1. Jack says

    I agree
    This must be an April Fools Joke
    It is hideous, and given the British Budget crisis I can’t imagine wasting money on this.

    Anyway, London already has something to rival the Eiffel Tower, the London Eye.

  2. Greg says

    I checked the date as soon as I saw this item come up on the BBC site – unfortunately it was before April 1st.

    I swear the UK olympics are going to be remembered as the “ugly” games. I know we don’t have the resources of China to produce beautiful and innovative architecture, but surely we could have matched the Greeks – our economy has to be at least equivalent. If anyone is looking for a Husband, I’m just about ready to renounce my Britishness ahead of 2012.

  3. Keith says

    First they put out that absolutely hideous Olympic 2012 logo that looks like Lisa Simpson giving head, then they come out with this mess! Incorporate the Olypic rings?? where is that at? This is just wrong on so many levels? I luv England and the Brits but man what a travesty!

  4. Pinky says

    I may be the most passionate Anglophile on the planet, but this is a step (or ten) too far. This grotesquery, planned for the London Olympics, looks like the Eiffel Tower after being struck by a tornado…an arteriovenous malformation…the misbegotten offspring of a wild night of passion betwixt the Space Needle and The Monument to the Third International…just awful. Please, London, do not build this.

  5. Rob West says

    I hope it’s an April Fools Day joke, maybe a joke played on the UK or the Olympics.
    Either way it’s a horror, any apartment with a view of that loses at least half its value.

  6. matt says

    What a mess! Looks like a theme park ride. Combined with the London Eye and the Gherkin, London may soon have a skyline that resembles a Six Flags.

  7. Zlick says

    People thought the Eiffel Tower was ugly when it was first erected, and it was supposed to be a temporary job for a famous exhibition in Paris that year.

    So, giving this one the benefit of the doubt – – it’s still the ugliest thing I’ve seen all year.

  8. paul says

    I love Anish Kapoor but reminds me Saffy’s molecular model from the biology project. Or if you grew up in UK something Judith would use on Tomorrows World to demonstrate how a disease works.

  9. Nick says

    The Dome was a flop. The London Eye was only going to remain in situ for 5 years. Look at them now – The Dome, re-born as The 02 is one of the most popular convert venues and the London Eye is the no.1 ‘paid for’ tourist attraction in London.

    This unusual tower will be a storming success, simply because it has a viewing platform. Anytime people can get up high and look at a vista of the 600sq miles of London around them, they’re gonna do it. Simple as.

    As it’s largely paid for out of private funds, the public aren’t going to moan about taxpayer’s money being ‘wasted’ and London loves eccentricity. We’re not the kind of city who wants a traditional looking structure – that’s been done elsewhere. We’ve got the Dome/02, we’ve got the Eye, we’ve got the Gherkin, City Hall and the Lloyds building and now we’re gonna get this and it will be loved.

    The Olympic 2012 logo is crap though. Proper crap!

  10. Matthew says

    Well I’m certainly in the minority, or possibly make up the entire minority, but I think it’s quite an interesting take on a tower. I like the design and the forms it creates.

  11. Andrew F says

    Speaking as a graduate student in visual culture: this is an architectural abortion.

    I normally like Kapoor. I normally defend to the death deconstuctivism. But what the hell is this? And us scholars wonder why the public hates contemporary art.

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