CA State Senator Roy Ashburn Gets Jail, Probation for DUI

AshburnCalifornia State Senator Roy Ashburn, whose visit to a gay nightclub the night of his DUI arrest inspired him to come clean about his sexuality days later in a radio interview, pleaded no contest to driving under the influence in a Sacramento court today:

"He did not appear in court today and made his plea through his attorney. Judge Russell L. Hom sentenced Ashburn to three years of informal probation and 48 hours in the county jail, though he was given credit for one day for the night of his arrest and will serve the remaining day on a work project.

The fine and other fees ultimately will cost Ashburn $1,900 to $2,000, said prosecutor Robert Clancey.

Clancey said he thinks the punishment is appropriate, 'given his age, lack of history and cooperation on the case.'  … 'He got no less punishment than anyone else' would, Clancey said."

He did, however, get the unintentional bonus of being forced to live his life honestly and openly as a gay man.


  1. Mark says

    He may now be living as a KNOWN gay man–but living honestly doesn’t sound like a big priority. He sounds like more like a member of the Ted Haggard Club of Self Denial. He still has to answer to his constituents, remember?

    Too bad he isn’t young and hot or I’m sure they gay community would be clamoring to put him on a pedestal as the latest “gay icon” alongside the likes of Levi Johnston.

  2. Come on says

    Wait a minute! He didn’t even have the courage to show up for sentencing and did it through his lawyer? Aren’t Republicans all about “law & order”, being tough on crime, doing the right thing and facing your mistakes (like standing in front of the judge for your punishment), moral values, etc? This guy couldn’t even face the judge and had to hide…much like he did in the closet. What a hypocrite–on so many levels!!!

  3. Mikey B. says

    There’s no reason for him to show up to enter a plea. Why would you hire an attorney if you’re going to do all the work yourself? And if you’re a public figure, why subject yourself to a circus by showing up in person?

    And this guy isn’t like Ted Haggard at all; he’s not pretending to that being gay is curable or anything.

    That’s not to say I approve of him politically or personally, I’m just bothered by inaccuracy.

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