1. Disgusted American says

    I thought that Evan Guy was Gay…My gaydar goes (((PING))) when I see him, and on DAncing with the Stars..Hellooooo Mary! He’s probabaly a HUGE closet Case.

  2. Wayne says

    Has Weir come out yet? Uh have you seen his reality show. The boy was getting off while he straddled his foot massager and called it Daddy while he bemoaned his lack of getting laid.

    He is as OUT as you can get.

  3. Reggie says

    I must be missing something. Weir has not come out officially, right? And he has avoided answering that question, which is fine. It is his right. But he is hinting that Lysacek is gay? And “outing” someone else? Isn’t that a bit on the hypocritical side?

  4. Robert says

    And how many times did Chelsea say “You’re GAY” to Johnny? Six or seven times? You’d think the novelty of gay men would be over for her by now, but damn, she’s obsessed.

  5. Travis says

    I am pretty sure Weir was a speaker at some gay frundraising events. He is out. Duh.

    EL is gay. The girlfriend was a beard that he kept for the media in the run up to Vancouver. Weir’s experience is a great example of the unexplainable homophobia in mens figure skating (fucking gayest sport ever…) and the need to seak cover in a vagina by Lysacek. Fur and feminine hand gestures kept Weir from medaling, Evan knows betters.

    Poor taste? Eh snarky gays will be snarky gays. Ten bucks say theyve atleast made out…

  6. Henry Holland says

    Sorry, but until Weir says “I’m gay” or “I’m a gay man” or “I’m homosexual” or “I like to suck cock, oh yes!” or variations on those, he’s NOT out, he’s playing the same “Everyone knows, so why bother saying it” game that was so tedious with George Michael and countless others. Or as they say in politics, he wants plausible deniability when it suits him.

    And for a closet case –which is what Johnny Weir still is– to wink-and-nod and out someone else is disgusting.

  7. qjersey says

    I’ve been watching Dancing with the Stars (don’t hate), and in the rehearsal clips when Evan is just being ‘himself’ he is totally giving off the gay. But when on stage, he totally lowers his voice and butches it up.

    I think the bigger story is that JW refused to play the game and get a beard while EL played the game and won. Sad, but true.

  8. Doug says

    “sorry, tacky” says the person with the moniker “JONBENET” (my apologies if that really is your name, of course). Could not love the irony more (again, apologies if yadda yadda).

  9. Name: says

    I don’t understand the whole, “did he OFFICIALLY come out”? Are there papers one needs to sign when one is out already, cause I never filled them out. Love Johnny Weir!!!

  10. Paul R says

    As someone said, men’s figure skating is about as gay as it gets. I think Evan just wanted a medal and wasn’t willing to risk losing it by being himself.

    I think it’s great that Johnny acts and dresses however he wants, but many old school coaches and performers in his sport don’t want it gayed up any more than it is. So he didn’t win, and wouldn’t have no matter how perfectly he performed.

  11. VinceB says

    Oh, DR, get over yourself. Johnny wasn’t nasty in the least, this was a casual, fun interview – he has every right to ‘call a gay a gay'; dude gave up the big medal for having integrity which is more than SO MANY other skaters will ever be able to say. SHAME ON THEM!!! If freaking Amazing Randi can do it then I dare every gay skater to come the hell out! WTF.

  12. HawaiiBill says

    Too funny…on a par with cancer research on the “this is serious” scale? Not so much… Good for a laugh. Weir is a silly and he knows it and revels in it…and he’s pretty amusing. Sad that he feels it’s his right to out someone, but what else would you expect from him/

    And just for the record, if you watched his performances during the Olympics, he didn’t win because he wasn’t the best. Period. Not because he was gay. I thought the fur was fabulous though…

  13. Zlick says

    No, you don’t need to publish a white paper that reads, “I’m Gay” to be out. If we’re open about it, we’ve gone beyond that stupid need to announce it in words. I’ve rarely told anyone straight up (no pun intended), “I am gay.” I will mention my boyfriend when appropriate or one of the ten gay activist events I happen to be doing that month. All one needs to do to be out is to NOT be in the closet. And Weir doesn’t even have a door on his. Sheesh.

