Lawyers for P. Diddy: For the Record, He’s Not Gay


Lawyers for Sean "Puffy" Combs sent blogger Sandra Rose a cease and desist letter denying a blind item was about their client:

"This law firm represents the internationally renowned entertainer Sean 'Puff'y' Combs. The article you have published on your website, titled 'Not So Blind Item' (the 'Article') is laden with scandalous and false information about Mr. Combs, is libelous per se and portrays Mr. Combs in a false light. For the record, Mr. Combs is not homosexual."

Denying a blind item?  Way to dignify it.

(via rod 2.0)


  1. Rovex says

    In fairness she didnt exactly post a blind item when she put up a picture of them along with the article. She basically outed them, plain and simple. If it was a lie then what response do you expect?

  2. omi says

    In all fairness, P. Diddy could be naked covered in delicious milk chocolate and I’d still say, no.

  3. Joel says

    After visiting SandraRose’s blogpost, I’m more turned off by some of the homophobic comments coming from the commentators, than I am about the whole alleged “outing” of Diddy.

  4. Tone says

    Isn’t sending letters threatening legal action a sure fire way to ensure this non-story doesn’t go away? Diddy may or may not be many things, but he certainly isn’t very bright. Ask Barbra how her little legal rant over a photo of her house has worked out for her.

  5. spynter says

    Sorry brad – he’s on our team, like it or not. Or, maybe he’s bi – but there’s no question that he’s a friend of the peen. I know. And he’s hung, too.

    I was shocked initially – but then the hats, the wingman ‘butler’, the prissy ‘gangsta’ attitude – it all made sense…

  6. anon says

    Actually, she stated that he was bisexual, not homosexual, so his attorney will need to rewrite the complaint. However, South Park did this years ago.

  7. Perry says

    All I know is that every time he’s been on Larry King Live, the ol’ gaydar has tweeted non-stop—needed ear-plugs, y’all!

  8. David says

    Didn’t the courts just declare that calling someone gay is not libel?

    Diddy needs new lawyers.

  9. Rocky says


    Gaydar? Give me a mother fuckin’ break.Your gaydar would probably go crazy even on a guy who is as str8 as can be even if he had a slutty looking girlfriend with too much make-up on.The gaydar argument has become such a cliche its not even valid anymore.I can guarantee you that douche-bag is not gay.Get over yourself!

  10. TANK says

    Hey ROCKY! Just because you have no gaydar doesn’t mean that everyone else doesn’t. Diddy’s a queer.

  11. jason says

    Isn’t it posible that Diddy is a bisexually oriented man? I wouldn’t be at all surprised. Either way, he’s ugly and makes ugly music.

  12. Paul R says

    I can’t believe he has such shitty lawyers. I’d never heard of this blogger before, but now everyone will. They did her a favor.

    I always suspected he was gay but didn’t want him to be. He’s such an ass.

  13. Chris says

    Um Paul nevermind Sandra Rose and nasty and idiotic Black British Blogger who does nothing but try annihilate Pres Obama and his wife Michelle because she doesn’t like them.

    And she knows it because when she begins her vitriol she won’t allow comments.

  14. ChrisM says

    Personally I think puff daddy, sean p, puffy, p diddy or whatever he’s decided to call himself this week is way too narcissistic to be into anyone but himself which would make him a no-sexual. But the “legal” thing is a sure way to get an additional 15 minutes when your career isn’t where it used to be.

  15. contragenic says

    Funny stuff, aww poor Puffy, the DL thing not working out huh?
    Oops, the Puffster is straight, or at least Oprah straight, I’ll try to remember that.

  16. says

    it’s called the “on the DL” – so many African American men practice this form of not being gay. and really, why address it?