David Archuleta’s Twitter Panic: Don’t Worry, I’m Not Gay

David Archuleta took to Twitter last night after a report was published that he had been spotted at NYC's gay nightspot Club 57, despite the fact that the report acknowledged that he was only there to see dance artist Charice perform:

"So, was David bumping and grinding with some steamy Dominican muscle man? Hardly. David was there with his friend Charice, who performed a dance remix of her current hit single, 'Pyramid' at the coveted 1:30 a.m. spot. Reportedly, however, Charice and her entourage, which included David and his old band mate Eli, did do something terribly scandalous after the performance: They went to a local Pinkberry for ice cream."

Wrote Archuleta: "Mental note to self: always ask where before you go! Wasn't my kind of place lol, and I had no clue! I guess you live and learn."

He later added: "I wouldn't get into things like that intentionally haha."

And finally, "I didn't want you guys to be worried so had to let you know the facts."

Presumably Archuleta has a lot of gay fans. It's too bad he considers being thought of as gay something to freak out about."


  1. scoobytx says

    1) his career has long since circled the toilet bowl
    2) what an ignorant little bitch
    3) he’s yet to come out himself
    4) which makes him insane

  2. ichabod says

    Sorry, kid. I don’t even know who you are, much less care about what kind of pipe you smoke…

  3. Richard says

    David does have a lot of Gay fans,he is young, beautiful and extremely talented. The three things required to be admired by the Gays. The fact that he had to clear the air, so to speak, with his Str8 fans, about being in a gay club is perfectly fine with me (as long as he IS Str8). If you turn the tables, I would expect the same type of “freak out” annoucement from Melissa Estheridge if she was seen at a Chippendales Show. No harm done.

  4. Nathanial says

    “Presumably Archuleta has a lot of gay fans. It’s too bad he considers being thought of as gay something to freak out about.”

    Well… he has all that hate-filled MORMON upbringing to overcome. Give him a chance — he’s only 19.

  5. says

    Yeah he is a kid, but how long has it been since he was on Idol? He should know better by now. He outed himself, not by going to the club, but by typing on his twitter page.

  6. MichaelB says

    Sounds a lot like the early years of Ricky Martin. I’m sure he would have “Tweeted” the same kinds of messages if they had had such a thing when he first became famous.

    Just sayin.

    Regardless, I think it’s very disrespectful of his gay fans to act as if being gay is something so terrible and being around large groups of gay people is something to be avoided like the plague.

    19 or no, he certainly could have handled this much better.

    Once was a fan…

  7. map says

    he wasn’t even talking about gay bar, this article made him like he was. non fans who don’t know him would think he was. as far as i know, he is so unjudgemental, and being judged based on tweets isn’t a good thing, i guess.

  8. Bill says

    I already knew he was gay. Plus, it’s the experience of a lot of gay people who are new to coming out to go to gay clubs with their female friend because they don’t know any other gay men. Heterosexual males don’t go to clubs with female friends just to hang out.

  9. stephen says

    give him time… give him time…

    he’s very young- younger than his years if you consider his upbringing.

    Remember, Clay Gaykin was also straight.

  10. sparks says

    I interpreted what he said as not really being into the club scene, possibly wanting to distance himself from the young celebs who so frequently get involved in drugs and scandals.

    Even with his controlling father and mormon/family-centric environment, he seems to make his way around to see shows and enjoy a variety of music, and pals around with some fairly liberal types in the industry.

    When he’s ready to take a firmer hold on his career and life, he will find a way to come forward with his orientation. It’ll upset a few of his fans, sure, but I think he’ll get support from most of them. And remember, some might be tweens and teens now, they’re growing up just like he is.

  11. says

    “Sounds a lot like the early years of Ricky Martin. I’m sure he would have “Tweeted” the same kinds of messages if they had had such a thing when he first became famous.”

    Except Ricky Martin never denied it, nor did he throw gays under the bus for his own benefit. There is no comparison here.

    But to be fair to Mr. Archuleta, he has to deal with hyper-information and the uberinformed.

