Photo: Britney Spears at the White Party Palm Springs


Britney Spears inspired a mini-meltdown when she showed up at the annual White Party in Palm Springs. This was the shot being passed around on Twitter last night. Meanwhile, this was happening on the main stage.

UPDATE: The photo was originally taken by the lovely Pandora Boxx, from RuPaul's Drag Race. Follow her on Twitter @ThePandoraBoxx.


  1. john says

    The White Party is still going? I stopped going back in the early 90’s when I gave up crystal meth and ecstacy….looks like the talent is about right though, I think we had Vanilla Ice show up once and everyone was like “I can’t feel my face!” because they were all too high to care. I have a feeling every one of those guys in the crowd thought it was Madonna singing a new song and there were rainbows coming out of their water bottles. YAY!