1. John says

    Your name is Janice Brewer, you’re the governor of a state called Arizona, and you say you are a victim of a vicious hate crime?


    But first, I am going to have to ask you to provide three forms of ID and a birth certificate right now. Otherwise, I am going to have to cuff you, madam.

    (eyes her suspiciously)

  2. anon says

    The refried beans were a clever touch. However, states cannot legislate on foreign policy, so the law can never be enforced. It’s all political theater.

  3. Diogenes says

    When did Arizona start putting up death camps and gas chambers.

    People who say X=Nazis need to read a damn history book. Its like all those Downfall videos. Trivializing the truly horrible.

  4. karen says

    It is amazing o me that you get called a nazi for asking someone to prove they are in this country legally. Illegal immigration is a problem. To be called a nazi for wanting to address a serious problem is ridiculous. That is what is wrong with the country today. The people breaking the rules and using all the tax dollars legal citizens pay can get away with this kind of garbage. Start using our tax dollars for what we want and that is what they are doing. It is about what tax payers want not what illegal non contributing people want. We are paying for everything it is about time government started listening to us!!!

  5. jamal49 says

    @ANON you are correct on this interesting legality. If this were to go to the Supreme Court and, assuming the “conservatives” on the Court are actually conservative, the AZ law would be voted down. Which would then bring up the republicon and tea-bagger argument about the 10th Amendment, which would then justify secession, rebellion and civil war in the eyes of the whiny-cons. You know, those poor, aggrieved white people whose civil rights are being trampled on by the big, bad federal gummint, even as those same poor, aggrieved white people vote to take away the civil rights of anyone who isn’t white. I ask: how many white people are going to be stopped by AZ law enforcement and be asked to prove their citizenship or residency status?

  6. Bill says

    If you are against illegal immigration you will be called a racist to guilt and shame you to shut you down. Illegal immigrants come in all colors. Illegal immigration is bad for this country it lowers the quality of life for Americans and puts a burden of American infrastructure. I am 100% against illegal immigration.

  7. Jack M says

    It really has nothing to do with illegal immigration. It has to do with racial profiling and the fact that many Hispanics living in or visiting Arizona may be stopped by police and asked to present identification solely on the basis of their ethnicity. Or, as white people would call it, a violation of their civil liberties.

  8. jexer says

    The stain of refried beans can be washed away easily. Unlike the stench of racism.

    As an ex-‘Zonie, each year that passes makes me more glad I no longer live there. The state has gone mad.

    From the outside now, the whole state looks more and more like a half-crazed gated community defended by paranoid vigilantees.

  9. booka says

    Why can’t the latino’s understand that illegal immigration is wrong? Why can’t they come up with a better solution other than a free-ride for everyone? Is it that they are entitled to our country, and not obligated to follow our laws? I don’t want to infringe on anyones human rights, but what other choices to end this abuse of our borders is left? There used to be a way for people to become an American Citizen, it worked for a long time, why is it so intolerable to Latino’s. Just because you break the law often, for a long time, does not invalidate the law.

  10. says

    @Jack M – Thank you for clarifying that for those on here that just don’t get it.

    @Karen – is that you Auntie Cruella?

    >>We are paying for everything it is about time government started listening to us!!!<<

    Actually, the illegal immigrants that come here and do the work nobody wishes to do pay taxes. They just don’t get any of it back at the end of each year. Those fake social security numbers ensure taxes are taken out of their checks. They also spend money in their local communities, which is also taxed and subsequently to the municipalities and state government in which they reside.

    I’m not saying they aren’t a drain on the system, but what I will say is that illegal immigrants have been the political football for the dems (who want their votes) and the repubs who support big business. If they really wanted to do something about it, it would have been done ages ago.

    Instead, Regan gave amnesty to millions of them in the late 80s, but never actually did anything about the border nor the process in which they come into this country. I personally know several good people from Mexico that currently live and work here, after overstaying their visa. This is a government issue that they just continue to ignore until the backlash from Arizona’s racist law is enacted.

    The good news is that if they can muster up a viable option before the mid-terms, it will bode well for the dems.

    Now I feel like having a bean burrito…yum!

  11. ty says

    @Karen- you are overestimating the impact of illegal immigration. First: it is not a big problem here in Phoenix, it actually greases the economic wheel. Whatever social services immigrants abuse they more than make up for accepting wages 30% cheaper than others and allowing the service and construction businesses here to operate optimally.In addition there are tax deriving businesses surrounding their communities. Face it, Americans simply WILL NOT do these jobs. secondly, the police officer is given the task to determine legality, which will surely be abused and offend anyone with an accent who lives or is visiting legally.

  12. Mike in the Tundra says

    @ Karen – You must not be in any danger of racial profiling. I am a fourth generation United States citizen who will not travel to or through Arizona. My coloring almost makes it a certainty that I will be asked for proof of my citizenship. It will not be based on my clothes or my shoes, it will be based on my complexion. I find that intolerable.

  13. kelehe says

    “When did Arizona start putting up death camps and gas chambers.

    People who say X=Nazis need to read a damn history book. Its like all those Downfall videos. Trivializing the truly horrible.”

    If one reads history, one would know that producing identity papers and the identifying of ‘undesirables’ based on suspicion were some of the tools of the fascist state.

  14. David T says

    Um, Karen, I’m what they call a Texican. My ancestors were from Texas when Texas was Mexico. The United States incorporated us. Why should I have to worry about being pulled over in Az? I have a darker complexion as well. I also have a doctorate, I teach graduate students, and I paid more in taxes last year then some people make in a year. Yet, some cop with a badge could pull me over at any time for no reason other than my skin color. To hell with anyone who thinks this is a just law.

    It’s a racist law. Ty has it right. You’ve been indoctrinated.

