Photo: A Gay Dad (Ricky Martin) and His Sons at the Beach


Ricky Martin tweeted this photo today of himself with his sons at the beach, the first he's made available since telling the world he's a gay parent.


  1. stephen says

    yesterday, during the evening commute, I heard a Spanish radio station say that Mr. Martin wanted his female fans to know that he’s actually bisexual… I guess it slipped his mind at the earlier announcement.

  2. CKNJ says

    The radio station was doubtlessly unable to process the information (homophobia, anyone?) and put that statement out. There is no reason Ricky Martin would have backtracked like that.

  3. Critifur says

    I still lives in Miami? He adopted his children? He could lose his children while living in Florida now that he came out as gay. Of course they would never do that to a celebrity.

  4. Hollywood, CA says

    Or, just Dad and his sons at the beach. I’m glad that he’s on our radar now, but we don’t need to Gay his name up now. He’s just Ricky Martin, not Gay Ricky Martin.

  5. patrick nyc says

    Martin is the father to the twins, through artificial insemination. He has full custody. I’m glad he found the courage to finally be honest, not that it is a surprise to most.

    I agree that the spanish station is having problems as many others still have with homosexuality, just look at the news of the day.

  6. johnny says

    @ Hollywood, CA:

    I would almost agree, but until being gay is universally a non-issue, we need to still point out in the media that there are healthy, loving, responsible celebrities that are gay and parents. If we don’t during what could be a 20-or-better year transition to that time, then we become invisible and not in a good way. Gay teens and others need positive gay role models that are visible until that distant day.

  7. protege says

    i find it odd he puts up pics of himself all the time. don’t celebrities want their private life…private? and isn’t there paparazzi’s usually taking photos for you?

  8. Michael says

    @Protege: A lot of celebs have found (about time!) that the way to neutralize the douchebaggery of the paparazzi trade is to release the pics first.

    For celebrity parents, it is pictures of them doing everyday activities with their children that the papz yearn to capture.

    If these celeb-taken pictures are out in the open, the premium on the papz-taken pictures drop. In turn, demand for them slowly diminishes. It’s a wonderful vicious cycle.

  9. jaragon says

    I’m shocked ( but should not be surprised ) by the amount of hateful crap I’ve heard about this man since he came out- interesting in the Latino press there is this idea that Ricky was force to come out because a paparazzi had shots of him having gay sex.

  10. Jay Croce says

    I’m one of those odd faggots who isn’t quite convinced that Gay men should have children. Nothing against Gay parents. It’s the same objection I have to bi-racial parenting. Explaining the actions of their parents is just another burden for the children to bear. On the other hand, what could be better for children than open minded, loving parents? So maybe it’s just one of those ‘double edged’ affairs.

    As for his ‘coming out’, just like Anderson Cooper, he always said it was nobody’s business. I don’t recall him ever flat out denying being Gay. I question the timing of the announcement. Seems like it was engineered to head off some sort of blackmail. But I doubt it will have much effect on his popularity.

    I’ve never heard anything about Ricky Martin but good things. That he’s a kind and generous person. Talented and attractive to be sure. His boys are lucky kids. I wish Ricky and his family much happiness.

  11. Brian in Texas says

    Yes Jay Croce, you are one of those odd and hateful faggots. But I’m sure you’re a good person. Bi racial parenting?? How old are you? If you’re older than 60 then maybe I can give you a pass but geez.

  12. peterparker says

    @JAY CROCE: Psychological studies have shown that the children of gay parents are no different from those of heterosexual parents except in one regard: they are more open and accepting of diversity. I would wager the same could be said of children of interracial couples. It’s the 21 Century, dear…time for you to drag your tired and bigoted 1950s era opinions into the modern age.

  13. says

    “I’m one of those odd faggots who isn’t quite convinced that Gay men should have children. Nothing against Gay parents.”

    Not being convinced that gay men should have children is something against gay parents, sorry. At least part of your comment is more generous. As PP pointed out, studies have shown that children of gay parents do fine, they just happen to be more tolerant than other children. My college prof b/f is starting to see straight children of gay parents in his courses, and they’re great, open-minded kids.

    Celebrities aren’t obligated to publicly come out. If they’re living honest private lives (out to friends and family) and, unlike hypocritical politicians, not creating laws that harm other gay people, then it’s their choice to carry that secret in public. But coming out publicly with integrity and grace still sends a positive, empowering message to gay youth, so any celebrity who takes that path deserves a lot more respect than those who claim their sexuality is “private” while actively opening other aspects of their lives to the media.

    People like Anderson Cooper are cowards, as was Ricky (in earlier interviews he implied he was straight) before now, so I salute his present honesty, however he got there.

  14. jamal49 says

    @Jay Croce: So. Tell us. What were the 1950s REALLY like? I guess the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, and the last decade just sort of, um, passed you by, right?

  15. g_whiz says

    I think Ernie makes some pretty compelling points here. Kudos. Being open minded and tolerant seem like great qualities to pass on through one’s family and I wish more people grew up in such accepting households. As the number of gay helmed families increases I suspect we’ll see a normalization trend with gay parents (shockingly) being 100% comparable to their straight counterparts, but until then because of the legal constraints on gay parenting/marriage being a gay dad IS conspicious. Showing his devotion and care of his children is quite important on the whole. More power to him.

  16. latisha ozuna says

    It doesn’t matter what anyone says you are handsome,rich,famous,and have worked hard all your life for what you have today.Beside you there will always be a whole bunch of haters.

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