1. Breathturns says

    My heart goes out to my brothers in Belarus. This happened to me during an Act Up march in Minneapolis. It was a frightening, dangerous, and empowering experience. By the time I was involved in Act Up, they had developed an acute understanding of legal rights and procedures. I had amazing legal help. I pray these brave souls do as well.

  2. mintylaramie says

    For anyone who thinks the pride parade is irrelevant in SF, LA, or NY, remember this, most of the world still wants to beat the crap out of us.

  3. peterparker says

    I think the actions of the police in this situation are completely deplorable. However, to be fair, I didn’t see anyone being beaten, and there sure did seem to be lots of cameras around to capture any violence that would have happened. I know that violence has taken place at other attempts at Pride Parades in former Soviet states, but I didn’t see it here. All the same, I agree with MINTYLARAMIE that this video highlights the importance of holding GLBT Pride Parades in more enlightened places like NY, LA, SF, etc…

  4. says

    And, yet, in the Land of the Free, we still have some little gay girls decrying that GetEqual dared interrupt the President; that Dan Choi and others dared engage in nonviolent civil disobedience at the White House.

    These Belarusian gays shame American gay complacency and cooperation with our own second class citizenship!

  5. Matty says

    That´s TERRIBLE! Now I´m pretty scared for our first gay pride that´s happening next saturday here in Slovakia. I know a LOTs of people is against it and today (exactly week before): Christians marched through our capital to protest next weeks parade!!! FUCK*NG JESUS FREAKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope everything goes alright…

  6. LOrion says

    To all the brave marcher in Belarus… good luck. We are behind you..pretty far behind it seems, but behind.
    To MATTY. … and a ton of good luck you you in Slovakia.. do let us know. If you tweet I am LOrion on twitter too.

  7. says

    Interesting that the pride is billed as “Slavic Pride,” and all the chants seem to be in Russian, rather than Belarusian. Bravo for them to do this in one of the most authoritarian and homophobic countries in Europe.

    Matty: but surely Slovakia will prove to be more like Czech Republic (one of the most gay-friendly countries) than, say, Belarus! Vienna is practically visible from your new bridge!!

  8. Matty says

    KEVINVT: We´re NOTHING (!) like our Czech brothers. They´re so much more open and free to this stuff and it´s still a huge thing in Slovakia. We´re very Christian country and there´s no out celebrity (that I know of). Even words “gay” or “homosexual” are not that commonly used. It´s almost always “queer”. Even in media…it´s pretty terrible…I just want to get out of here.

    That´s why I always hate when someone says that Europe is so open and stuff, but I have to live in one of these few fucking exepctions.

    But from what I´ve heard, there is supposed to be police (on our side) so I hope it will go smoothly, but I´m still very scared that something will go wrong.
    And because of that parade, I´m kinda preparing to come out to my parents finally, so…

  9. Brad says

    Those poor people that were put on the bus! You can just imagine them being crated off to some warehouse and being tortured, like in a movie like “Hostel” or something. My heart goes out to them in that and other countries like it.

  10. TANK says

    Amen, laramie. It is important. Eastern europe is about a hundred years behind its western counterpart. However, nowadays, one doesn’t have the luxury of transitioning into enlightenment. It will be swift and brutal.

  11. Freddy says

    Matty – no matter what happens, you are very brave and honorable to stand up for yourself, and in the process, you stand up for us all. Be safe.

  12. says

    I thought it was the job of the police to protect and defend it’s citizenry (of which, I might add, these pride parade participants consisted). Not attack them. What were they protecting the rest of the citizenry from? Enlightenment?

  13. says

    Matty – Yes, you may be more like Hungary, where there are right wing parties and neo-Fascists with eggs. But the police, at least, should protect marchers as they did in Hungary, as they did in Croatia. You’re in the EU, you have euros, they’ve got to do it or the fellow Europeans will scream.

    Belarus is another matter. Lukashenko is the last preserve of Soviet style authoritarianism (OK, maybe not the last…). But the very word “protest” or “demonstration” is enough to get you thrown in jail there, no matter for what.

    PS One of my favorite gay bars was in Bratislava — dating to at least 2001: Apollon?

  14. John in Boston says

    This is the result of economic, political, and social backwardness many decades of communist dictatorship brought to Russia/Eastern Europe. The areas in Europe with the worst problems of xenophobia, antisemitism, homophobia, etc., are Eastern Europe, including the old East Germany. This is also the center of neonazi skinheads in Europe, and the world. A STARK contrast to western Europe, even ‘Catholic’ countries like Italy, Spain, Ireland.

  15. says

    Matty: I’ve read a bit more about the SK pride opposition & looked at the facebook group “Som zásadne proti zvrátenému pochodu homosexuálov v Bratislave” — looks like you have some support though, among the haters…

    send me an email or at least post about what happens next week!


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