1. anthony says

    it looks like he knows what he is doing, diving in a shallow dive using the water to cushion his fall. i would say he got more damage slipping whilst getting out than from the dive seeing he still had not got up after that slip, when the video ended haha.

  2. Matt McD says

    Yeah like Anthony said, it seemed like he was fine after the jumps. Maybe he made a wish that he’d be okay before both dives. Too bad he didn’t make one before getting out.

  3. Willig says

    I was in Rome last summer and my hotel was 30 meters from the Trevi. Everyday, I’d be walking by and everyday there was someone in the fountain, all of whom were eventually arrested. I admit that the water looked awfully inviting in 35 degree heat.

  4. jctrain says

    What is particularly hilarious about the video, is the voice-over by the midwestern mom voice.

    Mom: “Well when he gets out, he’s in trouble, so…”
    Gay: “Is he going to die?”
    Mom: “Well he better not!”

  5. Griff says

    Um, the guy obviously slammed into the bottom with his arms. If he’s been experienced at shallow dives, he would have hit the water at less of an angle, only gone slightly under, and coasted much further.

  6. eric/nyc says

    What’s really amazing is that the Trevi fountain is so filthy!
    He must of been drunk and experienced. I have never learned how to dive in my life. A kid in my neighborhood
    ended up a quadriplegic diving into a pool and that scared
    me off diving forever. I admit, it’s looks sexy and sporty, but, I’d rather just slowly slip in.

  7. Shane says

    Fvckstain. Wonder how many people got pick-pocketed while watching this asshole.
    Reminds me of the jackass Euro tourist who climbed up on a statue in Florence and broke the hand off.

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