‘You’re So Vain’ not About David Geffen, Says Carly Simon

VainCarly Simon has told Roger Friedman at Showbiz 411 that reports her early 70's hit "You're So Vain" is about her then record producer David Geffen are wrong.

Writes Friedman:   "She emailed me last night: 'What a riot! Nothing to do with David Geffen! What a funny mistake! Someone got a clue mistaken for another mistake!'
As I wrote in the previous post about this subject, Carly did not even know David Geffen when she wrote the song in 1971.
She also writes: 'How can this guessing game stop without a lie?'
Well, one way would be to tell the real story. But why do that now and spoil all the fun?"


  1. says

    I adore Carly, but it’s about time this conspiracy theory come to an end. At least we know who “deep throat” was. Carly, you aren’t getting any younger, dammit, I need some answers! Cough it up girl or I’ll have to fly to Martha’s Vineyard and pop you one upside the head : )

  2. Pete says

    Carly Simon goes on medicare in three months. Isn’t it time she did something new, or can she only get attention with this pseudo-mystery? It is a great song, but who cares who it is about? Her mother is Cuban. Do you think that it is really about Castro ??????

  3. Maverick69 says

    Well said Ms. Simon. I’d still like to think it was Mick every time I hear the song. I can see Mr. Jagger looking at himself in the mirror every chance he gets.

    And to those who don’t care, it’s all in good fun – which is how it should be taken.

  4. foochy says

    “Free Man in Paris” by Joni Mitchell is about David Geffen — as for “You’re So Vain?” I think it’s humorous that an entire generation of Hollywood and music men could fit the song and still have people guessing about who it was about years later (my money is on Beatty though).

  5. Bryan says

    By all means, let’s settle once and for all whether – 40 years ago – some juvenile conflict occurred between these now-ancient scions of that most toxic and trivial of all human endeavors: the entertainment industry. Who can sleep, not knowing?

    But let’s just drop the whole issue of anyone with the celebrity disease calling any other sufferer “vain.” It’s too ducks-on-a-pond to be worthy of us.

    It was a catchy tune, though. I can remember my mother humming it while I was nursing.

  6. Cecilia says

    Get with the times, all you little leagers either too young to remember or too ignorant to do a little research….or listen to the news!!!!!! Carly wrote this song about Michael Durkin…and she revealed this about two years ago! Let’s get with the times folks, and move on to a REAL mystery!!!!!!!!

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