Air Force Reverses Decision, Ousts Lesbian

Cc The United States Air Force has reversed its initial decision to not discharge Lt. Robin Chaurasiya under DADT after she revealed that she is gay. Her case has been reviewed once again and she will indeed be discharged from the military.

According to the LA Times:

"Chaurasiya's said her case began in July after a male former
officer she once dated had provided her commanding officer with
evidence that she was a lesbian. The Air Force dismissed that
complaint. But afterward, Chaurasiya, feeling slighted, decided to
declare that she was a lesbian. In December, she and her partner were
joined in a civil union in New Hampshire.

A subsequent Air Force
investigation found credible evidence she was a lesbian, but determined
she had declared her sexual orientation in an attempt to get out of
military service. The general in charge refused to remove her.

The Air Force on Monday suggested the decision to discharge her
resulted from new evidence. Chaurasiya said her partner was interviewed
to determine if their civil union was real."


  1. Grammar Police says

    It should be “its decision” with no apostrophe in the first sentence. You don’t use an apostrophe when showing possession with “its”, only when abbreviating “it is”. I know Towleroad likes to keep its writing standard high.

    Otherwise, thanks for the update on the situation.

  2. Grammar Police says

    Thanks for fixing the “it’s” issue and again for reporting on this development.

    What a disappointing turn of events for Lt. Chaurasiya.

    – GP

  3. Dave says

    Gosh, doesn’t this “male former officer” know that when he tattles on others, he’s really tattling on himself? And is that REALLY the tale he wants to tell?

  4. Mike says

    I’m confused by this story. So, the airforce wouldn’t kick her out because they thought she wanted out of the military, but they now have determined she wants to be in the military so they are kicking her out?

  5. Corvidae says

    This is hilarious – so I can join the army for a while, tell a “friend” that I’m LBG, or tell a group of friends while drunk, wait for him/them to tell a commanding officer and leave the army earlier than I promised I would when I signed the contract to serve the country?

    The haters may have ruined the lives of gay/bi servicepeople who want to defend the country, but they’ve made the lives of those less patriotic a hell of a lot easier.

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