Amnesty: Several European Countries Breaking International Law by Deporting Gays Back to Iraq

Sending persecuted Iraqis who seek asylum is in breach of UN guidelines, says Amnesty International:

Sadrcity "Amnesty International accused Britain, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden of forcibly repatriating Iraqis to 'extremely dangerous' parts of the country – in breach of United Nations guidelines.
The campaign body said there have been more than 100 civilian deaths in the first week of April alone – with religious and ethnic minorities, females and gay men being particularly targeted.
Amnesty is calling for the return of failed asylum-seekers only when the security situation in the whole country has 'stabilised'.
Its report claims hundreds of thousands of people in minority communities have been forced to flee their homes as a result of the continuing insecurity more than seven years after the US-led invasion. These include thousands of Christians, as well as members of the Sabean-Mandaean religion, Yazidis and women and girls targeted for "un-Islamic" behaviour.
Amnesty said many of those at risk had been killed – including dozens of women murdered in Basra on 'moral' grounds, at least 25 men and boys thought to be gay who were killed in February last year, and at least eight Christians killed in Mosul in February during apparent sectarian attacks."


  1. Bill Perdue says

    Thanks for publishing this.

    As far as I know, this is the first time a major non-GLBT rights group has stated that LGBT Iraqis are in great danger from the Iraqi ‘government’.

    The quislings who ‘run’ Iraq are in fact a US imposed collaborationist government much like the French Vichy ‘government’ during WWII. The jihadist sunni police and shiite militias have been systematically kidnapping, torturing and murdering our brothers and sisters in Iraq for years.

    We should insist that Obama and B. Clinton, to begin making amends, open wide the gates of US embassies and consulates and offer long term asylum to any GLBT folks and other Iraqi’s who feel they’re in danger.

    Secondly to solve the problem we should demand the immediate, total and permanent withdrawal of US forces from the region and cutting the purse strings that pay for zionist polices of ethnic cleansing and apartheid used against Palestinians.

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