  12. 2 cents says

    I had issues facing my sexuality well into my 20’s, coming from a religious, sheltered background. Even realizing I liked guys wasn’t enough of a light bulb for me, because the only gays I knew were sassy, catty, attention-seeking kids –& that wasn’t cool behavior for me (or what I found attractive). Probably/likely? just internalized homophobia (although I’m still not hot for those types & those kids visibility definitely helps, even if it turned me off). I’m just sayin: until you see possibilities for yourself in how the gay community is represented, it can be hard for a kid say, “there I am! that’s me too!” If you go from church-world a few times a week & then are shown a gay bar or google “gay”, it can be a let down for someone trying to find their identity as a person who’s gay (being gay is not just about finding the next hot guy; or is it? discuss…). It’s changing, I hope, for younger generations, but like Rufus Wainwright said, in reference to Ricky Martin: there’s a lot of homophobia out there.

  13. anon says

    Well, he’s definitely Archuleta, not Articulata. Perhaps his most dedicated fans can interpret what he is saying.

  14. Violet says

    David is an extremely kind and non-judgmental guy. He loves all of his fans and they include every race, religion, age and gender preference. And he treats everyone he meets with the same kindness and respect. But any kind of bar where some people are 1/2 clothed would not be his kind of place. Bars in general are not his kind of place.

  15. says

    Yeah sure, he’s young. Then again, 19 really isn’t that young – I think some people might be fooled by the fact that he looks 12 (and will forever look like 12). I still don’t get it. Even when I wasn’t “out” (came out when I was 20), I still wasn’t a backward shitkicker who’d say ignorant things about gay people.
    I’m not saying gay celebrities ‘owe’ the public anything by coming out before they’re ready, but they can at least STFU.

  16. josepe says

    by 19 you still thinking it over, there is a lot of hate in this world, if he is or he isn’t , I really don’t care he is very good singing and that’s what matters.

    why build ’em up ,if we are bringing ’em down

  17. map says

    he talked about clubs in general. if you know him, he is kind of person who is not comfortable with that kinda stuff and why hasn’t these being posted ?

    @hamghost I have friends who are gay, and they’re great people. Whether they’re gay or not doesn’t change how I think of them.

    @hamghost I have nothing against anyone, I’m sorry if that’s how it came across. I’m just not into the partying scene lol. 34 minutes ago via web Retweeted by you and 32 others

  18. Chris says

    I mentioned this on Twitter, and after a few angry messages from his fangirls actually got a tweet from Archuleta himself clarifying his position – apparently he DID mean the club scene rather than the gay scene.

  19. jamal49 says

    Although Archuleta is major “BORING!” material just as that execrable show American Idol is, I’d say, Cut the kid some slack! He’s Mormon and he has the Stage Father from Hell.

  20. Chuckie says

    After some of the posts here, why WOULD David want to be associated with some of you??

    I mean, seriously…

    David is a genuinely sweet kid, with a crazy vocal talent.

    Is he closeted? Well, of course. Will he ever “come out” publicly? Maybe or maybe not, and if he does it will be far down the road.

    But he’s only 19, much younger than that in terms of certain kinds of experience (despite “AI”), he has a domineering dad, and the Mormon church’s pronounced homophobia to deal with and navigate.

    In fact, David Archuleta has gone on record defending gay people who’ve been clobbered (including Adam Lambert after he came out). And David was even quick to Tweet last night or this morning (when one Twitterer asked if he was “having problems with the gays”) that many of his friends are gay and “great people” — and don’t think he wont be hassled by his church for showing that level of tolerance and generosity.

    This is a good boys, guys. He just hasn’t worked thru things yet— and good folks like David need our support, not our derision.

    Many of us were there to, once. And most of us didn’t have the added issue of public fame.

    He didn’t say anything mean. Quite the contrary. Cut him some slack.

  21. StipeFan says

    Clay Aiken, also an AI runner up, wasn’t gay either. Plus, this kid is 19. Around these parts, that’s a little too young to even think about clubbing.

  22. says

    “After some of the posts here, why WOULD David want to be associated with some of you??”

    Being gay is not an “association”, it is simply being who you are. I’m gay and I need not be associated with you, I don’t even know you.

  23. niles says

    There’s still a lot of homophobia in the press and the self-inflicted kind by the gays who still think there’s something wrong or scandalous about non-gays going to gay venue. You know the “spies” in the nightclub couldn’t wait to blab they saw him there. It just seems all too vicious and obsessive for my tastes.

  24. Daniel says

    He tweeted this morning that he has some gay friends who are great people. He is known as non-judgmental, giving, caring and considerate. He is also known as a man of faith but never judges others. It’s hard to understand for people without faith how he is the way he is. But he has shown over and over again so much caring for people regardless of sexual orientation or social status.

