1. Chris says

    That kid speaking was one of the best moments of the evening. I wish all parents fostered such well-formed and reasoned attitudes in their children.

  2. nic says

    terrific, will! the world is your oyster, little friend. your parents have to be remarkably proud of you, young man.

  3. BJ Murphy says

    Activist? He’s just a mouthpiece for the HRC. People are using this kid to further their own agendas. It’s wrong.

  4. Gary says

    I was 11 or 12 in 1963 when I wanted to go to the March on Washington. My mom wouldn’t let me go. I still regret not being there. This heroic kid stood up on his own, and his parents support him. He is most certainly not being ‘used.’

    Please never shut up, and never say the damned pledge.

  5. says

    Mixed feelings. On the one hand, his stance is charming…but on the other, I do have to wonder how much he’s been coached…and if he’s fully understand all of what he’s gotten press for.

    Oh well. Congrats to him on his award. I can’t think of too many other 11 year olds who are getting as much notoriety as he is.

  6. hmmm says

    Yeah, I think it’s a little weird. He’s 11, for gods’ sake. Having strong convictions and being able to articulately express them is one thing, borderline exploitation is another. The kid needs space, not the rigid box in which media exposure will lock him. Send him love.

  7. jay phillips says

    This is Will’s father…

    Just for the record, he’s TOTALLY waggin the dog here! lol!!! He’s been concerned with right vs. wrong & fairness since he was little. I am a very private person (ouside of my exhibitionist facebook tendancies) and I don’t like this level of attention. I don’t mind Will having a certain notoriety but I don’t want fame for him. In short, it’s not “for the show”.

    He believes strongly and I support him.

    To the hilt. I am not the bravest of men but I support my son as he willfully engages in the defence of his fellow citizens. Check out some of the material posted on and THEN judge us. but don’t belittle him by thinking a 10 year old incapable of having original thoughts & opinions.


  8. Norm D PLume says

    Why is Joe Solomonese the head of HRC and not this kid? Joe Solomonese is as homophobic as they come.