  14. steve says

    why would anyone be offended by this?

    he’s just saying what everybody else is already saying all over the internet

    i thought is was kinda funny

  15. Strepsi says

    Johnny is absolutely adorable, funny, and lovely!

    But how have we gotten to this many comments without anyone mentioning the fact that he is wearing Polly Bergen’s hair-do?

  16. james says

    At this point i don’t think it’s so much of a matter of Johnny Weir not being out as it is him not having to say he’s gay as an item of the day’s news. He just is… saying it isn’t necessary. Everyone knows.

  17. alfredo zapata says

    Sorry, but until Weir says “I’m gay” or “I’m a gay man” or “I’m homosexual” or “I like to suck cock, oh yes!” or variations on those, he’s NOT out…

    What’s it gonna take a signed affidavit? Sounds like something a birther would say!

  18. says

    That’s the thing I think is hilarious. The skating establishment — and the media (or at least NBC) — tries to portray Evan Lycacek as this butch guy, when in reality, he’s *at least* as feminine (though perhaps not quite as flamboyant) as Johnny Weir. And I’d honestly be surprised if Lycacek weren’t gay, no matter how many girlfriends he claims to have. The only major difference between Weir and Lycacek, IMO, is that Weir’s more courageous to actually be who he really is, versus just trying to go with the flow on the path of least resistance.

  19. DR says

    Oh, DR, get over yourself. Johnny wasn’t nasty in the least, this was a casual, fun interview

    Posted by: VinceB | Mar 31, 2010 1:57:32 PM

    That’s crap. Big deal, he gave Evan “props”, after the winks, nods, and innuendos (it’s like making a snide and rude comment and then sticking a smiley face at the end claiming you were “just joking”). This was a tacky and sad attempt at media attention.

  20. Johnathan says

    If you watch Be Good Johnny Weir there’s a press confernce (the kind where they talk to the skater immediately after s/he skates) with evan lysacek. i don’t remember what the reporter asks exactly but they get into a conversation where evan is doing this whole compare/contrast about how he brings a masculine approach to the ice. which is exactly what the reporter wanted, who then asked the more pointed “is johnny weir too XYZ for this sport”…

    so i think what you might be seeing here is a guy who’s been taking a lot of shit for not playing it safe like his rival, who’s gay too gets no shit whatsoever. of course johnny isn’t “officially” out. he would be punished more than he already is if he was.

    i think you can expect that as soon as he decides to stop skating he’ll be “out” the same moment. and all without ever have having had a “GIRLFRIEND” or disparaging a GLBT person or our community.

  21. David says

    “And he wonders why the skating community doesn’t want him around. Tacky, classless, and nasty.” I’m with you all the way DR… he’s awful, dumb and bitter – I’d rather have Evan representing teh gays ANY DAY!!! PS Weir looks RIDICULOUS in fur.

  22. rduke says

    I love Johnny Weir. He is so comfortable in his own skin. After watching Be Good Johnny Weir on Sundance Channel I can’t wait to see what he does next. He’s really funny and cute as hell.

    His wink was hilarious and Chelsea clearly thought so too.

    Stay cool Johnny.

  23. UncleSam says

    “But he is hinting that Lysacek is gay? And “outing” someone else? Isn’t that a bit on the hypocritical side?”

    “he wants plausible deniability when it suits him.

    And for a closet case –which is what Johnny Weir still is– to wink-and-nod and out someone else is disgusting.”

    Johnny has never edited his behavior in any way or attempted to be someone he is not. He never had fake girlfriends to soothe the nerves of the ultraconservative and shockingly homophobic judging community of figure skating and he never pretended to be heterosexual in any way.

    Evan on the other hand has made a very concerted effort to adopt a heterosexual identity, which most agree is rather flimsy and not a good fit. If he is gay, which many feel is an accurate assumption, he is willfully engaging another person to live a lie, to live in deception, just to give him an edge in his heartless hunt for Olympic gold. That is a worse offense to me. Of course emptiness and phoniness are the central tenets of his skating style- do what it takes to amass points without risking anything, and distract the audience with ridiculous gestures.

  24. Dav242 says

    David (and to the same extent, DR) –
    Love how you’re showing support for Evan. Hope you realize you’re supporting a closeted, self-hating homosexual.

