1. chadnnocal says

    Funding of the arts is going to have to come from private citizens and corporations! We should all run out and buy any Dove hair care product for funding this incredible performance!

    No I don’t work for Dove!

  2. says

    Imagine the confidence these people get from what they do? Even people who don’t go on Oprah, but perform to a packed crowd at school, get the satisfaction of knowing they worked real hard and got something great to show from it.

    This sort of thing keeps kids in school and interested. Student performers and athletes statistically do better than non performers and athletes when it comes to everything else at school — and it’s because they’re interested and have something to look forward to throughout the day. So I concur with the meme in this thread that funding the arts is important — and should be mandatory for all public schools across the country.

  3. Brad says

    I have to admit that I was expecting them to do something that would make me embarrassed for them and leave me curled up in the fetal position with a bad case of douche chills… but that was actually really impressive. Nice.

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