Oklahoma Catholics Upset About Jesus Christ’s Abs


A ten-foot tall crucifix is causing controversy at a Catholic Church in Oklahoma:

"The controversial crucifix has caused a deep divide among members of St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church, where it hangs above the main altar.
'There are a couple people who have left the parish,' said the Rev. Philip Seeton, the church’s pastor. 'There are people in the parish who don’t like it and have stayed.'
Critics of the crucifix take issue with what appears to be a large penis covering Jesus’ abdominal area. Seeton said the portion of the crucifix in question is meant to be Jesus’ abdomen 'showing distension' — not a penis.
Seeton said, 'I’ve had people who have vocally said that that’s what they see there. I’ve had people who have been just as vocal who said that’s not what they’re seeing there.'
Janet Jaime, a local iconography artist who designed the crucifix, had no comment."

The crucifix is based on the San Damiano Crucifix. As you can see, it has distended abs too.


  1. Strepsi says

    Once again, those perverted straight Christians in Oklahoma are OBSESSED with penises and sex!!!

    Is there a way we can legislate against straight Christians in Oklahoma from getting married? They are obviously too degenerate to take part in sacred traditions.

  2. HolyPeckerBatman says

    So that’s what they mean when they talk about Jesus’ res-erection being supernatural!

    I have to admit, after seeing it for myself, I’m a believer.

    Does that make me a Christian? Do I have to get baptized? Maybe a light sprinkling with Perrier; dunking is definitely out!

  3. says

    you all sicken me, what Godless moral dead souls you carry. You must understand his love for you… his eternal love for you!

    He died for the wicked, he died for you.
    In the end, our Lord said the masses will lose faith, and this is happening now! WAKE UP! Research the new world order, the end is coming, gain maturity and follow the King of truth.
    Jesus Christ, who rose again after being dead 3 days, to prove he is God.

    You most likely will ignore everything I’ve said and go about loving your sin and hating the one who wishes your dead soul to be given eternal life.

    You are programed by the moral broken media to think the way you do. Enjoy your rotting soul.

    Sincerely a once Atheist,
    Supernatrually saved by the King of Kings.

    Peace love and understand.

  4. TANK says

    Well, sunny…you prove for me, that there are stupid atheists just like there are stupid christians/believers/supernaturalists/miracists. No one asked him to die for our sins…and if he’d asked me, I would told him no; he doesn’t have that right. The punishment of one doesn’t account for the deeds of another. That fairytale doesn’t speak for me, and divine command theory is not a mature metaethic for thinking adults.

  5. deg (AKA CigrrrMan) says

    I can understand how some could see the shape of genitals in this particular crucifix. But do some research on the San Damiano cross (and derivative examples) and you will see that this general shape is common to all of them.

  6. James in Chicago says

    I will take it if they want to get rid of it. Im Catholic and Italian so I am bound by law to have at least one in my house and why not a 10 foot crucifix?

  7. Rin says

    I’ve always liked Jesus, its a lot of Christians I don’t like. The Jesus I know wouldn’t get bunged out on half the stuff they do, and would be pretty crisped that they were running their mouths when they could be caring for the poor.

    Which reminds me…I gotta do more.

  8. says

    I have one of these Crucifix’s in my office, and have given them as gifts, and have never seen it in this way until today. I got to this site from Andrew Sullivan, and am an Oklahoman.

    I strongly suspect that Jesus is far more concerned how we treat each other in our lives and even in this conversation than He is in this somewhat unfortunate representation of His Crucifixion.

    It is a beautifully executed Icon, perhaps a slight revision can make it less… problematic.

    † Christus resurrexit!

  9. Oscar in Miami Beach says

    It is an exact copy of the San Damiano crucifix.I do not think they meant to be a penis but certainly looks like one.If it is one and considering when it was made,maybe they knew something we do not know today.On e thing I have to say that after watching “The Real Face of Jesus” the man was hot.He looked fabulous and at least his pecs were neat.Obviously He would have had great legs and gluts because of all the walking.I can see why people would follow him.Not only for His physic but also for His rhetoric.Go Jesus Rule.

  10. shane says

    The comments here are better than The New Yorker’s cartoon caption contests entries!!
    Winner: ER
    Honorable Mentions: DICKSTER , DAVID EHRENSTEIN

  11. astounded says

    Do they parade it around on the Feast of the Circumcision with incense burning and the organ going full bore ?
    My ALL TIME FAVORITE Catholic festival. I can’t remember if it’s a Holy Day of Obligation or not. Better to be on the safe side though…… chow down!

  12. jerry says

    The Church knows exactly what it is and
    they know exactly why it is displayed
    where it is. I’ve seen this in one of
    the churches I go to. I figure it is
    there to attract women and gays. I
    was put off by it as a joke and a
    cheap con, which it is.

  13. says

    Y’all are just evol…
    dissin’ on poor jesus like that. Makin’ fun of his poor deformed penis growin’ out his naval like that…
    when all he ever did and wanted in his life was to make some fabulous furniture for his mum, brag about his poppa and wanted us all to be hippies… to turn the other cheek.

    Shame on you!

    *walks away grinning*

  14. walter says

    i wonder which okies spent all that time starring at the abs in statue. was it the altar boysor choir? probably a priest pointing out what to expect

  15. johnny says

    Sunny, telling us to “enjoy our rotting souls” is not very Christ-like. But I forgive you because you are only 17 and apparently very confused about many things, given your myspace page.

