1. says

    Bea also left a sizable bequest to the Ali Forney Center in Manhattan, an organization the helps homeless GLBT teens. Great lady for sure!

  2. Brian in Texas says

    I can’t stand PETA, they are like the TeaBaggers of the animal advocacy world. Donate to the Humane Society!

  3. veg says

    This particular campaign from PETA is a good one. The cruelty of raising those hens in tiny cages that crack their spines is just so horrible. …And all for some of the nastiness, most unhealthy food on earth. My name isn’t “Veg” for nothing: I am not hostile to meat-eaters. But, I wish all of us would realize the ways that animals are mistreated in major food corporations.

  4. Paul says

    PETA needs to stop using dead celebrities as fuel for their crazy propaganda fodder. It is both stupid and QUITE disrespectful to the deceased. If I was Bea Arthur, I would rise from the grave and eat some PETA members. It would raise the average IQ of the country, at least!

  5. Drew says

    I always wonder “WHO are these dumb shits giving money to Peta? Don’t they realize how little of the donated money is actually spent on helping animals? Donate to an animal shelter instead!”

    But then, a bunch of my favorite Hollywood icons raise their hands and cast doubt on how smart I thought they were. Ugh.

  6. Tim says

    When PETA had ad campaigns suggesting marauding aliens would eat the fat people first (because we all know there are NO fat vegetarians or vegans, and that vegetarians and vegans are all in wonderful health (I can present so much evidence to the contrary – all the vegans and vegetarians I knew were sniffling and sneezing their way through winter, while I was fine…)) or that there was some comparison between farming and the Holocaust (please), they lost whatever credibility they may have had. Like most living beings, I am an omnivore.