    There are some famous stories about him. When he was visiting Malaysia, at a high school restroom, he came across a cleaning lady. He extended his hand to offer a handshake and asked her name, then he thanked her to keep the school clean. With no cameras around, nobody knew this until the cleaning lady talked to school staff. Whether you are the president of United States or a person with no name, he always treats them with respect.

    There are many warm stories surrounding him. I know many of you may not follow him. But before you judge him, do some research on him. He is one of the best human being I have never seen. He clearly said he is straight, but if you don’t want to believe it, it’s OK. It’s not my business.

  25. aeadan says

    thank you towleroad road posters for giving david the benefit of the doubt. yes, he made a communications blunder, he didn’t articulate himself very clearly yesterday, and it angered people. he made a mistake, but has manned up and taken the time to clarify and make clear exactly what he meant. takes balls, when he could have just clammed up and ignored it, or sloughed it off on someone else to take the heat. he’s just a young, earnest kid in a very cynical and jaded world, just trying to figure it all out. and he will, given time, support and understanding. thanks again for giving him the benefit of the doubt – he really deserves it.

  26. Ryan says

    Good lord, cut the kid some slack. He’s 19 and Mormon – I don’t blame him at all. I’m an ex-Mormon myself and when I was 19, I was so deep in the closet that I assumed I would die there.

    Ricky Martin has spent almost 2 decades as an entertainer and had no excuse for not coming out until this year; David Archuleta on the other hand is still a kid.

  27. ChadSF says

    David dahling, you might want to recheck and see where your career is at this point in time. You might want to know that in the event the that your girl fans abandon you for the next “Justin Bieber” type out there. you just (might) have the GAY community by your side. But, oh well.. Another tweet fail.

  28. Gary says

    Let’s not pretend as if we all marched out of the womb waving a rainbow flag. Many of us didn’t come out of the closet until our late teens, early twenties, or (gasp!) later in life.

  29. Chuckie says

    “Being gay is not an “association”, it is simply being who you are. I’m gay and I need not be associated with you, I don’t even know you.”

    Exactly, MALESYMBOL, it’s NOT an “association”, so some of these posters need to stop demanding that David salute a particular flag and proclaim this-and-that like it’s some club he is or isn’t in.

    Sometimes gay folks are their own worst enemies, attacking other gays (or alleged gays) for not marching in step to a predetermined beat.

    Archuleta is still a pretty innocent boy, and yes, 19 is now too young to legally go clubbing anyway.

    David has defended gay people before when they were besmirched, and has also stated that he has many “great” gay friends. He’s said NOTHING homophobic.

    If he needs to come out later, then give him the time to do so.

  30. John says


    You cut Archuleta slack because he’s a Mormon, like you were, yet Ricky Martin has no excuse? Do you know anything about Puerto Rico?

  31. Gary says


    I probably could have worded that better. Yes, I do agree that growing up in Puerto Rico would be just as difficult as growing up in Utah, if not more so.

    I think the difference between the two I was trying to point out was that Ricky Martin (38 years old) has been in the public eye for 26 years, whereas David Archuleta (19 years old) has only been in the public eye for 2.

    Religion and location aside, David Archuleta IS still very young and very inexperienced in the world.

  32. JT says

    Hmm…sorry, but I read this as him having a panic that his perceived fanbase of 12-25 year old dateless girls and 45-75 year old nostalgic women would grasp their pearls and start going into a biblical trance at the idea of their perfect lil crush being a homosexual (ala Gayken’s disgusting “claymates”)
    And..I suspect that had he been a slightly chubby black singer with the same voice, we would not have all these tolerant messages in here about “giving him time”

  33. JT says

    Is he a homophobe, probably not, is he young, yes…and does his background effect his choices, of course.
    But is he also aware of what could happen to him if he were outed as gay, considering he was marketed as an all american boy who sings beautiful ballads for girls to weep over? Oh YES…he does indeed…and if he didnt, he has managers and publicists and his father to remind him.
    This reaction is just that…him freaking that he may even be perceived as gay. He has handled this better in the past when the question came up, so we know that he can articulate his thoughts better.
    Only hope that when he comes out, which he will, that he will remember this and apologize to his gay fans

  34. ximena says

    David didn’t say anything offensive, he only explained to us about this night. I don’t see anything of offens in his tweets, i could go to a club with my friends and i could say that it isn’t my kind of place but not for this i hate all the people who goes to this club.
    And he’s not gay, if I base in all that some say ; now if i go to Arabia i’m an arabic? .. pff


  35. Chuckie says

    The point is: is doesn’t MATTER if he’s gay.

