1. Steve says

    Good for Arizona. As the son of legal immigrants who were still going through the citizenship process when I was young, I despise anyone who enters this country illegally. Illegal immigrants, those who do not go through the process, are nothing more than criminals. They do not deserve any special treatments. They moment they are identified, they should be put in jail, their illegal status verified, and should be shipped back to their country of origin. Should a case where true Amnesty is needed, such as a case of severe persecution, etc. then it should be considered on a PERSON BY PERSON basis.

    Bottom line: The Constitution of the Republic of the United States of America applies to all LEGAL residents, visitors, and citizens of this country. The trash that doesn’t respect our laws doesn’t deserve its protection, no matter WHERE they come from. Illegal Immigration = A CRIME

  2. Jon says

    @Andy Towle…I’m not sure what is “heinous” about this bill. Will you explain your position? This seems like a very positive thing for the people of Arizona.

  3. jason says

    The heinous aspect of this bill is that it relies on “suspicion” as a justification for questioning someone’s immigration status. In other words, the vagaries of the mind. It reminds me of the days when people were “suspected” of being Communists or “perverts” (ie gays).

    As for Jan Brewer, her face reminds me of a vagina with an over-growth of blonde pubic hair.

  4. Gard says

    People are obviously missing the point. This law legalizes the harassment of people based on their skin color (primarily). As of 2008 (the first information I pulled up) over 30% of the population of Arizona was of “Hispanic or Latino origin”. Even if the police only question people who appear Hispanic, that means that over thirty percent of the LEGAL RESIDENTS of that state are now eligible for legalized harassment by police officers because of what they look like.

    So now they are going to possibly harass not only illegal aliens but also (potentially)over thirty percent of their legal residents AND anybody legally visiting from another country or state.

    That’s IF they only go after people that appear to be Hispanic/Latino.

    From my understanding the law is also open enough that ANYBODY in the state that doesn’t carry some sort of documentation verifying that they are a legal resident of the U.S. can be arrested.

    Yeah, this can only turn out well. /sarcasm

  5. Danny says

    I do not think they should be able to profile just for them to deport illegal immigrants. Seriously, I have seen how much harder the mexicans work compared to white people. Its no wonder companies hire them, they actually get work done, and their production increases.
    Profiling is needed for people of more importance, like terrorists.

  6. GGREEN says

    Republicans are out to out crazy each other now that they are out of power nationally and will be until at least 2012. Utah, Nevada and Arizona are racing to become the next Texas or Oklahoma. A race to the bottom to be sure.

    Brown people bashing makes me sick.

  7. Brian from Tucson says

    This bitch Governor and her band of idiot Republicans who control the state legislature have made Arizona last in education and first in racial profiling. They blame all of the ills of society on the Mexicans…truly a racist and a pathetic law that will eat up scarce state resources fighting a blizzard of lawsuits.

  8. stephen says

    “I will not tolerate racial profiling or discrimination” says Gov Brewer… no, I’ll just codify it as law.

    On NPR they sited 60+% of people in AZ in favor of this law, and majority rules, so says the rep for the state…

    Any “brown” people willing to take another look at “majority rule” now that it’s linked to something besides the ridiculous Prop 8?!

    Speaking Spanish at the public pool, better hope ur packin’ ID or they can now legally drag you away… yeah, this law makes a lot of sense.

  9. says

    Well I guess my partner of 9 years (Ricardo) can’t travel to Arizona, he doesn’t have his papers. Oh wait, why should he? He’s an American. If you want the illegals gone, go after the employers that hire them. Then, don’t complain when your room isn’t cleaned up at the Holiday Inn, don’t complain when the prices go up and the wait time is longer at your local Applebees, don’t complain when the cost of poultry, fruits and vegetables skyrockets because there is no one left to pick them. Let’s face it, Americans won’t do these jobs.

    Someone mentioned something about Amnesty. If you followed all the murders that have been occurring in Mexico due the infighting over control of the drug trade (that we created) I think each and every one of them would have a good case getting it granted.

  10. Raul says

    Im in a binational gay relationship. im from Mexico. it was never my intention to fall in love with an american citizen: I love my country with all its good and bad things… I have a visitor visa and i come and go thru the border to visit my boyfriend.

    I am very close to break up with him because of the treatment I had recieved from the US border patrol, they are always very rude and very mean. There is nothing i want from the USA except my boy. Of course i cant say to the border patrol officer that i have a boyfriend here… im just here on a shopping trip. It is a nightmare and a lot of money to travel back and forth.

    Now add this funny new policy… will you give up on love and go back to mexico or will you fight for your relationship even if you are being treated as a 3rd class citizen, second if you are gay, 3rd if you are not an american.

    USA sorry to tell you this but you SUCK. How i wish to live in spain.

  11. Ealan says

    Steve, the problem is that there’s NO WAY to enact this law without resorting to racial profiling and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you. So when the cops are out there using their now-sanctioned “reasonable cause”- they’re gonna round up every brown person they see, whether they’re illegals, legal residents, or U.S. citizens of Hispanic
    descent. that is offensive and its a blatant violation of civil rights. We all understand that they need serious immigration policy in AZ (and the rest of the country too). This is not good policy.

