1. Carlos Interiano says

    Did someone with a microphone really say this bull crap??? Will this kind of stupidity go away with this person’s generation, I really hope so!

  2. Disgusted Gay American says

    this guy is so sick…….str8 soldiers not savage enough…Yea….Right! This guy needs to be kicked in the teeth

  3. patrick nyc says

    just when you think that these douche bags could not sink any lower. If this was true wouldn’t we be ruling the world? I say take him out first.

  4. Brian says

    This is quite possibly the funniest thing I’ve read all day. Any intelligent person will feel the same way. The sad thing is that unintelligent people will actually believe it.

  5. Rikard says

    I would find this funnier if it wasn’t exactly the kind of outrageous lie that conservatives repeat often enough to make it function as true in their belief system. (ie: WMD, birthers, death panels, etc)

  6. MT says

    So let’s say he’s right and Hitler was gay. It just proves the argument that these warped closest cases are the ones who are causing the most damage to gay people. Their self-loathing caused by living a society that actively promotes hate of gay people leads them to just feed into the very attitudes that are causing them so much self-hate in the first place making them the leading proponents of hate. The irony of it all is just staggering.

  7. says

    He’s been reading Scott Lively. I think he handed out copies of his “Pink Swastika” at the meetings in Uganda to inspire the “kill the gays” bill.

  8. Steve says

    And where does he get his information? Little green men?

    In times of political instability, people look for a scapegoat to blame. It happened in Germany in the 1930s when the economy was melting down. It’s happening now with our current economic instability.

    It’s this kind of hate-mongering that is really dangerous.

  9. arch says

    As a european I find any attempt to subvert and deform the true history of my continent’s most dark period disgraceful.

    I would invite this man to come over and visit Europe and learn about the true and highly complex nature of what went wrong in my continent between 1918 and 1945. It was not about “gay stormtroopers” but about the break down of many areas of civilised life and society.

    This man is ignorant and clearly knows little of either european history or the true nature of violence. People are not violent because they are gay or straight, the horrors of that peiod are still being understood and healed by us Europeans with the help of our US friends and cousins and others such as jews of all nations. This ignorant and childish man shouold not presume to play with such things for fun.

    History does not repeat itself but it can teach lessons and that period needs proper study so that we learn its real lessons not this fool’s nonsense.

  10. Daniel says

    This is ludicrous. Empathy is a characteristic that, by and large, gays and lesbians embrace at far higher numbers than heterosexual males. All the thugs were gay…? I don’t think so, Sir. Try again.

  11. tony says

    Uh and if we believe them the twisted Al Queda members, the historic barbaric Christian Crusaders, the twisted Kamikazi Japanese pilots and all rapists of women are Straigth.

    Bravo. The logical here is pathetic and only makes “sense” to those predisposed to hate. Sadly that is still millions of America in 2010.

  12. nwjeff says

    Another rewriting of history. Sad that some will just take it in and believe what they are told because of where it came from. Bad history, bad theology, bad ministry that blames “the gays” for a lot of the ills of the USA.

  13. Jeff says

    First gays are not “man” enough to fight because all of us will be hanging rainbow flags and waving in parades. Now us butch gays are savage killers. I thought I had this whole gay thing figured out but now I’m
    totally confused. Rofl

  14. bunker says

    This is just foul. I hope this stupid man gets hit by a bus. Oh, I hope that isn’t too “savage and brutal and vicious.” Ugh.

  15. says

    Why do you keep covering this crap? Seriously: it’s bad enough that Fox and the other ‘mainstreram’ outlets give these whack-jobs air time, why should the gay press? It’s not like we don’t know they hate us!

    Perhaps if they stop getting to much attention from gay-baiting, they will move on to another topic.

  16. New Jersey Girl says

    Oh really, Mr AFA? I suppose the Ernst “Rohm purge” commonly known to have kicked off the Night of Long Knives and led up to the country-wide assasinations or imprisonment of Gays and Lesbians was all just a fantasy?

    See what these “Christians” are trying to do now? Since the American People haven’t cow-towed to their bullshit alarmist propaganda about the Homo-menace and agenda (somehow led by weak “Prancing Nancies”) they’re now going to convince their gullible flock that we’re a dark evil force with no humanity – worthy of their condemantion. That’ll make it so much easier for them to forgive themselves as they gleefully “put the puppy down”.