    He’s one of the best young singers we have out there, and is a terrific person by all accounts.

    His sexuality, one way or the other, is his own business.

    And he did and said NOTHING of a homophobic nature.

  36. Dave says

    He is so clearly a gay young man regardless of what he says today. One day I he will live honestly with himself and be happy or continue to live denial and remain as clear on this issue as he and many in his situation are. I love his quote, “I wouldn’t get into things like that intentionally ha ha…” It reveals a unspoken personal history with “things like that” with a built in excuse… I recall using that myself after too many cocktails before I came out…

  37. rayy says

    OK, from the tweets above, doesn’t exactly seem like he’s “freaking out”. Maybe he didn’t handle this in a mature manner, maybe with a little humor, but so what.

  38. says

    What a dummy. His closet door is slowly creaking open but his hateful Mormon religion keeps slamming it shut!

  39. says

    David doesn’t consider being gay “something to freak out about.” Anyone who follows his career knows that. He has gay friends and a lot of gay fans. He’s also been supportive of Adam Lambert and Clay Aiken when asked how he feels about their sexuality. Yes, David was raised Mormon but he’s not judgmental. He’s just not the type of celebrity who’s into the party scene, that’s all.

  40. kim says

    he’s also mormon and bullied by a raging stagefather, so my guess is he’d be terrified to do anything that daddy might see as a threat to the public’s perception of him as a “nice boy.” QQ

  41. omi says

    Blah, it’s a rumor. If he didn’t care, he wouldn’t have felt compelled to twitter about it.

  42. Jules says

    Not to be overly naive, but are we sure he was even to the gay aspect? I mean, he’s 19 so it’s pretty much illegal for him to be at a bar, at all…
    And his father scares the crap out of me…I can only imagine the regular damage control this kid needs to do to keep him from flying off his rocker.

  43. Eric says

    No, you’re not gay, just a has-been whose 5 minutes of fame passed by a while back. Go away now. Thank you.

  44. Andrew says

    Look, I would have done the same thing when I was 19. I was still in the closet and still afraid of how my dad and my church would perceive me. Even if Davie did mean that he wouldn’t wanna be around gays (which I don’t think he did), then it’s just defensiveness. I used to call people gay to make fun of them because I was trying to come off as straight.

  45. ProfessorVP says

    I think David should do what any respectable person in show busines should do. Build up a fan base of young, clueless white girls from suburbia who fantasize about marrying him, rake in a shitload of money, and when his career is over in a few years, come out.

  46. hello says

    give him a break guys. his dad is a complete psycho and his Mormon background isn’t helping him a lot too. I’m just concerned he’d go the Britney route when he completely wakes up from the coma that is his dad’s complete dominance on him.

  47. TANK says

    I guess because stupid people influence other stupid people, we should care about what stupid people say…Right? That it? Uh huh… hurrrdurrrrrrrr

  48. LS says

    You guys can call someone anything you want, but did it ever occur to you that David ISN’T gay and just doesn’t want to be called that? I know he is gorgeous and is the sensitive type, but there are many men like that who aren’t gay. I love that he has gay fans, but it doesn’t mean he IS gay.

    I am pretty sure he won’t ever come out because he isn’t gay!!! Honestly, some of your comments are pretty twisted. It is no wonder so many people have negative opinions of gays after reading the mean things you say.

  49. TANK says

    That’s right, LS…there are many men who are like that who aren’t gay…they’re called closeted.

  50. TANK says

    No, piggy letch, you’re a homosexual if you’re closeted, not gay. Look, when I desire your subcognitive ruminations, ls, I’ll leave the toilet seat up.

  51. Alex says

    Yeah, I believe that he had no clue that was a gay bar. The Mormon and the Bout Scout should have listed all the gay bars in the country so their members won’t go in there by mistake.

  52. sparks says

    If you go back a little ways on David’s twitter blog, you’ll see a tweet where he’s sitting at a restaurant and thought it was cool that a guy proposed to his girlfriend a couple tables over. A while later, he tweeted that he ended up singing a song for them right there in the restaurant.

    Everything I’ve ever read about David leads me to believe he’s just one of those rare people with a genuine appreciation and compassion for others.

    He’s a very sweet kid and comes off really corny sometimes, but IMO that’s a refreshing change of pace from many other young singers/actors who are full of themselves.