  12. TANK says

    racism and bigotry in that liberal oasis arizona? Noooooo way! I can’t believe it! Alright, it’s time to tell the boomer jews that arizona is off limits…we were too late with the previous generation who settled in that bastion of tolerance that is america’s cock (FL), but I’ll be damned if we ship them all off to that discriminatory hellhole AZ! Maybe that’s how they intend to recoup the loss in revenue that will be the inevitable result of this bill…older retired couples….well, fuck that!

  13. Nun says

    Basically the bill is saying that what is already a federal crime is now a state crime. Give me a break. It’s not an earthshattering concept.

    The argument that federal law can’t be enforced by state police is ridiculous. Robbing a bank is a federal crime. That doesn’t stop local enforcement.

  14. yonkersconquers says

    Why don’t they just place yellow stars on Mexicans and save Arizona the trouble.

    They’ve just turned Arizona into a police state where it’s open season on people of color. This is a day of infamy.

    If you don’t understand how extreme and fanatical this law is then you’ve already started down a dark path yourself.

  15. Tell it like it is says

    This is a nation of laws and we have to enforce them. If we are not going to have them…then why not let anyone in at anytime? Why even screen at airports? Why have customs or security?

    I am sure this was not an easy decision for this governor. She is going to have all kinds of fingerpointing at her from raging liberals looking to play the race card. Groups cry racist all the time when they don’t get what they want. But bear in mind, Mexico’s immigration laws are much tougher than the US.

    The fact remains that our jails and prisons are overcrowded, and many people in them are not US citizens. The states are broke and that costs money. Do you all want to pay for that? If a drink driver is pulle dover and is not legal here, we can’t even deport them. It is bad enough dealing with our own drunk drivers.

    Most people who come here are hard workers and not criminals. But if they are criminals we should be able to deport them. I don’t think people realize how bad the US – Mexican border is. IT IS CHAOS DOWN THERE.

    Maybe if people pointed more fingers at Mexico to get their act together instead of beating on this woman, there would be less of a problem to begin with. But everyone likes to feel sanctimonious and self-righteous and see themselves as this great freedom fighter when that is not what the issue is about at all.

    Everyone should have a fair shake at US citizenship – Chinese, Russian, whoever. Not just Hispanics.

  16. Esurnir says

    I’m surprised. I thought that was already the case in the US. When that blogger said immigration laws are much tougher in France he wasn’t kidding.

    That beyond pale law is the current state of affair in France since maybe a decade or more.

    It’s a misdemeanor to be there beyond your immigration permit (punishable by a year of jail time, practically never enforced instead the police will transmit the file to the prefect so a request to depart be issued and detained until deported if possible).

    While I’m in favor of a relaxing of immigration requirement and let more immigrant a chance to live in the US. As a foreigner I have to ask myself “what’s the deal with a law that authorise police officer to check immigration status”. As long a the police follow the law I don’t see a reason to prohibit them from enforcing it. The problem is the fact those people are illegal and currently have absolutely no chance to ever enter the us legally or have a path to legal immigration open for them. The enforcement of immigration policy is something that doesn’t shock me more than that, as long as they follow the rule of the law (if they don’t then they can cry when an immigration lawyer get the procedure voided).

  17. says

    Mexico is a sorry mess these days due to American drug money and weapons going down there and destroying its civilization.

    Sadly, AZ is a hellhole with the exception of Tucson. Hopefully the humongous suburb that is Phoenix will finally run out of water, over heat and disappear.

  18. says

    TELL IT LIKE IT IS: Okay. You’re an asshole, Tell It Like It Is. And a disingenuous one at that. How can you say liberals are playing the race card? THE BILL ITSELF more than plays the race card, it specifies that anyone who looks like they might be an illegal alien can be stopped and must produce papers. It’s racial profiling and is targeted at Hispanics. The comments on this very intelligent blog sometimes make me want to stop being gay. Then I remember: The vast majority of people don’t comment or even have time for blogs, so there is hope for us yet.

  19. JT says

    Don’t get so on your high horse, Matthew. You’re just another of the non-thinking reactionary Manhattan gays. You probably still believe Obama’s every word too.

  20. Tell it like it is says

    MATTHEW RETTENMUND: When I get stopped I am asked to produce identification. I am supposed to have it. THAT IS THE POINT – ASSHOLE. TO HAVE DOCUMENTATION.

    And they won’t be stopping people based on how they look. There are not that many cops in Arizona. They way would be too overwhelmed.

  21. way to miss the point says

    For those who don’t see the big deal in this new law – it is now MANDATORY for police in arizona to question people who they “suspect” of being in this country illegally. And how will they determine someone being a potential illegal immigrant? skin color? accent? No where, NO WHERE, in the constitution does it place the responsibility of proving innocence in the hands of the accused. Innocent until proven guilty. Ah well, round ’em all out and let god sort ’em out. I’m not as educated in this subject as I should be, but I’m pretty sure i’m not obligated to carry state/federal ID as I go about my business (unless i’m driving a car)…but then, as a white male, I guess I don’t have to worry too much about it. Hope you enjoy paying out millions and millions of dollars in discrimination lawsuits following this ruling, Arizona. FYI, my trip to the Biltmore in June? CANCELLED.

  22. way to miss the point says

    TELL IT LIKE IT IS: No, actually, if you’re not driving a car you don’t have to carry ID. That’s the crazy part of this bill – EVERYONE in Arizona should now be prepared to prove their right to legally be in the US at any time. Forget your DL at home while going out to buy the newspaper or a coffee up the block? too bad, guess the police had better take you in until YOU can prove your right to be in this country.