    Like others have said, Weir hasn’t officially come out because he’s never been “in.”

    Perhaps that’s stupid, but let’s take a look at Mr Class-act Evan Lysacek.

    His skating is great, fantastic, clean – good edges, etc. But as a gay or possible gay man, he is a HORRIBLE role model.

    Evan has always bashed Weir’s effeminate nature in backhanded ways, constantly making remarks like “I represent the *masculine* side of the sport while Weir doesn’t. I’m a better role model, while Weir isn’t…” – etc

    Evan has been very public about his “GIRLFRIENDS” – first, Tanith Belbin, then Nastia Liukin

    Evan has been very adamant about portraying himself as a HETEROSEXUAL, which he clearly isn’t.

    While Weir hasn’t officially come out, at least he hasn’t feigned being hetero and slammed openly gay skaters for being who they are.

    in my opinion, Evan is the worst kind of gay guy – ie, the one who bashes other openly gay guys down to protect themselves and their image from the same kind of judgment and disdain that they dish out.

    If Evan came out and said, “hey – i’m gay, and i represent a different type of gay guy than Weir,” then i’d respect Evan 100X more than johnny.

    but the fact remains: Evan is closeted, bashes Weir in comments he’s made to the media before skating events, and has had a stream of girlfriend “beards” that he’s been more than happy to advertise and flaunt.

    he’s a self-hating homosexual who will only come out when his 15 min of undeserved fame are up (don’t get me started on his gold medal).

  25. Darrell says

    When Johnny comes out and when Evan comes out, We will all be soooooo suprised! Just as when Ricky came out……place your bets on the Mens Figure Skating coming out pool. “After they retire and go pro”

  26. DR says

    @Dav242, who writes “David (and to the same extent, DR) -Love how you’re showing support for Evan. Hope you realize you’re supporting a closeted, self-hating homosexual.”

    This isn’t about Evan, that’s a nice distraction. This is about Johnny Weir coming across in an interview with no class and no tact. As I said earlier, the whole thing reeks of sour grapes.

  27. says

    DR and I share initials, but clearly we differ on many other things. Class and tact? You realize this is a clip from the CHELSEA LATELY show, don’t you?? On top of that your implication that the skating “community” is offended by Weir’s “lack” of class and tact is wholly laughable. You aren’t blind, are you? You watched the ENTIRE SKATING COMPETITION FROM THIS PAST OLYMPICS, didn’t you? If I’m correct about both you can’t POSSIBLY have missed EVERY SINGLE FUCKING COSTUME the skaters wore!?!?!? Class and tact? Who the hell do you think you’re kidding?! And where are you getting your standards from? Victorian society? It’s CHELSEA who has an audience with the Queen in this clip, sir…don’t get it twisted (and don’t conflate class, tact and acting butch, either, queenophobe.).

  28. says

    Johnny hasn’t come out with a level of formality required for the mainstream media to treat him as openly gay. But he obviously has no qualms over being considered gay by anyone.

    I don’t think he does this to have his cake and eat it too. [cake not being necessarily what I mean by cake] Because he clearly suffers the career punishment of being gay anyway. (There is at least the theoretical possibility that he is like “Lyle the effeminate hetero” from SNL).

    I enjoy this little because it forces reporters, commentators, etc. to euphemize in an embarassing way. 1. For whatever reason they feel obliged to in some way acknowledge that there is something “special” about Johnny even when it’s not part of the subject matter. But he hasn’t met their critieron for being openly gay so they have to call him “fierce” or “fabulous” blah blah blah.

    I don’t think it’s up to him to out Lysecek though.

  29. DR says

    -I don’t care who’s doing the interview, his comments and general bitchiness were uncalled for.
    -Yes, Johnny Weir is being blackballed by the skating community. No touring, and little press from the USFSA. Sounds like a blackball effort to me.
    -Johnny could have handled the interview much better, but he’s seeking out opportunities to use the “I’m just being me” excuse to be a real jerk. There’s no need to be the way he is: rude and arrogant.

    If the standard for class and tact has become “bitter, bitchy, self-absorbed, catty man”, well, then I’m a queenophobe. The more this guys talks, the less I like him.

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