1. Tim says

    Bill, You’re not Irish. You were born and bred in the USA. So you can fuck right off with your anti-Irish, anti-gay, bigoted bile.


    Gay, Irish.

  2. romeo says

    He’s on a media campaign to defend the Pope, who’s in some major trouble now, and Donohue is so wasting his time. The Pope’s problem is with Europeans more than Americans. And Europeans have a very different attitude regarding the hypocrisy and corruption of the Catholic Church, and churches in general. In World War II in Europe, virtually every denomination betrayed its Christian principles either out of fear of or agreement with the Nazis. So much for the value of churches when the chips are down. And what’s going on now ranks with the betrayals then. They can all just take the consequences.

  3. says

    By comparing homosexuality to being Irish, Chinese or Italian (essentially an ethnicity to (which a person is born), via alcoholism, Bill seems to be saying that people are born gay. And I really don’t think Bill is on that band wagon yet!

  4. jexer says

    His argument is as pathetic as accusing Eskimo’s of being racist… because there aren’t any “black” Eskimo’s.

    If the Catholic church had as many altar-GIRLS as they did altar-boys… the word “homosexual” would be lost in the footnotes.

  5. patrick nyc says

    Anyone else notice how much he looks like that other douche bag Karl Rove? Separated at birth? There are two abortions that I would have gladly performed.

  6. Keith says

    That sad truth is that there are many in America who will believe him, and hold the same opinion as him. They will use this interview as “proof” and confirmation of their opinion, and thus treat it as fact. It is grossly irresponsible of CNN to air such lies, and there was no counterpoint or fact checking in response to Donahue’s statements. We should be protesting CNN for giving one person’s erroneous and false opinions airtime. It would be the akin to us coming on CNN and saying all Christians are child molesters and that it’s a part of the practice of their faith, as these abuse cases suggest.

  7. Jeff says

    The only group “overrepresented in a particular problem area” is Catholic Priests in the sexual abuse of children.

    And can we just go ahead and presume that this anti-gay creep (like countless others) is a closeted cocksucker?

  8. PhilW says

    Funny how Jesus says exactly nothing about homosexuality in the bible, yet specifically condemns divorce. I’m a bit confused how a divorced “Christian” can spend so much time attacking gay people.

  9. jamal49 says

    I think Billy Donohue, Professional Apologist and Butt-Boy for the Catholic Church, has been nipping just a little too much of the altar wine.

  10. walter says

    does donohue take communion ? how can he if he is divorced? how can he break a major rule of the church and still speak for it. can you say double standard. i would love to find out one of his kids was gay. it would be interesting to see his reaction to that situation.

  11. jp says

    The reason the priests’ victims are mostly male is the same reason prison rape victims are – they took what was available. They had access. Remember, no alter girls back then.

    Prison rapists aren’t usually gay either.

    If a gay man has sex with a woman, that doesn’t make him straight, hence, if a straight man has sex with a boy that doesn’t mean he’s gay.

  12. Mary says

    Divorced people may take communion in the Roman Catholic Church. If they remarry, they may not. So if BD is divorced and remarried–or foxing around with anybody–he’s prohibited from receiving communion. Somehow, I suspect that he’s not practicing celibacy. Anything he has to say about gay people really should be directly challenged on scientific grounds.

  13. Bart says

    I don’t think anyone actually believes Donahue because of his style and his overly-obvious manner with which he always changes the subject of abuse. There are probably a few hardcore Catholics who are glad someone is out trying to deflect attention but most Catholics I know are as embarrassed by him as they are of this scandal. Bill isn’t a solution or a spokesperson…he’s part of the problem.

    One other HUGE point, Donahue keeps using the word “libelous” in his attack on the New York Times. If that’s true, then sue. Sue and see if you win. But we all know they won’t because the Catholic Church DOES NOT want to release the information they would have to release to the defense. It would be disasterous for the Catholic Church, even more than this scandal has so far.

  14. lgwolf says

    So according to this irish blo hard, only ‘POSTPUBESCENT’ boys were abused.
    THIS within minutes of 3 Men who said they were as young as 10 & 11 & 12 had just been interviewed by Larry King.
    Donahue is an embarrassment and he needs to work on blending his bronzer if he is going to put his fat mug on tv.

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