  23. yonkersconquers says

    JT and Tell It Like It Is are one and the same GOP troll that regularly turns up to defend the indefensible.

    The truth is there is almost no way on earth these days for poor immigrant Mexicans working here to get U.S. visas nowadays.

    What they get instead is exploited, underpaid, denied benefits, pushed around, blamed for every social ill, demonized, exploited more, then separated from their families, imprisoned and deported, thanks to this hateful racist fucking piece of shit law.

    Call the Arizona Governors office. Tell her exactly what she’s done to the most vulnerable people in her state.

  24. Brad says

    Well I am FOR this bill. Illegal aliens are destroying this country. Something has to be done. Thank god for a woman like this with a backbone and substance to do what is needed!

    So what if it inconveniences a few people? Show your id and let it be. If you’re legal, you shouldn’t worry.

  25. Harry says

    I guess the govenor doesn’t want Hispanic-Americans to come as tourists to her state for the risk being profiled for their appearance. I’m white and I think I will stay home as well.

  26. way to miss the point says

    BRAD: ohhhh, this old argument…if you have nothing to hide, why not let the government check out every aspect of your life, right? Let’s start with you…please turn over your computer to your local authorities to make sure you aren’t doing anything that would make people uncomfortable.

  27. Jane Roe says

    conservative gays are fucking disgusting. even more than felching.

    has anyone heard of the plenary power doctrine? the supreme court has ruled immigration laws are the sole, exclusive purview of the federal government.

  28. Jane Roe says

    does anyone find it ironic that teabagger scumsuckers think government barring insurance companies from denying coverage for people with pre-existing condition is tyranny, but the government engaged in odious racial profiling based on mere ‘reasonable suspicion’ is the height of freedom and liberty?

    i really hate those pieces of shit.

  29. Tell it like it is says

    YONKERSCONQUERS: I have had friends from Sweden and other European countries who are brilliant and have had to leave because they could not get work permits or papers. A friend of mine who is German just got her green card after 15 years and much blood, sweat, and tears.

    As a matter of fact, it is hardest for Europeans to emigrate to this country and has been for years, ever since a law that passed in the early 1960s. THAT IS A FACT.

    Like I said, there are people from all over the globe who would like to come to this country.

    In addition, many poor and middle class Americans are denied benefits in this country.

    I do think most Mexicans are honest and hardworking and if should be allowed to work here if there are jobs for them. I just think we should know who they are and it should be done legally.

    I can’t believe the names and vitriol being directed at myself and others here just because we don’t share the same opinion as others.

    Furthermore, nobody ever, ever, ever mentions the role the mexican government and society plays in the larger picture of this. Namely, millions of poverty stricken and out of work people that are the citizens of that country.

    You people are too busy knocking your own country. I think that sucks.

  30. Jane Roe says

    You moron. Sweden, UK, Germany are highly developed, wealthy countries. People don’t mass migrate from there because their standard living is very high. People immigrate into those countries.

    And the immigration act of 1965 was once of the best things to happen to this country. And let’s not forget St. Ronnie (pbuh) singed amesty in 1986 legalizing millions of illegals.

    You sound like you’re mad the country’s getting less and less white. Buck and get used to it.

  31. way to miss the point says

    TELL IS LIKE IT IS: I agree that the mexican oligarchy has a lot to answer for when it comes to the society they have built, and how they take care of their people. This argument is not about them, but about how to best use the resources available to us in the US.

    Again, it is now MANDATORY for the arizona authorities/police to question those who they suspect are here illegally. So, does this scenario make sense? Cruiser encounters a group of dark skin people in the public park – they might be here illegally, should they stop and check IDs – and arrange transport to HDQ for those who don’t have them? Or should they continue cruising and be available to address situations that involve loss of property or threats of physical harm?

    And to your point, since it’s hardest for europeans to immigrate, perhaps the arizona police should be stopping pale, fair haired individuals – dangerous illegals! Actually, here in the SF Bay Area, I know of a pretty large number of Brits who are here working illegally…

  32. Jacknasty says

    > Let’s face it, Americans won’t do these jobs.

    Bullshit. Americans won’t do them for $3 an hour, locked into what amount to slave labor contracts. If you pay people enough money though they’ll do almost anything. But then big agra and the restaurant industries couldn’t rake in billions a year in profit without their illegal slave labor.

    Want to solve the illegal immigration problem? Throw anyone who hires an illegal in jail for 20 years, no exceptions. Problem solved. No jobs for illegals = no illegals. Of course the Republicans would never sign that into law, because it would bankrupt the corrupt executards who form the backbone of the GOP. That bunch of clowns could never compete if they had to pay their workers an honest day’s wages.

  33. Bill Cooney says

    Canadians better watch their step. They can be pulled over for “driving while white”. That’s how absurd this law is. Only people of color are going to be challenged and, that is racial profiling!

  34. way to miss the point says

    agree with that, JACKNASTY, employers need to be held responsible for making sure that the people they have on their payroll have the right to work in the US. BIG hole in the system there – i’ve worked in HR departments where we’ve received explicit instructions to process people with documents that are obviously falsified. Government will never go after big business tho who benefit from this cheap labor.