  17. John in Houston says

    It’s a little known fact that Hitler only persecuted the really over the top Jews. You know, the ones with stereotypical big noses, the ones that were good with money, and the ones that had the awesome grandmas that always had good advice to give. All of the non-stereotypical Jews lived in peace and harmony with the non-stereotypical Gypsies/Roma and the butch gays. (Yeah, this part was sarcasm.)

    The way Hitler worked was to demonize a population and remove their humanity. After they were seen as subhuman, it was easier to persecute them and to instill a sense of extreme superiority in the typical Aryan ideal German. I see this happening in the US today among the uber-devout Christians. And now this guy, raising the specter of Hitler to demonize a population, just as Hitler did. Disgusting.

  18. Eric says

    Why didn’t Hitler just use Christians? They’re much easier to find, and we all know THEIR history of brutality and viciousness over the centuries.

  19. sonofabutch says

    gosh..if this were true and the butch non-effiminate gays are so ruthless why not have them serve openly, (no DADT), in the U.S. army and let them kick some serious ass?

  20. Todd E. says

    This pinhead TOTALLY made that shit up! And he has a really loud microphone, too. What a total and complete waste of skin.

  21. Fenrox says

    Man, This is the worst part of this Tea Party revolution. There are a growing number of people who JUST DONT NEED OR CARE ABOUT FACTS.

    The education in this country needs to be priority 1. Who cares if our country is well protected or financially sound if everyone in it is this dumb?

    And a big fuck you to this ass that he thinks that I am cold enough to carry out genocide, SIR, I am a softee, I would never kill all of you, but I will gladly send you off into space.

  22. candideinnc says

    Hitler didn’t actually recruit gays. They were there, kind of the same way the traiterous Log Cabin people inhabit the Thug party, and the way Foley, the toe tapper, and various other sordid closet cases with twisted psyches populate the reich wing ranks.

  23. Tim says

    Are we vicious ruthless wariors, or are we to week to serve in the military?

    Shouldn’t the bigots choose one and stick with it?

  24. arch says

    Anti-semitic people deny the holocaust, looks like anti-gay ones have decided that the entire thing was the fault of a lot of frustrated cabaret artistes and Munich hairdressers.

    God help us if we have to now put up with the same manipulation and lies that Jews have faced for the last twenty years from certain “historians”

  25. Nick Name says

    Hmmm. If you play with his words and replace “Hitler” with “American Family Association”. Then you pretty much describe his organization and its actions. Whats ironic is that their own organizations seem to be full of these closeted “Brownshirt” homosexuals. Look in a mirror buddy. You are describing yourself!

  26. Robert In WeHo says

    Right wing Christians will say anything, do anything, make anything up, to get their way. Lies and deceit are perfectly fine if it gets you what you want. This is the perfect example of why they are so dangerous and must be stopped…

  27. anon says

    These conservative talk radio types are all competing for listeners and thus have to out-do each other with wilder and wilder statements. There are many people, including Europeans (particularly the English) that want to rewrite history and make Hitler gay so as to put the blame for WWII and the holocaust on an “other”, so that it therefore becomes impossible for “normal” people to commit the same crimes. This capacity for ruthless violence scares them and they’d rather like to think it can’t happen through them. There are whole books (British crank historians usually) meme-ing the whole Hitler is Gay thing. They also conflate research into the modern skinhead movement with Nazi history. Skinheads have been studied and are often homosexually aroused more so than non-skinhead males, even if they identify as straight. They show a lack of self-awareness into their own sexuality and have anti-social behavior patterns that isolates them and sexually frustrates them.

  28. jamal49 says

    So, Brian, upon what do you base this “theory”, um, I’m sorry–these “facts”? Typical of your kind, you provide no evidence and no proof. All you can do is make wild, unsubstantiated, anecdotal allegations with nothing to back them up. I would say that the Nazi era has been one of the most investigated, researched, documented and written-about events in history. I have yet to read or hear of anything that even provides 1/100000% of veracity to your wing-nut fantasies. I get the feeling that you are realizing that you and your ilk are on the losing side of history where your pathological homophobia is concerned. Get over it, Miss Fischer.