  53. Genome says

    Why…can anyone please explain to me why gay people, especially those on this website, seem to thrive on labeling people gay with no other proof than “trust me I know.” What do you know? Seriously WHAT DO YOU KNOW. How long have you known David, where except for on T.V. have you seen him, when was the last time you met him? Seriously? I don’t care if you went through the same thing WTF does that have to do with someone else who had vastly different experiences and a different personality.

    My best friend went through hell for years because his mother simply refused to acknowledge that he was gay, all his family rejected any part of his life that was contrary to their beliefs on how he should live his life and his boyfriend, who was nonexistent as far as the family was concerned, was the loudest person bitching and moaning about it and everybody just thought “Oh you poor thing.” And yet sitting down with them to watch TV or a movie the same shit you guys are vomiting comes out of his mouth. He refuses to acknowledge anyone’s confirmation of their own sexuality if it’s contrary to his own. This hypocrisy makes me sick.

    Stop trying to make everyone you like out to be gay. The world doesn’t conform to your beliefs. I don’t know if it’s a condition of being gay or a condition of being American but YOU ARE NOT THE END-ALL-TO-BE-ALL when it comes to other people’s life. My God. I have gay friends here who refuse to acknowledge my European and Japanese friends’ heterosexuality because “trust me I just know.” No one in this world is going to have the same experiences as you and not everyone acts/reacts alike.

    I have a friend who vehemently objects to being called American and says she’s not American, she’s African American and I have a lot of friends who think her stand on the subject is ridiculous, but because she looks white she makes sure anytime someone says she’s American she corrects them, I guess you guys better get on her case. How dare she reject being American like it’s a disease, how dare she chose how she wants to be identified, and how dare she implies that strangers don’t know her better than she knows herself.

  54. Genome says

    PLEASE. No wonder Hollywood guys are scared to be honest and firm about their sexuality. They keep quiet and it’s “oh at least they’re smart enough not to publicly deny it” and when they refute it’s either “Oh you self-hating gay, you’re not tricking all the gays who KNOW by watching you on TV” or “Well, even if you’re not gay why deny it like there’s something wrong with being gay.” You just can’t win with you guys.

    I guess all the Hindu that were and still are quick to deny being Muslim because of how they look should be taken to task as well. I mean they don’t want to be mistaken for Muslim any more than any straight guy wants to seriously be mistaken for gay so lets curse and insult them too.

    There’s nothing wrong with being a Muslim but I can guarantee you any Christian/Jew/Hindi you approach will correct you quick if you refer to them as such. Does that mean they all disparage Muslims the world over or even because they’re insulted? I always correct people who call me Chinese not because there’s anything wrong with it but because I’m Korean and I’m proud to be Korean.

    How come gays are allowed to be loud and proud but when straight people do it’s because they’re making a statement against gays? Why can’t you see the hypocrisy you’re exhibiting every time you open you mouth or put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard?

    You have to show respect to get respect, you want people to respect your right to be unapologetically gay then respect their right to be unapologeticaly straight. No one should have to apologize for saying what they are and no should be penalized for denying what they aren’t.

  55. JHM says

    There was no “freaking out” in David’s Tweets. He simply tried to clear up some of the Tweet frenzy from people who jump to conclusions. David was kind and clear in his messages. He doesn’t malign anyone. He is one of the kindest people you will ever meet. Why can’t people accept the fact that David is not gay. He has stated this before. Move on for pete’s sake. Just respect this amazing young man for who he is. An incredibly talented young artist, kind, non-judgmental and one of the most amazing people I have ever met.

  56. ProfessorVP says

    Genome, there’s no better example than Clay Aiken, who tried the “gosh, I’m just the sensitive type” approach during his money-making years. I have a friend who ushered at one of Clay’s more recent Christmas shows. You could have seen and heard a tumbleweed roll through, that’s how empty it was. Now that his career is finished and has nothing to lose, it’s like, “gosh, I wasn’t sensitive after all, just gay.” You and some others won’t like this, but there is nothing sturdier than the ancient “if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, duh!, it’s a duck” method. And yes, Pollyanna, we (gays) can almost always spot our own, it is not a case of mere wishful thinking. David is gay. Period. You can accept that now as his star ascends, or wait until later when he is working at Kinko’s (unless he saves his money) and comes out to his last handful of fans. What is it all about? Money. Money, pure and simple, money. There is just more money to be made fooling the public into thinking you’re straight than coming out. Don’t hate on me for telling the truth. And don’t bother telling me the public doesn’t care. It cares, bigtime.