  35. David says

    how do we know that Jan Brewer is here legally?

    Or James, or Tell it like it is?

    The fact is that there are people of pretty much every race and ethnicity who are in the U.S. “illegally” – so Arizona’s law makes it possible to harass anyone at anytime.

    How many of you posting in support of this even have a U.S. passport, or carry your birth certificate with you at all times?

    Oh well. Time will kill this, and we can all sit back and watch Arizona’s economy decline even further.

  36. BobC562 says

    How the fuck do you arrive are reasonable suspicison that somebody’s not here legally and thus give the police the right to inquire, when coupled with no other reason for the stop and ask? I mean, what? They’re speaking German or French? The nitwit representative from Arizona said you can tell because of the way the act and dress. What a bunch of total idiots.

  37. SteveMD2 says

    Just give Arizona, lock stock and barrel back to the Mexicans. it would be poetic justice for these racial bigots.

    People in this country are protected by the constitution against unreasonable search and seizure.

    This is nothing but racial profiling.

    And part of the republican agenda to create racial hatred that extends beyond Obama to other minorities.

    Because the republican base is the old southern bible belt culture. The people who gave us slavery,and after the civil war replaced it with the kkk and segregation.

    We made a big mistake after the civil war – not solving the problem of slavery, justified by mad (non)christian minsiters as per the bible. All those monsters should have watched their churches in the south burned to the ground. And they should have been condemned to involuntary prison servitude for life . Sort of an eye for an eye solution to the worst people in America. They want to eat, they work in the fields.

    And ultimately they will lose. By about 2040 they will get their due – America will be a majority non white nation.

  38. says

    I am a Black American who most people think is Latino. If I was walking to the store and I was asked for my papers, I would be at a loss as to what to do. Since most places consider proof of being a citizen your passport or birth certificate, does that mean I have to carry mine all the time?

    Are the police in Arizona going to stop Asians? If not, why not? Asians have a pretty large percentage of folks here living underground in most Chinatowns. Are they going to stop Irish people? If not, why not, lots of Irish here illegally.

    I’m not a person who refers to the “undocumented”. I believe that people should wait in line like thousands upon thousands of others. I do, however, have a HUGE problem with a policeman being able to stop someone and demand papers based on how they “look”. Didn’t Tom Cruise make a movie about like this? Isn’t this way too much like 70’s South Africa?

    What really gets me is that the people who are always screaming about the bad Government coming to take away their right see no problem with this. It is WAY scarier than anything Obama would ever pull even in their sickest fantasies.

    This is just plain un-American, wrong and , I’ll say it, Fascistic.

  39. Lane says

    Anyone who is cool with this law is not a person of color. With the passage of the law me and most of my family would be likely pulled over just because of what we look like. This just gives cops more power to harass people.

  40. John says

    If we are indeed a nation of laws, would someone please explain to me why the 60% of white people who openly admit to pollsters that they smoke pot haven’t turn themselves into the ATF already?

    Perhaps we should introduce legislation to allow law enforcement to strip search people who “look” like potheads.

  41. nauta says

    What the new arizona law does is make my two young Latino sons suspects who can be pulled over and they’ll have to prove they are really my sons and citizens of the USA. Meanwhile my white sons will just wait for the cops to get done harrassing their brothers.

    Yeah immigration is a problem, compounding the problem by adding racial profiling is the work of fools. There is a lot of mean spirited republican logic in back of this…but what can you expect from them.

  42. says

    Bullshit bill. When you say “illegal immigrant”, you really just mean Hispanic people. The largest group of undocumented immigrants aren’t even Hispanic, but you guys don’t seem to be going after them. It’s pure racism.

  43. Bill Perdue says

    The Arizona law is the latest example of the kind of racist garbage used to cover the superexploitation of immigrant and imported workers.

    The leaders of both the Democrats and the Republicans have similar racist approaches and it all boils down to easing immigrants entry into a doubly exploited layer of workers while denying them the rights (such as they are) that other workers have.
    Corporations of all kinds arrange for the transport of immigrant and imported workers from border areas, pay them substandard wages and benefits and fire them when they demand more.

    1. Immigrant and imported workers, like all working people, should be protected by US labor laws, paid at trade union rates, encouraged to join trade unions, and treated in all respects as citizens including access to medical care.

    2. They should have the right of dual citizenship and the right to vote here and in their country of origin.

    3. The racist posse’s on the border should be disbanded by force and their members indicted as terrorists.

    Leaders of the Democrats and Republicans can’t be expected to get past their own racism.

    The best way to combat corporate and political racism can be seen in the work being done in various places to revive El Partido Nacional de La Raza Unida, an independent political party that sprang into life in Texas, Colorado, California and elsewhere during the last radicalization in the early 1970’s.

    The strategy of ‘working though’ the Democrat or Republican parties is a loser’s strategy for immigrant and imported workers and for us.

  44. josepe says

    corporations should be the ones held accountable for this problem, now when somebody is going to be stop is going to be because of their color and nothing else, i want to see polish ppl being stop or even irish but they won’t, this law is aimed at hispanics or whoever looks mexican,and even some middle eastern and french look mexican,
    so good luck to people living in arizona because is going to be crazy

  45. kugel says

    That’s right: have them wash your dishes and pick your strawberries and then shit on them. The only thing more disgusting than people who would support this are the right-wing ‘mos in this string who should know better.

