Towleroad Guide to the Tube #626

ORLANDO JORDAN: Professional wrestler makes his bisexuality known.

A NO PANTS, NO UNDERWEAR SUBWAY RIDE: April Fool's from Improv Everywhere.

DICK MURRAY: The gay man that named this waterfall in Arkansas (site nsfw).

CENSUS: Did you send yours in?

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  1. dhard says

    I don’t understand all these BLT census ads? There is nothing on the census form that lets you state whether you’re gay, lesbian, straight, whatever. I was disappointed that my husband and couldn’t indicate that we are a same sex married couple. All this census form does for us is tell the government that we are white males in our 30’s that rent an apartment in San Francisco. How does that help our cause?

  2. TANK says

    Glory hole? Dick Murray? LOL! “One look at it and you can see why it’s called ‘glory hole'”…um, no. Why are glory holes so named? I’d google, but some things are beneath me. Like glory holes!

  3. says

    DHARD: it’s very easy to indicate. If person 1 is male and person 2 is male, it then asks what is the relationship to person 1, and you can check “unmarried partner,” (or married, if you want), which makes you a same sex couple.

  4. dhard says

    KEVINVT: Hmmm. I didn’t see anything like that on the form I saw. For person 2, it just asked if you were “related” to person 1. There was nothing there about unmarried or married. I’m pretty sure I was looking at the right form. But now I’m unsure. Ugh! I just want us to be counted!

  5. Sean says

    Seriously, DHARD, the census clearly indicates a place for person 1 to check off their gender, a place for person 2 to check off their gender, and a place to check off the relationship btwn. person 1 and 2 including husband or unmarried partner. Try to fill the census out next time without claiming your partner as Grey Goose.

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