News: Caresse Henry, iPad, Scott Roeder, Iran, Steve Hildebrand

 road Former Madonna manager Caresse Henry dead in apparent suicide.

Freeze  roadResearcher: Hailstorm of ice and dust plunged Earth into thousand-year deep freeze.

 roadCarrot Top's seldom-seen brother, Salad Bottom.

 roadThe Modern Family iPad episode wasn't paid product placement.

 roadScott Roeder, who killed abortion doctor George Tiller, gets life in prison: "A former airport shuttle driver who was once arrested with bomb-making materials in his car, Roeder, 52, was convicted Jan. 29 of premeditated murder for shooting Tiller point-blank in the forehead during a Sunday service on May 31 as the doctor stood in the vestibule of his Wichita church."

 roadJerry Seinfeld's The Marriage Ref to include first gay couple.

 roadParents: Knife brandishing was a bullied student's last ditch cry for help.

 roadFederal judge rules calling someone gay not defamatory: "U.S. District Judge Joel Pisano predicted the state Supreme Court, which insisted on equal protection for same-sex couples in 2006, would be unlikely to 'legitimize discrimination against gays and lesbians' by treating a homosexual reference as a slur.

The ruling, in Murphy v. Millenium Radio Group, 08-cv-1743, is a loss for freelance photographer Peter Murphy, who complained that Craig Carton and Ray Rossi, hosts of the 'Jersey Guys' show on WKXW 101.5 FM, 'derogatorily inferred' he was a homosexual during a 45-minute segment."

 roadWaPo: More than 300 gays have fled Iran since the rise of Ahmadinejad.

 roadMore Glee pix.


 roadWashington Post profiles Steve Hildebrand, gay former deputy campaign manager for Obama, his career, and his history of depression. White House paints him as mad: "Obama officials — mindful that the Hildebrand Strategies Web site promotes the consultant's connection to the president — see Hildebrand's new phase differently and dismiss his admonishments as the ravings of a sick man. 'You get the good Steve and the bad Steve. When Steve is healthy, he's a world-class operative. And when he's not, things get pretty crazy,' says a White House official, who would only speak about a former colleague anonymously. The official, who acknowledges that Hildebrand has never requested to join the White House, adds that given his behavior, 'it's tough to see a role internally for Steve.'"

 roadDonations pour in for slain Marine's father in battle against Westboro Baptist Church.

 roadYup. Jennifer Hudson looks amazing.

 roadNYC transgender woman's death ruled a homicide.

 roadOlivia Newton-John's missing ex-boyfriend found alive.

Roddick   roadAndy Roddick challenges you to wear a scent.

 road  Nicholas Sparks thinks a lot of himself.

 roadConservative Czech leader Mirek Topolanek quits position over remarks about gays, Jews, and the Catholic Church: "He said that Transport Minister Gustav Slamecka is a homosexual who 'gives in' when he faces a serious problem. About Prime Minister Jan Fischer, he said, 'he's simply a Jew; he's not gay and he gives in even sooner.' Fischer is Jewish. Slamecka has not publicly commented on his sexual orientation. Topolanek also accused the Roman Catholic church of 'brainwashing' believers."

 road  Urologist won't touch Obama voters.

 roadBradley Cooper's hairy pecs feature in new A-Team trailer.

 roadNova Scotia man beaten walking home from gay dance.

 roadTwo armed militia groups to march on D.C. on domestic terrorism anniversary: "At what point does this all become very worrisome? In less than three weeks the 2nd Amendment March will take place Washington D.C. on April 19th to be exact, which also happens to land on the 15th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing. Terrible, thoughtless, possibly inciting, coincidence? Maybe.

April 19th also happens to be the day Patriots’ Day falls on this year (third Monday in April) and according to the March’s website that is the motivation for the date choice."


  1. David B. 2 says

    I went to college with Nick Sparks and I for one never saw that asshat in an English class (might have been in remedial classes – comp and lit)!

  2. says

    The unprecedented, shameless attack on gay Steve Hildebrand by Obama thugs that make Karl Rove’s tactics look like flowers in May deserves its own thread.

    Thanks for the pull quotes, but, for those who missed them, or didn’t bother to read the whole stomach churning hatchet job, in four short paragraphs, a Washington Post shill for Obama goes from reporting that the guy who played a major role in electing him has since criticized him to quickly mentioning Hildebrand’s history of depression and that,

    Unnamed, of course, “Obama officials … dismiss his admonishments as the ravings of a sick man. ‘You get the good Steve and the bad Steve. When Steve is healthy, he’s a world-class operative. And when he’s not, things get pretty crazy’.”

    In other words: LOOK OUT absolutely ANYONE who criticizes us. No matter what you’ve done for us in the past WE’LL DESTROY YOU if you cross us!

    This has the unmistakable 9-fingerprints of Rahmbo Emmanuel. The stories of the lengths he’ll go to get even are legion [some believe the recent WAPO story blaming Obama for not listening more to Rahmbo was planted by Emmanuel himself].

    Why should gays care? Well, not just because Hildebrand is gay, but because it’s long been legend that Rahmbo’s discomfort with gays rights legislation is some kind of PTSD from his boyhood days taking ballet lessons [he turned down a scholarship to the Joffrey] when he was taunted as a fag.

    He famously banned David Mixner from the White House and blackballed him among other Dems after Mixner dared condemn Clinton for letting DADT happen.

    Now Rahmbo is Obama’s Chief of Staff and many believe the collapse of most of Obama’s promises to gays are the direct result of Rahmbo whispering into his ear that votes are more important than anything or anyone else.

  3. TANK says

    Rahm Emanuel is the scum of the earth, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s behind this latest trick. Meh, even if he ‘s not (doubtful), he’s still a complete POS that I hope dies of cancer…slowly.

  4. dave02657 says

    RE: Urologist won’t touch Obama voters.

    This guy’s a real winner. First, he practices the most severe form of intimidation in a medical environment evidencing a deplorable, reprehensible, and entirely unethical medical standard.

    But the real kicker is that, if we didn’t understand it already from such behavior, he’s unequivocally third rate: 1. after graduating from Rutgers in 1976, he could not even get into a United States Medical School. So, he deferred for two years and finally settled at St. George’s University School of Medicine in GRENADA! – where it appears it took him FIVE years to graduate. 2. after that, it was one lackluster appointment after the other.

    Anyone reading his own writings finds nothing but a bitter, bitter and sorry old man. Just what you want in a compassionate Physician, huh? Heal thyself first, idiot, then work on the healthcare system. Intellectually, “Doctor,” you can’t hold a stethoscope to President Obama.

    Yet another twist to this scam: … from the Orlando Sentinel cited article, page two: “Cassell, whose lawyer wife, Leslie Campione, has declared herself a Republican candidate for Lake County commissioner….” Just perhaps this is all part of a marketing and publicity campaign to garner attention for the wife’s political objectives?

    (A repeat of my post in the Comments Section of the original ORLANDO SENTINEL Article)

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