  46. rovex says

    Im waiting for the first Native American to be challenged under this law. The irony might rip a hole in the universe..

    The problem is many people want laws like this to keep illegals out, but they only work if they infringe rights. Its a tough call, and the republicans were always going to get it wrong.

  47. mike shackleford says

    Any law that subjects other groups to the same treatment gays & lesbians receive in the US is good. Let then live our lives.
    I don’t imagine that Janet Napolitano would have signed this bill, or the domestic partner roll back, had she still been governor. You can thank President Obama for removing her from office.

  48. galore says

    I’m sure that there are many hispanic cops in Arizona.

    Imagine the hilarity when a minute-man gets stopped by a hispanic cop and asked for immigration ID and then get ticketed for not having his birth certificate with him. LOL!!!!!!!!

  49. Esurnir says

    Well one thing. If the law require a suspicion about immigration status. It is the burden of the police man to justify his suspicion.

    Back in France where judges have to verify the legality of the procedure if they see that the suspicion wasn’t warranted (ie : he looked black) the guy walk out free (and will disapear if he’s smart).

    Sure you can invent bullshit but trust the lawyers to make sure the rights of immigrants are well defended.

    A reasonable suspicion could be : the guy starting to run away when he saw the police man.

    Having to possess a proof of immigration status is already mandatory. I should know about it every first bus station after the buffalo Canada border host a throng of border gard ready to check my immigration status and yes I learned not having your paper is illegal as the guy explained to the student behind me before letting him go (unlike that Latino who got arrested). They just ask people what is their citizenship, answer “I’m an American citizen” and your done since THEY don’t have to hold papers.

    Yes they can harass Latino, I’m betting they already do like pulling one over if they drive weirdly or go over a speed limit and thanks to that misconduct check their immigration status.

    If your a Latino legal immigrant : keep your paper on you. If your American you are not mandated to have those papers on you by law (in France you win a trip to the police station to “verify your identity” if you don’t. No fine though but it would be annoying).

  50. LightningBoalt says

    Anyone who favors this bill is willfully blind to the racism that exists in the United States. It will not do a single thing to “fix” the problem of illegal immigration and will only exacerbate the problem of institutionalized and legalized racism.

  51. homoDM says

    This bill enables the police to demand proof of residency based only on suspicion. Naturally, their suspicions will be roused by 1) ethnicity and 2) language proficiency. Regardless of your thoughts on the “menace” posed by undocumented immigrants, or how they are a “drain” on our nation’s resources, surely you realize that this law is going to disproportionately target persons based primarily on race. This is NOT okay.

    It will permit the police to harass Hispanic persons regardless of their citizenship, and their victims will have no legal recourse because all that’s needed on the part of the officer is “good faith,” the absence of which is almost impossible to demonstrate in court. Police can get away with anything in all but the most obviously egregious of cases.

    And if you think the police are fair-minded and even-handed when it comes to matters like this, I encourage you to research the history of policing in America and the use of police force and intimidation to maintain the status quo. The police are a weapon of the empowered classes and will ALWAYS be deployed to prevent social change that threatens the structure of power. This bill is being enacted by white people who are terrified of becoming the minority, the same folks who cry “I want my country back!” when a black man is President.

  52. Quint King says

    What makes this so bad are the secondary side effects. A simple example is that it essentially legalizes crime against an immigrant without papers. You can, for example, now rape an illegal immigrant woman in AZ with impunity, as she or witnesses cannot go to the police.

    If you want to fix the immigration “problem” and quick, follow the $$$$$. Jail the employers of illegals. Make it a felony to pay an illegal for 1 day; set the jail time to 5 years ad $25,000 fine per incident. When the jobs dry up, the illegal immigrant supply will evaporate.

  53. ronnykmarshall says

    So I hope some rich bitches in Scottsdale are ready to clean there own houses when they deport their housekeepers.

    So my guess all you big talkers that support this are getting off your asses to work in the fields, bus tables, wash cars and do it for shitty wages?

    Bye-bye now. Go to work kids.

  54. LightningLord says

    Local police detaining and possibly arresting people who are breaking the law? Just imagine!

    And of course the majority of people who are going to be questioned and possibly arrested and deported are going to be of Mexican origin. Duh! Arizona shares a border with Mexico. The illegals aren’t coming from Norway!

    Few people have trouble with LEGAL immigrants. It’s the “illegal” part you insane leftists can’t seem to understand.

  55. Ian says

    Steve & Tell It Like It Is have it right. What is a nation that does NOTHING to protect the sovereignty of it’s borders? We are in the worst recession/depression since the 1920’s and there are an estimated 8 million jobs that ILLEGAL Immigrants have VS the 15 million LEGAL Americans (some of whom are hispanic) who have been stuck on longterm unemployment who are looking very hard and desperately for work.

    For the sanctimonious blowhards who throw out decries of racism when it comes to protecting our borders, yes there are a number of racist Republican types who get on the news as the “face” of “anti”-immigraation.

    Whereas the reality is that the majority of us who want to protect our nations borders would LOVE 110% for more immigrants to come into our country through the LEGAL process to do so, as we are a nation of immigrants (except for Native Americans).