  57. Rick says

    funny how some fans say “you don’t know anything about him, he’s not gay – he’s straight”

    You don’t know him either, beyotches!

    You say he’s straight – I say he’s gay. I have as much right to say he’s gay as you have to say he’s straight!!!

    So really, STFU.

  58. Violet says

    David’s real fans, gay and straight, know how kind and non-judgmental he is to everyone, even people who are not nice to him. But he’s a chaste 19-year old Mormon. So for real, that club was not his kind of place. It had an erotic party atmosphere and some partially clothed patrons. A girly bar also would not be David’s kind of place. But I have never seen David be anything other than supportive of other people’s lifestyle choices. He’s not a homophobe, not a hater.

  59. huh says

    yeah he apologized it
    and he loves gay eventhough he’s not gay
    Lady GAGA is not gay but she loves gay
    same thing

  60. ArchieFan says

    Folks, chill out please! David did not “throw gays under the bus” or say anything hateful or disrespectful about gays. You’re twisting his words around and being way too sensitive about this. I have a gay cousin, I’m a HUGE gay rights supporter (pro-gay marriage), and I despise homophobia, but I didn’t take offense to anything David said. He was merely trying to clear the air because there have been rumors about his sexuality for years and he was getting a lot of freaked-out tweets from fans. His fans are mostly tweens, teenage girls, and religious people, so they were freaking out – which was dumb, but that’s not David’s fault. He didn’t “freak out” – THEY freaked out and he responded. Nowhere in his tweets did he say anything like “I’m NOT GAY” or “Being gay is a sin” or anything stupid like that. If you kept reading his tweets, you’d have seen that he said he has gay friends and it doesn’t change the way he thinks of them AT ALL, makes no difference to him.

    Don’t you haters realize that David was raised by a devout Mormon family (therefore, majorly anti-gay)? So even if he IS gay, the poor kid is going to be in denial about it and suffer over it for years, ashamed of who he is and terrified that he might be a “sinner.” Give him time – 19 is still very young and he’s emotionally even younger than his years, so if he’s gay then he’s probably deeply confused. If you’re so sure he’s gay, don’t you have any compassion at all for him? Of course, coming out is hard for ANYONE, but for a kid raised by a Mormon family with his dream career at risk (given his huge teenage female fan base), that would be even scarier and more painful. Remember how Lance Bass hid his sexuality while in *NSYNC because he was afraid they’d lose their fans? It’s even worse for David because he could be disowned by his church, his family, and even a lot of his fans. It would break my heart to see David go through such pain, because I’m a huge fan of his and have followed him closely for 2 years – I even met him twice. I can tell that he’s clearly not like most Mormons – I’ve never heard of him saying an unkind or judgmental word about ANYONE, including Adam Lambert after the AMA scandal. He is a compassionate, loving, good soul who doesn’t deserve this ridiculous firestorm of hostility and hysterical accusations from both gay rights supporters and anti-gay homophobes. YOU’RE the ones who are being judgmental, not David.

    And for those of you who are so sure he’s hiding his sexuality, I might add that just because he’s sweet and sensitive doesn’t make him gay – in fact, that’s what girls love so much about him! If being sweet made a guy gay, I doubt I’d be interested in dating men (and I’m a straight girl)! Oh and btw, most Mormon boys don’t start dating girls until they’re around David’s age anyway, so don’t jump to conclusions just because he’s not photographed with girls. But even if he is gay, it makes NO DIFFERENCE to me and it shouldn’t matter to his true fans. Just the other day, before this story broke, I left a comment on a YouTube video where a heated debate was going on between people who thought David’s gay and his outraged fans. I was disgusted by the homophobic fans’ reaction, so I left this comment: “What are you going to do if he says he IS gay – suddenly stop loving him and his music and decide to stone him to death? Are we living in the Dark Ages? I hope not.”

    I truly hope that if he does turn out to be gay, he’ll find the strength to overcome his narrow-minded upbringing and be proud of who he is, and be honest with his family, friends, and fans about it. But in the meantime, it’s NOBODY’S BUSINESS who David is attracted to. No one is entitled to know just because David’s a celebrity. If he’s gay, he’ll come out when he’s good and ready and no one can know when that time is except him. I’m sick to death of people bullying supposedly closeted stars and saying they have a responsibility to come out to the public, as though they are automatically responsible for advancing the cause of the entire gay community just because they’re in the public eye. Celebrities are not politicians or activists and they have a right to their privacy just like everyone else. For those of you who are gay, how would you like it if the media started prying into your love life, starting rumors about you, and guilt-tripping you out of the closet? Not too comfortable, is it? Didn’t think so.