  15. mike nyc says

    the right wing GOP loons in AZ would never have the grass on their country club fairways watered and cut, if it were not for the very very cheap labor provided by illegals. they clearly have not thought this one through.

    and the racist dolts who insist that the illegals take from the system, dont get the basic fact: they pat taxes on their wages.
    the US would miss that income.

    And the fact is: I am not going to find a any white guy willing to cut the lawn at my house out East. white folks basically stopped working around the mid 1990’s. the US would grid to a halt without cheap illegal labor.

  16. New Jersey Girl says

    Karen is a simpleton and a Moron.
    Now leave her alone!
    The Paid Tea-bagging blog trolls are out in force today, huh?

    Now on to the matter:

    ALL US Corporations that hire these illegals are supposed to process all their workers through a federal program, E-VERIFY, (1997) to ensure they are NOT hiring illegals.

    In Arizona, NOT ONE corporation has EVER used this program.

    But they continue to recruit, bus, hire, train and then abuse them to this day.

    The NAZI comparison is corret BECAUSE, like the Nazis, The Arizona police are forced by law to “Ask for Papers.”

    In America it is unconstitutional for someone to be asked to show papers – as Fräulein Jan Brewer will learn.


    She stood in lines challenging hispanics who came to vote, like fucking William Renquist in the 1940’s. And Renquist went on to become a US Supremes court Justice! So there’s a happy ending waiting for her, or so she believes.

    Ultimately, this is her way of ensuring the REICH-WING GP that in 2010 and 2012 goes republican.

    But let’s remember, Fräulein Brewer WAS NOT ELECTED. She was selected to fill a seat that Janet Napolitano vacated when Obama tapped her for his administration.

    People warned Janet Napolitano what would
    happen if she left office for the Obama Administration, and boy were they right!

  17. PAV3 says

    Jersey Girl is partially correct…while Gov. Brewer was not elected AZ gov outright on her own, she wasn’t “selected” either. AS the next in line of succession according to the AZ Constitution, Sec of State Brewer automatically became Gov when Mr. Obama selected then Gov-Napolitano to be his Sec of DHS. Gov. Brewer had been elected to the Sec of State office, and every office she ran for, so she’s hoping to be elected to the governorship this year.

    If don’t know of what you speak, shut it…unless you’d like to make an observation only.

  18. David says

    If the Federal government had done it’s job in regards to the border and immigration then this bill would not have been needed. The people are using the race card should be marching in Washington because doesn’t the Federal law also ask that people carry documentation.

  19. nic says

    the meat packing industry and the chicken and turkey industries advertise in mexico for cheap labor. the mexicanos come to earn a living wage. they then are submitted to egregious labor practices. they are victims of repetitive movement injuries. they lose fingers and limbs. they do stoop labor in the fields that most americans won’t do. all of this abuse of fellow humans gives us cheaper produce, so why should we care? yet, we vilify the victims, not the perpetrators. basically, it is the gluttony of the american public and the greedy corporations that leech off of mexico, not the other way around. just like the drug war. we, a nation of 320 million, buy billions of dollars of drugs, illegal or otherwise, from a country of 60 million.

    good gawd, americans are stupid.

  20. Betsy Ross says

    To Anon who posted this:

    “The refried beans were a clever touch. However, states cannot legislate on foreign policy, so the law can never be enforced. It’s all political theater.”

    Baloney. The states have any right no enumerated to the federal government, and the federal government has two duties actually….one to provide a naturalization process, the other to be the court of first resort for any and all trials against foreigners in this country brought by the state and state citizens.

    And the states have every right to protect their own borders, and that is their primary job also – and it is a federal law that makes it a misdemeanor to be in the country illegally, and a felony if false documents are used to circumvent that provision.

    So Arizona is simply codifying the federal law at the state level, so you are wrong, wrong, wrong.

    Although in practice, since there now is an out of control Sheriff who is using every manner to get publicity and who the Maricopa County residents are paying through the nose on lawsuits and an insurance policy for he and his department, can see that this will definitely be abused unless there is a change of guard in the Sheriff’s Department – or the legislators look at that bill once again, and restrict local actions to those around the state borders and boundaries, rather than in metro areas, as was done in the 1970’s and prior before the Reagan amnesty.

    This bill is not new at all, since this was SOP until Reaganomics and his feeing the corporations at the Arizona citizens expense for this cheap labor, and they were released instead of being immediately turned over to the U.S. Marshall’s office for deportation.

    And THAT is letting the punishment fit the crime – not the state profiting off of them, and THAT is also the Constitutional method of enforcement.

    But nothing will change whatsoever except the expense will again filter down to the Arizona residents for all these new inmates until those borders are fenced and secured.

    Until then, this is political playacting for the masses, and it will be selectively enforced according to which party wants to gain during election cycles – since just why hasn’t the Hilton been busted under Arizona’s existing employer sanctions law, anyway?

  21. Betsy Ross says

    And amazing how many Easterners and New Yorkers are posting on this about Arizona, who have never lived there for any length of time so have no idea how the “hoppers” which are the drug dealers and auto thieves differ from others – except that so many of them that water those golf courses get paid so little, they sell drugs or steal on the side.

    Until you have lived in Arizona for about 10 years, then you can be an expert or comment. Until then, you haven’t a clue – and this law IS Constitutional in the intent of the founders in protecting the lawful citizenry from the unlawful – except there is an out of control Sheriff that Rupert Murdoch actually elected in charge, since we have an unrepresentative government now on all levels due to the fact that campaign contributors from “foreign” districts are allowed to contribute.

    So Arizonans never elected ANY of those now holding public offices, since ALL take out of district dontations for their campaigns.

    Just as in your state. So we have fascism actually at all levels – not Arizona, but everywhere.

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