1. Ciaran says

    Seconded – Tropical Malady is hypnotic genius, best on the big screen – maybe there will be a retrospective after this Cannes award.

  2. New Jersey Gill says

    “…He’s used to taking it in the Cannes…”

    Yeah, Him and Larry Craig and Ted Haggard too.

    Your point is? Oh…Troll, Nevuh mind ‘g’

  3. Iban4yesu says

    I agree with Ciaran; I tried to recapture that excitement on my analogue tv ; just wasn’t the same. The one before Malady titled, Blissfully Yours is also strongly recommended; yes, you will feel really happy watching it, so serene and lucid, yet the troubling reality just outside the idyllic nature still threatening ever so often, making itself felt… If you ever liked the Swedish classic from the early 70’s, Elvira Madigan, you will also be moved by the wistful meditation on the ephemeral fragility of human conditions throughout the length of Yours , which reminds me of the last sequence of Madigan, somehow…
    Well, I couldn’t be happier as a gay Asian man who is also an incorrigible
    movie buff!

    Being from Korea, which has experienced amazing cinematic Renaissance for the last fifteen years or so, I am very excited that Thailand (with the gentle people….OK, except the ongoing unrest) has
    indeed arrived as the next big thing in world cinema, with this honor as a proof to show ! :-)