hubba hubba!)

  10. jack says

    i’m with don, 100%.

    and i think it was pretty rude not crediting the UR yellowjackets right ON the adaptation, even if you DID get permission to use their images (which i doubt).

  11. Tim W says

    Actually it’s funny because it’s how I have always pictured this song. A guy singing it about a guy he has a crush on who is seeing a girl. If you listen to the words the guy is obviously dating a girl but the lyrics of the person singing it our gender neutral. Short skirts to t-shirts, high heels to sneakers. Every time I heard this song this is what I envisioned.

  12. JNJ says

    @ Sparks: I agree. As soon as I saw the woman in the car, I said to myself, “Huh?”

    @ Don: I agree with you as well. I do believe in free love and that bisexuals do exist; however, I don’t agree that that was the message in this video.

    Leaving out the kiss – terrible idea. Meredith Vieira must have disapproved.

  13. Tim W says

    These guys were doing a positive gay portayal of this song but it’s very possible than one or both may be straight and just weren’t comfortable with the kiss. It’s silly to trash it because they didn’t kiss. I still think it was incredibly sweet and it’s great that they did it.

  14. Rodney says

    I prefer the video this way- with the other woman actually being a woman. It’s much more relatable to my high school fantasies (twenty some years ago, ahem) and, thus, much more enjoyable. Unfortunately- as much as I like it- I still like “Teeth” better. :)

  15. Charles says

    I applaud the a capella group for doing it, of course – thank you! – but their version is hard to understand and is marred by shouts and whistles. IMHO

  16. jaragon says

    That was sweet… a final kiss or at least a shot of them dancing together would have been a nicer finish…still the gay teen in me loved it.

  17. Mike says

    Hey everybody! This is actually made by the University of Rochester YellowJackets. I know this because I am actually the “Taylor Swift” character. It would be really considerate if the person who synced the video with the actual song credited the YellowJackets in the title. Thank you and feel free to Facebook us!

  18. chris says

    Funny that a few comments suggested this was some sort of Gay fantasy video. Ha! Could have been right out of my college days way way back in 1983 in Austin , me the frat boy and my first boyfriend that played baseball. Neither of us could get rid of our fake dates fast enough once we met. Loved it!

  19. Joe H says

    Wow, the “jock” is remarkably attractive. Nice video, though it smacks a little of gay fantasy. Many of us have lived this video without the happy ending, so it sort of begs the question — why? Maybe if our hottie had a boyfriend and not a girlfriend, as others have commented, it may be more useful. Lastly, no girl would never cheat on our hunk with THAT guy!

  20. Loah says

    Bummed about that there was no kiss at the end.
    The ‘nerd'(no offensive, he’s really cute) is michael pittman, he is gay in real life. the jock, matt francis, is straight, and star baseball player in really life. so I guess one of them was not comfortable enough to do a kiss. but cute video!

    This is so cute. I don’t get all the ‘this is anti-gay’ messages. I think this portrays same sex crush/love in a positive way.

  21. GJean says

    Matt Francis (the jock) is straight. I’m not sure if Michael Pittman (the guy with the glasses) is gay or straight. Both of them are part of a singing group called L3VEL (Level 3). Look for L3VEL on YouTube and on Facebook.

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