    But if an ILLEGAL Immigrant/Alien wants to ILLEGALLY come through the American border, then throw their asses OUT and let them then apply through the LEGAL process to come in. Nuff said.

  56. Jane Roe says

    mike shackleford, you’re an idiot. right. your typical weho party boi has it sooo much worse than a farm laborer in fresno. how about gays are subject to the same marginal life as immigrants. then we’d know what oppression is.

  57. Jane Roe says

    Lightninglord: another teabagger moron who thinks probaly health care reform is tyranny but warrantless arrests in contravention of the 4th amendment (remember that’s part of the constitution you simps fetishize) is the empitome of freedom.

  58. Ian says

    Further, our borders are so ridiculously porous. I really want to permanently move to England but I have looked into it and it is next to impossible as about the only two ways are through marriage or if a company would be willing to sponsor you, and the government makes the paperwork daunting to discourage companies to hire otherwise very qualified international candidates. So I’m stuck living in America for the rest of my life I guess, meanwhile the Illegals are making a mockery of America’s border sovereignty (of course all those American companies that illegally hire them doesn’t help at all).

  59. Dave says

    Say what you will, but until you live in a city that has been PLUNDERED by illegals, you don’t know that blight that this causes. We PAY illegals $300 a month for every baby they have that is born here! It’s true! And since you can’t send a check to an infant, guess who it’s sent to? The illegal parents, who view each and every baby as a raise in their salary. Whole neighborhoods in Los Angeles are ruined, and residents know to steer clear of them. You can’t drive into a Home Depot parking lot without being accosted. Dodger stadium has turned into a cesspool. I’m certainly not for living in a police state, but the problem exists, and Arizona’s solution, while not perfect, shows that US citizens are fed up. 72% of Arizona voters agreed with the measure! And believe me, there are a LOT of Mexicans who are as racist, if not more, than anyone else. Sorry, I used to not be so opinionated, but live in Los Angeles for a year, and then tell me what you think.

  60. Remmy says

    Good for Arizona! Illegal immigrants are horrific criminals. Playing the race card over this is quite pathetic. I am gay, Latino and agree with this law.

  61. Hue-Man says

    Based on how broadly the so-called Patriot Act was extended to everyone, this stupidity will be extended to every target, including LGBT community. “I raided that gay bar because I believed that everyone there was alien to my species!” “Your birth certificate looks like it’s from Hawaii, which isn’t part of the United States (this is AZ).” “So 80-year Mrs. Snow Bird, where is your visa? What do you mean you don’t need a visa?”

    Next? Family planning clinics, mosques, synagogues, Democratic party conferences, ugly people, drivers of foreign cars, pedestrians.

    Lock up Tyson Foods CEO and board of directors and illegal immigration would stop overnight.

  62. says

    Tell It Like It Is, your argument about illegals overcrowding our prisons doesn’t make sense. It’s already Federal law that if someone is arrested for a crime and is determined to be here illegally, they are automatically deported. (That can even happen to non-citizens who are here legally, even if the charges are ultimately dropped.) Your argument about the drunk drivers is wrong because existing law is that police do ask for proof of citizenship when someone is stopped for probable cause. The diference is that probable cause is no longer required — simply looking different is sufficient reason to detain someone.

    I dare say that two friends speaking Spanish to one another are far more likely to be stopped than two friends speaking French.

    What kind of papers are required? I don’t know what kind of requirements Arizona places on getting a driver’s license, but in California, citizenship is not a requirement and I don’t believe (though I could be wrong) that there’s anything on the DL that distinguishes between citizens and non-citizens. Even if legal aliens can get an ID and illegal ones cannot, that doesn’t help because someone could be here legally and overstay their visa, ending up going from a legal alien to an illegal one. So is everyone supposed to carry their passport or birth certificate at all times?

  63. nic says

    steve, you are more of a piece of shit than that horrid, harpy, bigoted governor. i am of mexican descent. my family has been in texas before texas was texas, and i find this legislation abominable. i would rather YOU go back to mexico than the people who come here to work and get along. but for the god of grace, you missed getting a drop of water on your back by one generation, you traitor.

    this new law flouts the constitution and smacks of fascism. it is clearly unconstitutional. you, that bitch gov, and all the other racists will soon get a well-deserved smack-down.

  64. John says

    Right, “legal process.”

    John Smith wanted to marry Pocahontas so he could get his green card. The Pilgrims applied for asylum on grounds of religious persecution when they arrived in Massachusetts. And those millions of impoverished Irish, German, and Italians immigrants informed the U.S. embassies in Europe that they were coming several years ahead of time, found a sponsor here using the telegraph machine, and paid their $2,500 processing fee as proscribed by law.

    Next up on the white comedy tour:

    Native Americans gave us this land of their own free will…

    (insert laugh track here)

  65. Dave says

    Now listen to what “Nic” says. His family was here before Texas was Texas. Then come the threats that we will soon get what we deserve. This is the attitude of a lot of mexicans. They view this as their land, and are repopulating it by taking advantage of public assistance. We’re paying them to breed.

  66. says

    This law is a big steaming pile of crap that will (hopefully) not stand up to the first legal challenge put against it. However, it’s also indicative of an untenable situation regarding immigration and, yes, specifically illegal immigration from Mexico.