  29. James says

    Let me guess, next he’s going to provide well crafted illustrations from a well known Nazi documentarian known only as ‘Tom of Finland’ to prove this whole thing, right?

    The only upside is that this is REALLY going to piss off the Neo-Nazi community, and those are some folks you don’t want to make mad.

  30. Bart says

    Okay, I laughed out loud. I wonder if Eva Braun knew Hitler was gay? Bet she’s pissed off about dying in that bunker with him when she wasn’t getting any love.

    All kidding aside, Mr. Fischer lives in an alternate universe called The Land Where Nothing I Say Is True. Of course, that doesn’t stop a disgusting pervert like Mr. Fischer from saying these ridiculous lies. If I said every member of the American Family Association was a pedophile and everyone who speak for them tortures children, do you think they’d be up in arms, fighting back? (Well according to Mr. Fischer, they’d be afraid to fight me, I’m gay and a brutal savage don’t you know…)

    The good news is, no one other than the haters who are simply looking for justification believe any of this idiotic nonsense. And maybe a few of those haters will now scared of us because as you heard, we’re all brutual, unforgiving savages who will hurt whomever we need to. And we’ll do it fabulously!

  31. mooney says

    People like this make me want to be savage and brutal. As long as it won’t mess up my hair or outfit.

  32. Wayne Bloodworth says

    I am shocked – shocked that these folks who declared war on American culture have had to create an enemy through “demonization propaganda.” Hitler & Co. pulled the same trick on a sleep-walking constituency to advance their goose-stepping cause. But Fischer didn’t originate his perverse claims. WWII propaganda out of Britain created them to elicit revulsion against the Third Reich. That regime proved pernicious enough in its own right to elicit that without any embellishment. Fischer may believe he’s lifting a page out of Churchill’s playbook, but what he’s doing is “channeling” Goebbels!

  33. Urmensch says

    You’re expecting too much of people like him to have a nuanced understanding of the historical complexities that lead up to WWII.

    Even knowing what the word nuance means would be suspect, kinda gay.
    It does come from French after all.

  34. booka says

    Be afraid, be very afraid, I have a brick in my purse, and ahankerin to bitch-slap me some christian cunts that can’t keep their mouths shut…oh… and I have NO empathy, ethics, or morals…you’ll find out.

  35. says

    Gives the self loathing gay a whole new dimension……..

    …..Family Values coalition are having him speak with Michell Bachman…… I guess all the fascists are coming out of the closet .

  36. Robb says

    Hmmmm- maybe he’s right. I do find myself sitting here wishing someone would shoot him in the face.

  37. Bryan Harrison says

    You know… No more Mr. Nice Fag.

    It’s time we stopped pussyfooting around, put on some kevlar-armored leather, chose our warrior/lovers, and started acting out Fischer’s worst fears.

    Let’s line all the bigots up and give them good haircuts at gun point, while a vast cadre of monster muscled Huggy Bears converts their boy children to the “I don’t have to hate anybody to be a man” lifestyle.

  38. TANK says

    Another ignorant fool who’s never cracked a book that wasn’t the bible. This is so false it’s not even worth discussing. Hitler was not gay. He had psychosexual pathology, but he was heterosexual. Himler, the chicken farmer, it can argued, was a closet case (and he was pretty fey). And Ernst Rohm was definitely gay…openly. And hitler had him assasinated because of that. By and large, the reich was heterofascist, as have all fascist movements been. But given the amount of homosexuals who were tortured and murdered by the reich, and later the german government after WW II, this ignorant fool’s false statements are breathtakingly offensive.

  39. TANK says

    I don’t care for phenomenology and existentialism (it’s largely pseudo thought in many cases–though I have enduring respect for many of self classed continentals who are my friends…different language and approach to philosophy than the one I take is all this so-called feud amounts to…different priority of issues), but Hannah Arendt (one of the few continental thinkes who has left an indelible mark on my psyche) coined the phrase, “the banality of evil.” Men who do horrific things are often of average intellect, and are otherwise mundane; simple people that, aside from their evil deeds, are not noteworthy for anything else. Ironically, this douchebag fischer confirms her hypothesis, for he is an agent of evil. As a gay jew (culturally, as I’m a stone cold atheist), I’m doubly offended by his hijacking of the holocaust for his christofascist purpose…and for many very personal reasons.