  61. ProfessorVP says

    Celebrities have a right to privacy? Only a genuine 100% doofus would even think such a thing, much less write it. If you want privacy, work at a business where millions of people don’t see you in movies, at concerts, or on TV, and where you don’t make a shitload of money in return for projecting a certain image. How dumb, I ask, can one get?

  62. ArchieFan says

    Yes ProfessorVP, and I have to ask how RUDE can one get? You’re damn right celebrities have a right to privacy – in their PERSONAL lives. They’re called “personal” for a reason. Just because David has a recording contract, makes TV appearances, and tours the world performing concerts, that means he has no right to privacy in his love life? Bullshit. So I suppose you have no problem with psychotic paparazzi vultures chasing down celebrities in their cars and nearly killing people so that they can get good pictures of them to sell to magazines? Are we justified in camping out on David’s lawn and peeking in his windows with video cameras because he happens to be in the limelight of the music business? David may not be able to sue people for gossiping about his love life and slandering him as a homophobic bigot, but that doesn’t make it right to do so. He’s a human being and not a monkey in a zoo put there for all of us to gape at for our own selfish amusement. And most importantly, he doesn’t deserve the bullshit accusations being thrown his way by homophobic zealots AND over-sensitive gay rights supporters. He has never said a judgmental word about anyone who is gay; on the contrary, he’s made supportive comments about openly gay singers like Clay Aiken and Adam Lambert. If he hated gays, I certainly wouldn’t be on here defending him.

    And I have to agree with another commenter – why the hell would David want to be associated with some of you who posted on this article? Some of you have shown that you are far more judgmental and narrow-minded than you claim David is. Don’t pass judgment on someone you don’t know based on a string of innocuous tweets from a nervous, confused kid who’s not used to the limelight yet.

    One more thing: it’s not like David went to a place like the GLAAD Media Awards and then backpedaled and said he didn’t mean to go there! He went to a nightclub where there were nearly naked dancers and drunk people, and that’s just not his scene. He’s underage for one thing! Heterosexual clubs with half-naked women are also not his scene! He is a traditional Mormon boy who is not into partying or grinding with anyone, girl or guy. He’s never even been on a real date in his life. So this was not an affront to the gay community in general, and not even to the segment that goes to these clubs – David wrote that he is not into the “partying scene,” and if you had been following his career & interviews for years like I have, you’d know that to be the truth.

  63. Genome says

    Listen I wrote a long respond about why I really don’t care and am not pretending to know whether or not he’s gay but I forgot to temporarily allow scripts on this page and when I did it reloaded and all my shit was erased.

    I’ll simply end my part in this discussion by saying that what I challenge is the use of the word “know.” If people were honest with themselves and instead wrote that they “think” or “wished” that someone was gay then there’s nothing wrong with that. You could think every person was a closet Homo for all I care but to claim intimate knowledge about someone you’ve never met simply because you think a special powers of deduction is just plain STUPID.

    I am not claiming David is gay (I don’t watch AI, I’ve never heard him sing, and I don’t even think he is cute. I am not a fan) but the point is no one but David and maybe a few close friends know the truth.

  64. Genome says

    *There’s a few mistakes there but the most important correction is that I meant to write that I am not claiming that David ISN’T gay

  65. SteveDenver says

    There’s a lot of Jesus in this boy’s life. It could be a few years before he realizes what sex is, much less heterosexuality or homosexuality… unless he’s Catholic.

  66. ProfessorVP says

    I knew, long before they came out, that Clay Aiken and Ricky Martin were gay, as a lot of other people knew it. And listen, I know the planet Jupiter is large, although I’ve never been there. To deny the obvious is pretty childish. That’s for genome.

    That said, Archie, whenever somebody says something like celebs, entertainers, and politicians have the same right to privacy as private citizens in occupations that don’t deal with the media and masses of audiences, and huge sums of money (if they are lucky for a while), they deserve to be called out on it. Lame, childish, dumb, naive. The day the papparazzi DOESN’T follow Kate Gosselin, for example, it’s all over for her. Finished. Over. Kaput. Do you think she’d like that, and go back to her previous job, which- if you didn’t know- was nurse? No, don’t bother answering. How old are some of the people here? 12?
    If David didn’t understand the nature of show business before, he does now. He can either butch up his act (Mission Impossible?) or accept that a large segment of the public will question his sexuality, and tough titty if he doesn’t like it, that’s show biz.