    While this law is ludicrous, it is not profitable to bash Gov. Brewer or even the legal citizens of Arizona and other border states. They have legitimate concerns at the failure of the federal government, which is wholly charged with regulating immigration, to limit illegal immigration. Saying Brewer/Arizona is the problem is failing to understand the whole of this situation.

    Until the Feds (and the Mexican government) somehow step up and bring into balance the osmotic pressures that are pushing undocumented workers into the US, thereby proving that they have control of the nation’s borders, you’re just going to see more and more legislation like this. That’s the real concern. While this law will most likely get slammed the first time it goes to court, the next one may be more insideous. Eventually, you’re going to see a patchwork legal membrane in place across the Mexico/US border that will be fair to no one but the upper echelon while everyone else is busy pointing fingers at various and sundry partial, but not root, causes.

    That is the real threat here, not this law, but the ones that will come after it and have a better chance of sticking while being even more odious.

  67. g_whiz says

    This is absolutley shameful. They may as well call it the “Hispanic Profiling Act” and call it a day. I’m thinking twice about all those flowery nice things I’ve heard about Arizona.

  68. New Jersey Girl says

    To understand the full intent of the White Racist Arizona Tea-bagging KKK’ers, you have to know about the FIRST LAW the governor waits to sign:

    APRIL 19th, 2010:

    On a preliminary vote of 31-22, Arizona’s government passed the ‘Birther Law’ – which REQUIRES ANY PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE wanting to be listed on the Arizona Ballot in 2012 to provide a Birth Certificate. The Law now goes for full vote in the congress and is expected to pass.

    APRIL 24th, 2010:

    The Tea-Bag Hag, Governor Gov. Jan Brewer, signs new Immigration Law forcing ALL STATE OFFICIALS to demand papers from ‘illegals’ based on SKIN COLOR suspicions. If they FAIL to do so, they will be fired.

    So here’s what it’s about:

    The Tea-Bagger Birthers of Arizona BELIEVE Obama is a foreign born illegal from Kenya.

    Both laws would FORCE Obama to produce his birth certificate if he wants to be on the ballot in 2012.

    When Obama comes to Arizona to campaign in 2012, he can be arrested UPON ARRIVAL AT THE AIRPORT by ANY Arizona Official and FORCED to produce his Citizenship papers…based on the suspicion he is NOT an american citizen!


    1) If Obama doesn’t come to Arizona for campaigning, those TEA-BAGGERS will say “See, the magic Negro is really a Kenyan — This proves it”

    2) If Obama doesn’t campaign in Arizona, Tea-Baggers and Republicans will say “See, he doesn’t care about you enough to campaign here — This proves it”

    3) If Obama comes to Arizona and isn’t arrested (because he IS a US Born Citizen) Tea baggers will scream “Conspiracy! The Feds have Trumphed Arizona Law, and are subverting the 10th amendment of the Federal Constitution, which is a Socialist, Communist take over of our freedoms — And this proves it.”

    4) If he doesn’t ‘produce’ a birth certificate and fails to get on the ballot, Republicans of Arizona ensure that their candidate is the ONLY legitimate candidate on the ballot with a cance to win, and ensuring anothe sure-thing red state for the National GOP, regardless of how the general Arizona Population really wants to vote.


    This is nothing more than Tea-Bagging Masturbation from a bunch of Looney Art Bell loving, Gun wielding racists; the great-great grand children of Murderers and Thieves who stole the land under their feet from Indigenous Natives in the biggest genocide this continent has ever seen.

    From TANK comes this crap: “…racism and bigotry in that liberal oasis arizona? Noooooo way! I can’t believe it!…”

    Sorry to inform you, Moron, but Arizona ISN’T a ‘Liberal Oasis’ – John McCain AND G. Bush won Arizona for the past 12 years. AND arizona has the laxest GUN CARRY laws in the nation – which is OBVIOUSLY NOT a liberal plank…But hey, thanks for playing.

  69. says

    On second thought, maybe we’re approaching this wrong? Perhaps Arizona should take a page from Sue Lowden’s Health Plan and just insist that undocumented workers be paid in chickens.

    Finally, we’ll stop hearing about how American workers demand high salaries and benefits, and instead hear how American workers “Won’t get out of bed for anything less than 20 cows or a comparable amount of chinchillas.”

    Mind you, should equal marriage rights ever become a federal law, everyone will try to start marrying their money. Right now, that’s only limited to Randians and certain Wall-Street fetish clubs. So, clearly, Sue Lowden hates the family.

    Or something.

  70. JIM says

    You call the bill heinous. I call what these illegals do…heinous. And they are suspisious, everything they do on this side of the border is suspisious. I hope the rest of Americans can grow some balls and throw these sick birds (il eagles) OUT!!!

  71. TANK says

    AZ isn’t a liberal oasis, tits? You’re KIDDING ME?! I don’t believe you. You’re full of it! Ya hafta be. John McCain is a senator from AZ, and as of late, he was awful mavericky….maybe not so much anymore. How can mavericky coexist with not-liberal? Well bake my bread! You’re so smart, jersey girl….I wish I had a glass of scotch to truly appreciate your “intellect”. Hey, and I like guns! Don’t people like you know that guns don’t kill people, people using guns to fire bullets into other people kill people? Idiot!

  72. TANK says

    And I saw the movie maverick (remake from the television show) with mel gibson when I was like fourteen, and that john mccain is nothing like him. NOTHING like MAVERICK. WTF…confusing.