    But Arendt made another point salient to homosexuality (and out group minority identity, in general). It was that no matter where you’re born or what you’ve done, if you’re a jew, you will never be evaluated, primarily, as anything but that. No homeland, no country, no accomplishment, no nothing other than a jew first, and everything else after. I think this also applies to homosexuality (and some other minority groups, too). You’re not an american, french, spanish, italian, etc first if you’re a jew (and I’m pretty much as american as it gets…first and foremost, and will defend this country through thick and thin against opposition)–you’re a jew. But if you’re gay, you are always gay first (even in the eyes of many jews, surprisingly, because it’s the minority that they can get away with discriminating against that matters to them), and whatever makes you an individual second. This is, of course, rooted in bigotry.

  40. TANK says

    More simply put, never an individual, always a jew. Never an individual, always black. Never an individual, always gay.

  41. says

    as a historian of the third reich and author of historical fiction set in the third reich I have read a lot of books and I mean a whole lot of books on the Third Reich including every single memoir in English written by a member of Hitler’s entourage. They mention every private detail about him possible but none of them said he was homosexual. Many of these people such as his military adjutants were held for years in the USSR and interrogated by the KGB. Not one mentioned Hitler was gay. Nor did any of Hitler’s entourage captured by the Americans and the British. The Allies interrogated Hitler’s people using trained interrogators over a period of several years. Not one mentioned that Hitler was homosexual. I would like to see the historical evidence this man has. Charles McCain, author of An Honorable German

  42. John in Boston says

    1) The leader of the SA/Brownshirts, who were the original private army that allowed the NAZIs to gain power was a mercenary and notorious homosexual, as were many of the leaders. He was Hitlers main internal political threat because of his popularity with his men. Hitler eventually formed the SS as his private guard and had them kill off his opponents, including the gay head of the SA. This is historic fact. The SA and SS had a notorious gay reputation in Germany, Hitler eventually saw he needed to hush it up because it was bad PR with the average German, so he cracked down, at least publicly, on the gay leaders and others. Again, historic fact.

    The NAZI leaders were pretty much all social misfits. Hitler was totally f’ed up and even at the time many questioned why he never married, had children. He had one notorious relationship with his underage cousin which ended with her committing suicide. Was he gay? Who knows, but why wouldn’t it be possible? His relationship with Eva Braun has all the hallmarks of her being a beard. Other top NAZI were pervs, druggies, alcoholics, and so-on. The head of the airforce and probable Hitler heir, Goering, was a drug addict (heroin and morphine….Hitler himself was addicted to speed and possibly cocaine) and was also a cross-dresser. Historical fact. It doesn’t mean of course that he was gay, just liked to wear woman’s clothes.

    Allied intelligence also spread many rumors regarding NAZIS sexuality, including gay ones, as a smear campaign.

    What’s rarely discussed is just how bad gay concentration camp prisoners were treated by their fellow non-gay prisoners. Often, the NAZIS didn’t have to harrass or kill gays at all; their fellow prisoners bullied and even killed them. And after the war, gay prisoners were treated harshly by allied ‘liberators’….again, historic fact.

    As a homosexual I can honestly say I’ve never seen anything that leads me to believe gays and lesbians have anymore empathy than anyone else. That’s BS.

  43. DH says

    @ MICHAEL–the reason andy and others like him report on “this crap” is because it’s important to know exactly what our enemies are saying. simply ignoring it WILL NOT make it go away. facts and figures matter. look at the shit storm rachael maddow stirred up for rand paul, precisely because she was PAYING ATTENTION. we need more of this, because it will come back to haunt them.

  44. says

    DH.. your right.
    As the saying goes:
    “Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer.”

    We need to hear this. All need to hear this. Our un-attention is what got the religious right the upper hand in our political system, where it doesn’t belong, in the first place.

    Your average american is so friggin’ ignorant as to the ‘facts’ it’s not funny.

    How do I know this…

    Shit, I’m surrounded by them, everyday.