  16. Scott in Philly says

    You know the catholic church won’t refuse tithing and prosletyzing, so I wonder how many people will go there just to see the “hung” Jesus…

  17. dartigen says

    Somewhere, the artist is laughing his ass off while rolling around on the floor, and thinking ‘it took you guys this long to see my little joke?!’

    This has to be some kind of clever prank.

  18. Brian H says

    Worshiping the effigy of a tortured, bleeding human being; then ceremonially eating his flesh in a cannibalistic ritual. Now THAT’s disturbing. Never mind the alleged phallic image on its abdomen.

  19. Lengyel says

    This depiction of Jesus in a Catholic church in Oklahoma was provoked by envy of the noodly appendage of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Other religions may respond with similarly enhanced representations of their deities.

  20. Dback says

    I’m gay and Christian (Episcopalian), and would file this under “nice try.” I don’t think it’s worth getting worked up about enough to leave the church, but I think the artist’s intention has gone seriously awry, and no good responses will come of this. (Subconcious pun, but now intended.) :)

  21. LAXJFK says

    Maybe a little boy walked by…that’s the reaction all the Catholic priests had! Who cares, this is voodoo anyway.

    Better to believe in Santa.

  22. Chris says

    Oh, for heaven’s sake.

    The commenter on the original article was correct when he/she said this is a copy of a poorly painted copy of the original San Damiano crucifix.

    On the original, even allowing for the fading of pigments with time, the lines on the abdomen are in approximately the same positions, but the lines are shaded differently and the color contrast is much less. The contours of the abdomen are painted in a conventionalized style that is very typical of Byzantine-influenced art. It is not intended to refer to genitalia at all.

    This icon is painted in a modern style, which tends to produce crisper outlines with higher contrast between the parts. This painting style is all over the place in modern icons, and it is so much in tune with modern artistic taste that probably most people — including non-historically-oriented artists — do not even realize that it is an *interpretation.* This style is generally more pleasing to the modern public, which is another reason artists produce it — it sells well.

    There’s an easy solution: get someone to touch up the painting to make the lines less prominent. Some people will still see a “penis” now that it’s been pointed out, but it would lessen the chances that an uninformed person would walk in off the street and immediately get that impression.

  23. undrgrndgirl says

    i can see how some might see a penis…it is also quite possible it is a stylized abdomen following the shape created by the rib cage and abdominal area…so ya’ll get your dirty minds out of the gutter…

  24. delilah says

    Hey Sunny, You don’t even know your own mythology. Count the days that your Jesus was supposed to have been dead – from Friday to Sunday. Here’s a clue – he wasn’t dead for 3 days.

    But as it’s likely he never even existed – it’s all academic anyway.

  25. thoughts says

    never seen any real-life abs like this, definitely a penis. any previous art work that resembles the distinct shape of a penis was surely meant to symbolize it. clearly everything is sensual ^_-

  26. Melissa says

    I am so glad that it is not just me!!! I have seen the same or a very similar picture of Jesus hanging over the altar at the Catholic church in Lewistown, Montana, and it is disturbing to me to look at my Savior and see Him with an erect penis. I thought maybe I was the only one who saw it.

  27. Rob says

    I believe it was meant to be a penis. DaVinci used to do the same thing with his paintings – poke fun at the church in ways that he could later deny. Last Supper was a perfect example. No way was that the apostle John to Jesus’ right. It was a chick, but he just explained it away by saying John was an effeminate looking dude. We need to stop being so uptight about everything. So what if DaVinci painted a woman at the table, it was just his imagination not a photograph. No one really knows what happened. Same here. Who cares if Jesus was “well-endowed”? Sure this painting could be interpreted as irreverent, but if it’s so offensive, just take it down and pitch it. Don’t make a federal case out of it.

  28. dk says

    It should have been in his mouth! Talk about stirrin’ the pot! lol David from Tianna died on the cross for our sins too but no one knows who the hell he was! He was another massiah… Religion is phony…

  29. mike says

    Sunny..some love. burning in hell for all eternity? He did not die for you or me. It was a human sacrifice. Jesus gathered the poor and ignorant just like modern evangelism. Very common in ancient religions. Some day christianity will be the ancient religion that no one believes anymore.

  30. ty says

    Sunny- let me get this straight, you gave up reason and empirical data for Jewish mythology, yet you still can’t avert your eyes from penises? Get help soon.

  31. Focus, people says

    I’m not a Christian, but honestly, I’m mostly offended at how damn ugly the whole thing is. Was someone allowed to call themselves an artist and make money on this thing!?

  32. REligion says

    And sunny, stop lying about used to being an atheist you prick, if you become an atheist you are smart enough to not believe in this fary tale shit and you re not going back

  33. Diana says

    It’s like one of those “Do you see a beautiful young woman or an old hag” pics – and I see both. If you go back and look at the artwork upon which it is based, it is just a bit more vague in the original (granted, not by much). In this piece, it is rather emphasized so that the phallic image is more prominent. However, it has been my experience that the base of penises I’ve seen are usually BELOW the point of the hips, so, given the context of the piece, I choose to perceive that portion of the image as representing distended abs.

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