Daniel Dae Kim on Losing His Shirt and Lost’s Final Episode


Daniel Dae Kim grabbed some attention on the last episode of Lost for his beefcake bedroom scene.

People reports: "The actor wasn’t nearly as psyched to learn of all the shirtlessness the episode would require of him (though many fans might disagree): 'I didn’t get very much notice about the shirtless scenes actually.” Without a lot of time to hit the gym, 'I was like, ‘All right then, I guess what you see is what you get,’' he says."  

The actor also talks about the series' upcoming final episode: "It’s pretty amazing. If you think about how many pieces the writers had to put together in order to make it fall into place, it’s mind-boggling, and they did such a great job. Some of the twists and turns are just so clever. For me it was very satisfying. After I read it, I had to sit for five or 10 minutes, just reflecting and digesting, because it definitely makes an impact."


  1. ChadSF says

    I would like to have an upper body like Daniel Dae Kim without a lot of time hitting the gym :)

  2. scott x says

    I’d just like to have Daniel Dae Kim. I’ve always thought he is such a handsome and hot guy.

  3. Glynn says

    Not too long ago he played The King of Siam in The King and I on stage in London – so I don’t think getting his moobs out was too much of an ordeal for Daniel – mmmmm rice cakes, nice.

  4. cd says

    not that i’m condoning the objectification of the “Lost” dude as a hottie, but at least Asian men are getting their due as sex symbols, they’re not all M Butterfly.

  5. TankStanks says

    Tank, that joke wasn’t funny when your grandmother told it and it still ain’t.

  6. Zlick says

    Well, he says the script for the final episode makes an impact. I felt the same way when he took off his shirt in the recent episode.

  7. Kyle says

    Ironic thing is that people like Tank can’t even get their racist jokes directed at the ethnic group they were originally cast upon. Which I suppose, makes Tank look like an even bigger racist.

    In plain language Tank will understand…Kim is not Chinese you asshole.

  8. Come On says

    Oh Kyle, relax! For one thing he was making a joke about Chinese FOOD, not Chinese people per se! Last time I checked making a joke about food is not racist. I guess if you make a joke about British food being bland, you must be making a racist remark about the UK. Or, making a joke about how Indian food can sometimes be spicy…again. Chill out. Why do people get their backs up about everything these days? Second, please provide a detailed background on every person so nobody steps on any toes in the future. So, he didn’t know his real ethnicity. Now he does. Ugh!

  9. John says

    So if I see a black persons photo here and I comment something about wanting to eat “fried chicken, some chitlins and watermelon, and wash it all down with some dark chocolate milk”, thats okay? Gotcha. Note made.

  10. George says

    Actually, I believe Mr. Kim is Korean which makes your statement even more racist than the first. However, a man is a man regardless of their color.

  11. dbfeb says

    Every time I think I can go a day without running into a racist blog comment, I’m sadly reminded of how there is such a vocal racist segment of the gay community. How sad.

  12. jamal49 says

    @Tankstanks: Tank is a dick; Tank has always been a dick; Tank will always be a dick. Beyond that, the “mmmm rice cakes” comment and a few others here show just how not-so-far the gay community–or rather, some of the more insensitive,um, privileged members of the gay community–has come. It’s sad, sad, sad.