  45. Mark Hutchinson says

    While I loathe everything about this person; I’m not surprised by the accusation – as extreme as it is..Hitler was likely a homosexual who hated himself – My Grandfather was a NAZI – not proud – just facts – and my Mother told me stories from a very young age – and one was regarding Hitler’s sexuality. Is it really so hard to fathom – based on the Republican party and Catholic Priests we should all be used to those who lash out at that which they hate most about themselves.

  46. Emilia Pinkleton says

    Dear Mr. Fisher,

    You have brought out the truth and many people today don’t want to hear TRUTH – what you have shared is only part of how sin-filled our world is – which shows even more why our societies need the salvation of Jesus Christ for our eternal life the only way that forgives us of our sins, we all have sin and have a need of a savior today. GOOD NEWS: The Almighty God, who created the earth by speaking it into existence has made a way for us and that way is Jesus Christ – Be blessed continue to stand for TRUTH in Jesus Christ. Don’t be bullied by the negative remarks sent your way. Remeber we fight a spiritual battle and we know that Jesus has WON the VICTORY. Thanks for being a man with a backbone, a Warrior for Jesus – it is rare these days. God Bless you. Mia

  47. says

    London, England
    October 7, 2001

    Hitler was gay – and killed to hide it, book says

    by Kate Connolly in Berlin

    BERLIN — Adolf Hitler was gay – or so says a sensational new biography on the Nazi dictator due to be published tomorrow.

    Eyewitness accounts from Hitler’s former lovers, and historical documents that for the first time illuminate rumours that have circulated for over half a century, are disclosed in Hitler’s Secret: The Double Life of a Dictator .

    The respected German historian Lothar Machtan even claims in his book that Hitler ordered the deaths of several high-ranking Nazis to prevent the secret of his homosexuality from surfacing.

    Ernst Röhm, the leader of Hitler’s Sturm Abteilung or Storm Troopers, tried to blackmail Hitler by threatening to reveal his sexuality. Röhm, who was also gay, was murdered as a result, according to Machtan, a history teacher at Bremen University.

    He refers to scores of historical documents to support his thesis.

    In 1915, the young Hitler was a dispatch rider at the front in France. Years later, yet before Hitler became infamous, one of his fellow soldiers, Hans Mend, wrote in his memoirs: ‘At night, Hitler lay with Schmidl, his male whore.’ Schmidl, otherwise known as Ernst Schmidt, and Hitler were ‘inseparable lovers’ for five years, according to Machtan.

    Hitler’s service notes read that as a result of the love affair there was reluctance among senior officers to promote him. According to Erich Ebermeier, a lawyer and writer who viewed Hitler’s military files years later: ‘Despite his bravery towards the enemy, because of his homosexual activity he lost out on a promotion to non-commissioned officer.’

    Police reports from Munich after the First World War also suggest that Hitler was pursued by police because of his sexual orientation. ‘As a “brown” [fascist] activist, Hitler managed to lure many young men to his side, but not only for political reasons,’ says Machtan.

    According to a Munich police protocol from the early part of the 20th century, a 22-year-old man called Joseph told the police: ‘I spent the whole night with him.’

    Another, Michael, who was 18, told them: ‘I had been unemployed for months, and my mother and my brother were always hungry, so, at his request, I accompanied the man to his home.’

    Another, a boy called Franz, said: ‘He asked me if I’d like to stay with him and he told me his name was Adolf Hitler.’

    The police reports were collected by Otto von Lossow, a German army general who took part in suppressing the Hitler putsch in 1923. He kept the Munich police file for years, as, he described it, ‘a form of personal life insurance’. If Hitler had attempted to push him aside, he would have blackmailed him with the information, he said.

    The police documents were published some years ago in Rome by Eugen Dollmann, a close friend of Heinrich Himmler’s and also Hitler’s interpreter. But because his book never appeared in German, the startling information remained largely overlooked by historians.

    Machtan says that Hitler was particularly drawn to Rudolf Hess, his deputy, who was known in party circles as ‘black Emma’ and with whom he had spent months in Landsberg prison.

    Why, then, did the Nazis persecute homosexuals, sending hundreds of thousands of them to their deaths in labour camps and the gas chambers?

    ‘Hitler himself never condemned homosexuality, but he allowed the persecution of gays in order to disguise his own true colours,’ Machtan says.