  73. Joselyn says

    Mexicans who think the Southwest belongs to them are idiots. The United States fought for the Southwest with–guess who–Mexicans who fough on our side because they didn’t want to belong to a dangerous place such as Mexico. Mexicans stole the land from Spain 14 years earlier. I say we should kill all illegal Mexicans and their supporters–but children should be shot to death first.

  74. says

    I don’t know if “toughest” sounds right to me. “Most Bigoted,” seems to fit the bill way better. The good news out of all of this is that it’s probably going to be what *finally* kick starts immigration on the national level. 300,000 people descended on DC to pass the immigration bill just a few months ago — and it was barely a blip on the tv screen… but this sort of xenophobic, vile legislation has turned immigration into a big issue again. This is one of the most fundamentally important bills that needs to get done in DC, so let’s hope it does and let’s hope it’s a fair and decent one.

  75. Elk says

    They LOVED to vote for Prop H8 in California..So,what goes around,comes around.If this law ever gets on the ballot in California,not only will I vote for it,but I will support the effort with the same zeal these Haters showed the TAX-PAYING,AMERICAN Gays,in California..Don’t like that? Stuff that in your taco and smoke it…..

  76. Robert In WeHo says

    This law is blatantly unconstitutional and will be struck down as it violates the 4th Amendment’s protection against unreasonable search and seizure. We are not a police state and are not required to present our “papers” to the Gestapo when ever they demand it. As many of our citizens are of hispanic origin and are naturalized citizens or were born here, demanding that they prove their legal status upon demand is singling them out which additionally violates their equal protection rights under the 14th Amendment.

  77. sugarrhill says

    Last time I checked Elk, illegal aliens don’t have the right to vote in elections let alone place any propositions on the ballot. So who is this “they” you mention?

  78. FunMe says

    Oh, and it does not surprise me to see the racism of some gays here.

    Just erase “illegal”, “Mexican”, “wet back” and replace with GAY, HOMO, NELLY, QUEER … it’s the same as the homophobes hate.

    Truly amazing the hate that a few of you have here. Whatever. Shows a lot of your “true colors”.


  79. Jane Roe says

    Elk is just one of those racist gays who slides from under his rock whenever a non-white race is to bashed, never mind the total illogic of illegals voting…

  80. nic says


    if i was born in texas, and generations before me were born in texas, how does that make me mexican?

    you make no sense. we mexican-americans helped build the southwest and california. why do you think that names like san antonio, el paso, corpus christi, padre island, los angeles, san francisco, san berdardino, la brea, san jouaquin, nevada, colorado, arizona, nuevo mexico exist? why do you think that words like rodeo, lariat, mustang, chaps, hoosegow, bonanza, bronco, breeze, cafeteria, crusade, embargo, hurricane, tornado have become part of the american lexicon? none of my family has ever been on welfare. good gawd, white bigots are so obtuse.

  81. So Left I'm Right says

    This is reminiscent of the passbook laws in South Africa. Utterly over-the-top insane and in no way Constitutional. I hope there is massive civil disobedience to this racist garbage in Arizona.

  82. gregory says

    The publication The Economist rightfully brings forth the fact that this bill was sponsored by DEVOUT MORMON State Senator Russell Pearce. Proposition 8 in California, now this in Arizona. Time to stand up to religious influence in State politics.

  83. nic says


    ironic, isn’t it? the mormon cult which has been the recipient of discrimination for decades, in recent years has drawn a line in the sand against homosexuality. wtf?

  84. steve says

    Contact Gov. Brewer at azgovernor dot gov and click on the “contact us” link in the lower left-hand corner to express your displeasure at this racist, short-sighted bill.

    My organization has already yanked its annual meeting from Scottsdale this year – and I hope many businesses do the same.

  85. Wheezy says

    Jesus Muthafuckin’ Christ!

    Half the population of Arizona (and California, and the rest of the SW) has got to be 50% Hispanic. I don’t even remember it being on the ballot. How the hell did it pass?

  86. says

    If Illegal Invaders…or Terrorists…were 7′ tall, with Green Skin and Bolts in their necks, we would be stopping Frankenstein and Herman Munster, Not Shirley Temple and Debbie Reynolds. It’s not ‘profiling’–it’s REALITY! If you are in this country Legally, you have nothing to worry about. Those who are NOT–Shut the fuck up…and LEAVE! End of problem. This move only reinforces Existing Laws…now Maybe they will actually be used!

  87. nic says


    you stupid shit. do you carry your papers everywhere you go? even though my family has been in the u.s. longer than the pilgrims, i have to present papers to prove my nationality if i go to arizona?! the color of my skin does not exempt unreasonable search and seizure. what is it that you don’t get?

  88. GOD says

    Do you realize that it is a federal law that EVERY legal immigrant who is not yet a U.S. citizen is REQUIRED to carry their document (green card) at all times and can be asked to identify themselves? So this law is just enforcing the federal law which is on the books. It is amazing how many people are ok with arresting people who break into their house illegally but not arresting those who cross the borders of their country illegally. Until it becomes legal to cross the border without documents, people who violate the law should be arrested! This is a country of laws. For example, I am against the criminalization of marijuana but as long as it is illegal, the law should be enforced. How hard is it to comprehend this?

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