Zimbabwe President Mugabe: Homosexuality Destroys Nationhood

Zimbabwe drafts a new Constitution beginning on April 10, and President Mugabe and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai today reacted to calls from some to make gay rights a part of it. That did not go over well with the leaders, New Zimbabwe reports:

Mugabe "Mugabe said homosexuality was 'just madness … insanity', and said gays were 'destroying nationhood'.

Tsvangirai, speaking after Mugabe at a Women’s Day celebration event in Chitungwiza, said: “The President has spoken on the issue of gay rights, men who breathe to other men’s ears.

'Never, I don’t accept that culture. Why do you look for other men when women make up 52 percent of the population? Men are few.'…Amid cheers, Mugabe said: 'Three days ago, I heard that some people want us to discuss the issue of gays in the new constitution. How do we even begin to talk about it?  Those who engage in homosexual behaviour are just crazy. It’s just madness. Insanity. We can’t do it or the dead will turn in their graves.'

Mugabe said a family was made up of a 'father, mother and children', adding: 'If you are doing that (engaging in homosexuality), you are destroying nationhood.'

He described homosexuality as an 'alien practise that is being exported into our country'.

He added: “In Britain and the United States, I saw an archbishop blessing a gay wedding … I want to see how they will procreate. If they manage, then I will admit that I don't know …”

Mugabe once said that gays were "worse than pigs and dogs" and in 2006 threatened to arrest any clergy who dared to perform a gay marriage in the country.


  1. says

    Colonial religion is still destroying Africa. Though this is no excuse for doggedly adhering to mindsets of the past – which Mugabe and some other African leaders do despite the wisdom of others like Tutu – or understanding the simple premise of changing times and the historic advances in the rights of man.

    My heart breaks for all African LGBTs to have to live under this sort of TERROR. But we in America have our own troglodytic religious right who feel the same way, though the hide it behind oily smiles and professions of “I’ve nothing against gays, but…”. We have to squash that here in America as well as Africa being spewed from the mouths of leaders once and for all.

    However, if the vitriol over the Health Care Bill is any indicator, we’ve got our work cut out for us.

  2. Arturo Beeche says

    Goodness gracious…let’s pay attention to the source of these commentaries…Mr. Mugabe is among the most monstrous undemocratically elected African leaders…among the highest in a class of leaders know for their corruption, ignorance, abuse of human rights, malfeasance, bigotry and plain stupidity.

  3. Sean R says

    It’s time to intervene and remove this regime. It’s these guys (particularly that monster Mugabe) who’ve destroyed the nation!

    Now there’s a African-American President, Obama needs to act against this tyrannical regime and get rid of these ignorant fuckwits.

  4. says

    Sean R,

    I wish America could just roll over any dictator who abuses their people, selflessly, and without any ulterior profit motive. But thats a slippery slope and reminiscent of prior colonial expansion and empire building, and I’m sure the non-LGBT Africans would see it that way.

    Still, I agree with you. I wish we would just remove him and Musceveni as well. But then there are others to consider, other nations just as in the grips of backward dictators [Saudi Arabia, Iran], and questionable leaders [Israel, et al] which we will never depose, and maybe rightly so.

    The whole issue gives me a headache.

  5. TANK says

    LOL! The only place this man is fit to be right now is in shackles in front of a war crimes tribunal.

    I suppose genocide doesn’t destroy nationhood? Ya know, the genocide mugabe’s responsible for… But we all know that according to his good buddy pat robertson genocide is less offensive than homosexuality…

    No credibility.

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