  67. Bear says

    So, what I wanna know is why does everyone interpret someone saying gay clubs is not their kind of thing as saying “NO! I’m not gay!”. A few of my gay friends don’t like gay clubs, either! LOL Boggles the mind.

    People are like “newsflash, David: going to a gayclub doesn’t make you gay” but I say “newsflash: saying you don’t like (gay) clubs doesn’t make you say you’re not gay, either.” Sheesh.

    I mean, okay, even as a big fan I have to admit David certainly could’ve worded his tweets better (I cringed when I saw them, not gonna lie) or better yet just not tweet at all (he really needs a publicist who he can turn to when stuff like this happens) but you should’ve seen the tweets he received from some “worried” fans – and he’s a 19 yr old kid who is so “pure” he even can’t stand looking at women wearing mini-skirts on a friggin paperbag from H&M or whatever it was. Anyway, the tweets some of his fans sent him were by far a lot more worrisome to me. That’s our teens there, all homophobe and intolerant? That’s the sad news here, folks, not a Mormon kid who doesn’t like drinking and partying half-naked (whether it’s males or females running around half-naked.)

    Also, sorry, but why is everyone attacking David, but no one seems offended by Charice’s tweets about the whole thing? She says she was “scared of the crowd”… (honey, they’d not be interested in youuu, girl!) and “I had to promote her single there” – uh, what?

    You know, the cynic in me is inclined to say someone on Charice’s team pulled a PR stunt here, and David got dragged into it. But let’s not go that far. Sheesh.

    Now, everyone chill and peace out. There’s more important things in the world to worry about than these (intentional) misunderstandings of a naive kid who’d never intentionally hurt or offend anyone, and treast everyone nice.

  68. Will says

    David – you’re gay. Your tweets are so telling. We have all been there, in your shoes. Don’t worry, based on your background and upbringing, you will finally come out around 40…after marriage and kids.

  69. Charlotte says

    I personally know David, and I can PROMISE you that 1. He isn’t gay 2. He DOES NOT have any hatred toward gay people. He has quite a few gay friends and loves and accepts them just like he does his straight friends. People are blowing this extremely out of proportion. And for the tweet about not being into that scene…he was talking about clubbing. He is a very shy guy, and isn’t into partying. He could honestly care less if it was a gay or straight club, the whole thing just isn’t his type of fun.

  70. ProfessorVP says

    Charlotte, if what you wrote sounds like pure public relations, it is probably because you are David’s publicist. Well, I hope you’re paid well, because this particular issue will always keep you working overtime.

  71. Ethan says

    Archu… what? No, I pass. I want to know if Shane Dawson is gay. He’s the only twitter I care about.

  72. bad guy says

    you gays are so defencive of your sex because deep down you are natures big mistake, and you know it,and i know this for shure in fact you are ashamed of it ,i also know this for shure deep down you wish you were not gay,you wish david was so you can fantize about having sex with him which will never happen,i also no this for shure and i am gay,or by

  73. Xman says

    In his defense, the kids only 19. A lot of us were scared when we were that age.
    Ya and so was Ricky Martin….what a little dweeb

  74. Lou Gibson says

    After reading the above comments about David Archuleta seems there are a lot of people who are unhappy with their lives and so they find satisfaction in saying awful things about other people. It really is a sad thing, I feel sorry for you.
    You do not have to worry about David Archuleta, his career is doing just fine and it is too bad that more young people do not have the Love and kindness that this young man has. Being jealous of him will not solve your problems. Perhaps if you looked at who he really is and his faith in God you might find some happiness in your lives.

  75. candy mar says

    hola soy candy quiero que me agregues en el twitter quiero ser tu amiga se de tu vida pero no tanto se que eres de una iglesia que yo asisto soy miembro de la iglesia de Jesucristo de los santo de los últimos días soy de Venezuela hablo el español latino espero que leas este mensaje que te envié espero que entiendas el español si no lo entiende traduzcáis en ingles gracias por leerlo tq

  76. Alfred says

    He seems very nice. I’m not sure what I would have said under the circumstances. I don’t think he’s “freaking out”.