Westboro Baptist Church To Picket ‘The Laramie Project.” Again.

Fred Phelps and the rest of his band of wacky members from the Westboro Baptist Church plan to show up at the Lake Tahoe Community College in California later this month to protest a production of “The Laramie Project." The Church notes the planned protest on it's Website and refers to the play, which they have picketed countless times before, as a "god-awful pail of pig slop." The school is preparing for the group's arrival and even the local police are offering this advice to those who get offended by their protests: "Don't get physical with them, period. If they create a disturbance and we're not there, call us.”

An Associated Student Council member of the school adds: “Every time I hear about someone protesting their protest, I don't
encourage that because it stoops down to their level. The best way to get
back at them is have many people show up and not say anything but walk
in with their heads held high.”

One interesting (and sad) thing of note: the Westboro Baptist Church has participated in 42,821 hateful demonstrations times since 1991.


  1. JT says

    They scheduled a protest of the Laramie Project at my school too but they never showed up. I was hoping it was because they drove off the road and were dead in a ditch somewhere. Unfortunately they turned up elsewhere eventually, so no such luck.

  2. dave02657 says

    “One interesting (and sad) thing of note: the Westboro Baptist Church has participated in 42,821 hateful demonstrations times since 1991″

    … would appreciate a citation for that stat. That would be 2,254 demonstrations per year, or 6.17/day, every day of every year.

    We all know that their hatred and innate evil make them truly zealous and vile little devils, but even for them a demonstration every four hours, 24/7 over nineteen years, strains credulity. Although it would certainly make for one hefty little treasury of frequent flyer miles.


  3. walter says

    hasn’t he died yet? that will be the time for celebration and demonstrations including
    drag queensand dikes on bikes.also none of these bigots seen to work how do the afford to travel? easy. us they are tax exempt. time to change the law

  4. Brian says

    Last year, I directed a production of Paul Rudnick’s ‘The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told.’ We actually emailed Westboro (anonymously) in the hope that they would picket and generate publicity for the show. Unfortunately, their picketing schedule was already booked. What a bunch of asswipes.

  5. brian says

    Who are these people. Why do we care. If they really have protested that many times, I’m not sure one more ever merits mention again. STOP GIVING THEM PUBLICITY. THAT’S WHAT THEY WANT.

  6. Rob says

    They’re protesting a production of that same piece that I’m currently in at a small theatre in Brookfield, CT (www.brookfieldtheatre.org). We’re ignoring them, and treating their presence as a blessing. The Laramie Project isn’t just a play…it’s a challenge to live a life as free of hate as you can. For our audiences in small town CT (which has more in common with a place like Laramie, Wyoming than any of us thought initially), the fact that they’ll get to see the stark contrast between love and hate first hand is a powerful thing. Every night when we do a talk back, I’m just reminded how much LOVE there is to give…so that’s what myself and my cast are choosing to focus on.

  7. Jeff Dunivant says

    I agree with all of the submissions, don’t they ever get tired? Take a page out of the original playbook and block them from the public view using big angel wings; the Westboro bigots will get the point and go away!

  8. Jim says

    I think as a polarizing group, Westboro are kind of great, actually. They help more than hurt our cause by being so extreme- EVERYBODY hates them and wants to distance themselves from them. They’re like the modern day Klan minus the lynchings. I feel bad for their kids (who are the true victims of their assholism), but really they only breed sympathy for gays in the larger sense.

  9. irishtxn says

    I just wnat to know where the picture is from! Is it the LTCC or Westboro Church itself? I asking because of the banner! If it’s the Church, the all Red-blooded Right Wing Christians should be up in arms against them for advertising such a horrendous website! If it’s the LTCC, why?

  10. A. Peccaro says

    That is not LTCC. Im a student there and they would NEVER allow that to be hung on their buildings! We are a very diverse school and accept everyone!

  11. rebeccaw says

    The “people” at WBC are gravely misinformed; and apparently HAVE NEVER read the Bible AT ALL. First of all, GOD hates nobody! So don’t pin your little human weaknesses and low tolerance level on GOD. That’s just a wimpy cop-out. If someone puts the two words, “GOD HATES” together in ANY sentence, they’re anything BUT Godly people. They, instead, serve a different being! The sad part is, they are too dumb to know they are following Satan himself. I hope all Christians are not judged by these pathetic clowns at Westboro!! If it were up to me, I would pack ’em ALL up and ship them “over there.” Some people need to learn to appreciate their freedoms, and those who FIGHT & DIE for it, the hard way!! If you don’t like it here…GET OUT!!!!!!! We don’t want YOU here either! T/Y…from a proud Baptist & veteran of THE UNITED STATES AIR FORCPS:

    PS: These clowns would have likely got along well with Jim Jones!

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