1. says

    I’m a great fan of Guys with iPhones and very proud to see Jordan uploading a pix. Pix NEVER have to be sexually suggestive or revealing, just a nice pic of yourself taken with your iPhone. Maybe more gay celebrities, like Ricky Martin w/his boys, Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Seacrest, Ewan McGregor – even Jim Carrey would be great to see!

  2. sparks says

    Moobwatch? Are you kidding me? Jordan is in great shape – enough to make some commenters on this very blog squeal when they saw a clip of him in concert with his shirt unbuttoned just months ago. 😛

  3. JohnnyP says

    I like GWiP particularly for checking out the rooms around them. How many mirrors do you count? Jordan sure likes to look at himself (not that I blame him).

  4. DaninSea says

    GWIP is not necessarily a ‘gay site’ … it’s so fun to read comments where everything has to have a gay spin to it! I am gay and happy to be but sometimes isn’t it just nice to see a good looking guy on here (gay or not)?

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