1. htfaul says

    I go to W&M and if they started discriminating against gays, half the student body and several professors would have to leave. I’m really glad to see Reveley speak out against Cuccinelli’s hateful practices though.

  2. Billy says

    As both a William and Mary alum and a constituent of Del. Englin, I am so proud of those who represent me. Go Tribe!

  3. MikeInSanJose says


    “In related news, William & Mary President Taylor Reveley sent out a message to his college community saying their would be no discrimination on campus:”

    Should be “saying THERE would be no discrimination on campus:” (Caps optional)


  4. says

    Another proud W&M alum here — very pleased (and unsurprised) to see our leadership doing the right thing.

  5. Mark says

    Sorry folks but the reality is, it does not matter one bit what the president of William and Mary, or any other state institution, says. If, for example, the Registrar at a university has a staff member who is gay, the Registrar can still fire that person. And the gay person will have no way to appeal that decision. This has happened EVEN WITH the Executive order under democratic governors in Virginia. In 2006, a state employee at the Museum of Natural History was terminated for being gay. That employee challenged his firing based on the governor’s executive order and LOST his case. You people need to educate yourselves about the state you live in, and then ask yourselves why you continue to pay taxes in a state that actively discriminates against you. After living there for 15 years my partner and I had enough and relocated and got LEGALLY MARRIED in our current state. Its a much better world outside the little slice of hell known as Virginia.

  6. TribePride says

    Though this statement seems to be prepared for anything, I appreciate the sentiment that discrimination would never be tolerated. Reveley is a great school president, and I’m proud to be a William and Mary student.